Noah Fantasy & Love Might Be Forming

Noah Fantasy & Love Might Be Forming

A Chapter by Jonathan Biswell

Noah might be falling for our Justin and vice versa


            “Justin come sit by me” Luna yelled from across the classroom, Noah helped him to get over there quickly


            “Hey there miss me” Justin replied then he felt her arms around his back and cutting the supply of air to his body causing his face to turn into a blueberry


            “Does that answer your question’ she replied letting him go


Justin took a deep breath of air then stuck his tongue out at her getting a laugh out of her, Noah, and Justin.


            “Noah you can go now I am going to introduce him to some of my friends” Luna said with a smile on her face


Noah was about to say something when he saw Justin with a huge smile on his face causing him to release his anger and went to sit with some friends “Man I think I might be falling for him wait what am I saying” again mentally slapping himself.


            “So where are your friends” Justin asked


            “Oh they been here the whole time” she replied


            “Hey there Luna friends”  introducing himself


There were a couple of hello’s back


            “Any chance I can get names” he asked sheepish


            “Ashley” a country voice replied


            “Adrian” a soft voice replied


            “Robbie” a sweet voice called out


            “Robbie keeps your hands to yourself” Luna called out


            “Luna just because I am gay and I think he is cute i know how to behave” he replied back


That cause Justin face to light up when he heard someone thought he was cute then he felt someone pull him into a gently hug.


            “How did you know I was gay” he muttered


            “I do now” he laughed Justin face lit up


            “That was mean Robbie” Luna called out giving Noah a hug


            “Just ignore him I do sometimes” Luna added


That got a laugh out of everyone then they heard the teacher clear his throat everyone headed to their seat. Noah watch the whole thing with Robbie and Justin and he felt mad cause he saw how Justin face lit up “Wish I could hug Justin like that” again he mentally slap himself for thinking like that and stare back at the teacher, it was the same thing syllabus hand out, what the class is about etc. Then he heard about partners and he all most shot up out of his seat


            “For this class we are going to have partners and you get to pick your own “ the teacher said then making a run for he desk, the class was in a uproar Justin tried to get out but he got bump and got knock into someone


            “I am sorry” he mutters then turns to “stare” at him


            “It is okay” Noah whispered


They were looking at each other eye to eye and an inch for each other face, for some reason Noah felt draw towards Justin. They could feel each other hot breath near their lips but then they heard the teacher talking and broke them out of the trance causing them to both back away and look away from each other


            “I guess we are partners” Noah muttered


            “That is cool”  Justin repiled acting like nothing happen just now


Next the teacher made everyone sit by their partners and then he wrote down their names and made a list of the partners. Then the bell rung single the time for lunch learning his lesson Justin waited for everyone to leave the room then getting up out of know where he felt someone grad his arm


            “Ashley don’t scare me like that” he muttered


            “Are you sure you are blind how did you know it was me” gasping


            “You smell like a farm” laughing a little then he heard Ashley sniffing herself


            “No I don’t” she screamed a little


Justin did not say anything he just smiled next him and Ashley walk to the lunch room they were silence for a while until Ashley broke it


            “So I saw the whole near kiss Noah thing in class” she whispered in his ear


Justin face went redder then a tomato


            “I-I-I don’t know what you are talking about” he stuttered hopping to avoid this talk


            “You can’t hide it from me I know you like him” she whispered again


            “Okay fine I like him but he is a straight guy” he replied


            “Can we please not talk about this right now I am hungry” he quickly added


Ashley did drop it but when they enter the lunch room you could hear the voices of a thousand students talking, she looked around till she found Luna and drag Justin over there with him. When they got to the table they were a few hellos


            “Okay Justin sit here while I go get your lunch” Ashley yelled running towards the lines


When Justin sat down he felt someone pull him into a hug and near remove the breath out of him


            “Hello random person hugging me” he was about to get out then he felt them release him from the bear trap hug


            “It is me Robbie you silly” he called out


            “Oh hey there” Justin replied with a smile on his face


They kept asking him what it was like being blind it was kind of hard to replies but he did the best he can. Then he heard a tray being place in front of him


            “Here you go Justin I got you some food” Ashley say down next to him


            “Thanks Ashley” trying to find the fork on the tray he heard a few people giggle but it did not bug him


Little did he know he was being watch by Noah from a different table with his football team and his girlfriend being right next to him, she was saying something to him but he was not paying any attention he was thinking about what also happen between them last period. He could still feel his hot breath on his lips then he felt someone kiss him he was thinking it was Justin but he smelt a girl perfume he knew it was Rose


            “There that brought you back” breaking the kiss the rest of the table started laughing


            “Thanks my little Rose” with a fake smile on his face


            “So Noah what it is like being a baby sitter for that blind f*g kid” one of his friends asked


            “Boring he does not speak all you can hear while walking in the hall is the damn stick of his tapping on the floor” he lied and it made him feel sick inside


            “Is he a queer” another person asked


He just shrugged


            “You ready for the game this Friday” someone asked coming from the far right


            “You know it we are going to own them” he replied with a smile


            “You going to make it to my party after the game” someone asked coming from in front of him


            “No he is going to come over and spend the night with me” Rose quickly asked with a wink


Everyone at the table started whooping and howling like a bunch of cavemen and they started talking about how they are going to be going drunk and how they are inviting some of the cheerleader to the party. Noah mind started wondering


            Him and Justin are just talking then out of nowhere Justin walked up and kissed him right on the lips the feeling coming from Justin lips was real love and passion. Noah kissed back and he felt like time has stopped and the only time they broke away from the kiss was to get a breath of air, Noah grab Justin arm and drag him to his room where they started kissing again. Noah’s hands where slowly traveling up Justin shirt to feel his skin on his skin it felt like baby skin and not a single hair on his body” the bell rang breaking his day dream


            “Looks like you were having a hell of a daydream” someone called right next to him pointing down, Noah followed his finger it notice he had a bulge “Damn not again” trying to will it again


            “Who was you daydreaming about” the same voice asked


            “Rose who else” Justin replied getting up lying again he tried to find Justin but he was walking with Luna to his next class “Maybe if I stay away from him for a period I will get my head back to normal” he thought


He head to his next class in silence


© 2013 Jonathan Biswell

Author's Note

Jonathan Biswell
Please comment and ignore grammer issues please

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Added on December 2, 2011
Last Updated on February 22, 2013
Tags: high school, gay, love, awkward situation, fantasy


Jonathan Biswell
Jonathan Biswell

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A novice writer who still has a lot of work to do, I do write guy x guy, yoai, boy love story whatever you want to call it, but I do keep it descent but I will write little teaser in there. I know my .. more..

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