Christmas Love

Christmas Love

A Story by Jonathan Biswell

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK echo thought the whole building


“All right I am getting up” then the voice started mumbling something, the sound of the door opening and she skid across the floor. Then the sounds of the double doors open


“Okay who in their right mind would wake someone at…”the voice stoop when the they looked to the left then to the right but all she saw was snow on the ground and a row of street lamp down both ways something made the person look down to see a little basket with a blanket in it with a note.


Parents are going to be a while and there is no one else his name is Tyler” it was in cursive


She moved some of the blanket to see a sleeping baby with light brown hair.


“Come on let’s get you inside so you don’t catch a cold” she whispered, when she bought the baby inside it started to snow.


17 years later


“Tyler if you down get your a*s up I am going to come up there…” someone yelled


“I am up” Tyler yelled sleepily while out of his bed.


His room was medium size it had a window he had a poster of Evanescence. He shared the room with two other kids  Jason was in the bed right across from him, he was ten also he was still asleep. There was a light coming from a room with a blanket handing out it, Tyler went to see if Josh was awake, Tyler went to the blanket and moved it a little. Josh was still getting dressed and did not notice there was a small crack in the blanket, Tyler snuck up behind and went


“BOO” he yelled


Josh jumped an inch in the air then he turn around to see that Tyler was on the floor laughing


“Tyler you are so mean” Josh yelled and punted a little and crossing his arms


“Oh I am sorry” Tyler apologizing then grabbed him and gave his a hug,


“Tyler don’t make me come up there” the same voice yelled


“I got to go” he whispered into the kid ear


He went to his dresser and grad a skin tight shirt, and a pair of jean shorts. He looked in a mirror he was about 5’7, thin as a stick, light brown hair, his eyes are bright blue, and then he turned his gaze to a nearby calendar it was getting closer to his birthday. He was afraid cause that day he would turn 18 and have to be kick out. He opens the door to a long hall way he went to door to door knocking on them.


“Time to wake up” Tyler yelled


About half of the door open with tons of little kids some were rubbing their eye other come out with teddy bears, some of them carried there blanket and the rest of them were still trying to wake up


“Come on you guys lets go eat.” He shouted, he turn around when he felt someone tug on his shirt he looked down to see it was a little girl in a pair of pink p.js, she had her right open and her left eye was close, blonde hair in pig tails, also she was carrying a stuffed dog with her. Tyler knew what she wanted; he got on one knee so she could get on his back for a piggyback ride.

She was not that heavy but when the rest of the kids saw that Tyler was giving piggyback ride and that made everyone want piggyback rides.


All of the kids love Tyler because he is goofy and funny. When they got to the kitchen everyone ran to their seats, then she let the little girl down and she headed to her chair. All of the kids were talking to each other saying good morning, they are old enough to carry out conversations. But then they head double doors open up and they look to see it was a maid cart full of food.

The person bringing the cart in was an elderly woman she has her grey hair in a bundle, she has reading glass, her eyes are hazel. She was one of those old ladies that is full of wisdom, all of the kids called her Grandma and also she is a retired lunch lady so she knew how to manage kids.


“Oh hello Tyler” she announced while bring the food closer


“Hey grandma” he replied taking a biscuit from the cart


On the cart was sausages, biscuit’s, pancakes, waffles, toast. While the food was getting passed out the door rang


“Tyler can you please get that I am a little busy here” grandma asked passing out the food


Tyler nodded and ran to the door, the kitchen was right across from the main door it was a huge double oak door. When he opened the door he saw a teenager of his dreams, he was about 6’5-6’8, he was wearing a t-shirt with moon phases, had a diamond ear ring in his right ear, hair was down to his shoulder but his bangs were bright red he had that rocker look about him. Tyler was speechless


“Hello I am looking for Mrs. Oliver” the teenager asked his voice sounded pure and innocent


The teenager waved his hand back and forth in front of his face


“Sorry follow me” Tyler asked and letting the teen in, her officer was just above the door


“Hey diva someone is here for you” Tyler yelled when he got to the door


The door swung open to show an African American woman she was about 20-25, had her hair in a bundle


            “Boy don’t make me hurt you” she stop when she notice the rocker teen with him


            “Oh your daddy just called and everything has been arranged” she announced


            “What’s going on here I am lost” Tyler getting confused


            “Matt dad is Davis Shan” trying to clear his confusion


            “You mean the million heirs” Tyler shouted


            “And our biggest donator” she quickly added Tyler turn to face Matt and wondered why he is here but Matt notice Tyler was looking at him


            “I am here because daddy wants me to learn about responsibility and to show how lucky we are” he answered


            “Also me and your daddy are close time friends so I keep in contact with him” she added with a smug grin


            “Tyler I want you to be his mentor till he gets the hang of it” she added while heading back into her office


            “All right diva” Tyler replied then started walking down the hallway


            “So what do we do since we are the only teenagers” Matt asked looking around


            “Everything and we do get some volunteers but we help clean, play with the kids, feed them” Tyler explained


            “Man aren’t you tired at the end of the day” he asked looking at Tyler


            “Kind of but keeps me in great shape” he repiled


            “Yeah I believe that” Matt muttered under his breath while looking over Tyler body


            “What I did not catch that” Tyler asked looking at him


            “Nothing” Matt quickly looked away then he felt something tug on his leg, he quickly looked down to see it was a little about 9 or 10 she is wearing My Little Pony p.j and holding a stuffed bear. He did not know what to do since he has not much contact with kids so he leaned over and whispered to Tyler


            “What does she want?”


He turns around to see the little girl


            “Oh Angel did you wake up late” Tyler asked picking her up, she did not say anything but she did motion for him to lean in and when he did she whispered something in his ears then he looked at Matt then whispered something back to her. They walked to the kitchen with Angle in Tyler’s arms still next he set her down and she went running to the table


            “So did you two have a nice chat” Matt asked


            “What yeah she just asked why is part of your hair red” he giggled a bit


The rest of the day was easy they cleaned up the kitchen after all of the kids ate, next they went to the play room and played with the kids for a while the sound of the door knocking broke up there game of hide and seek.


            “I got it” Tyler yelled making his way to the front door which revealed a young couple mid 30


            “Hello can I help you” Tyler asked the couple motion them to come inside


            “Hello we are here to adopted a child” the man replied he was about mid twenty, military style haircut; he had his wife left hand. She was about 5’8-5’9 medium blonde hair she was wearing white shirt, blue jeans and looked like she was crying before they got here


            “Ah yes you must be the Collins we have been expecting you” Tyler welcoming them walking them into the meeting room


            “Let me go get some kids” he announced


            “No need we are here to take you back…son” the man said


When he heard that he was stopped dead in his tracks then he slowly turned around to see them


“Tyler we are your real parents” the young lady added


He was in shock his real parents were there next he ran into their arms and everyone started crying


Christmas Eve


The house was ready for Santa to come and leave presents but the kids where crying because Matt was leave


            “Shh it is okay I will come visit I promise” trying to hug all of the kids


            “Now be good or Santa will not give you any presents” he added


Then all of the kids started whooping and screaming ready for Santa. Tyler packed everything he owned in a single suite case near the door


            “Boy I would never thought you would get adopted” Olivia pointed out


Tyler gave her the death look but they both gave each other a hug then he notice Matt in the hallway.


            “Hey why are you alone” Tyler asked walking over Matt just shrugged


            “Never been good at parties” he then he looked up and cracked a small smile


            “But there is one thing I like about Christmas”


            “What is that…” but he was cut off by Matts lips


Tyler was in shock that Matt did that


            “Why did you do that” he whispered while his fingers were on his lips


Matt pointed up to the show mistletoe above them in the door


            “How did you know” Tyler asked


            “When I first enter the door you was stare” Matt replied


            “Well if you want to kiss me better do it right” Tyler leaned in


Matt captured his lips; they were both in leave Tyler could feel love and passion coming from Matt soft lips. They could not hear any sound just only the beating of each other hears but a loud scream broke them apart, it was Tyler's mom who screamed then a loud rip filled the room it was the adoption papers last they ran out the door. The last thing he heard was the sound of a car speeding off; the whole house went silence everyone looked at Tyler, he felt someone slip an arm around his waist he turn around to see it was Matt. Tyler just leans in and starts crying into his shirt


            “I can’t believe they left just because I am gay” Tyler yelled


Then he felt someone hug his leg so he looked down to see it was Angle then the other kids went to hug Matt, he saw all of the kids hugging him he was speechless. The house was filled with


            “Don’t go


            “We love you”


Matt let go of Tyler and went down to the kids levers


            “I wish I could but I can’t tomorrow i will have to leave” Matt trying to explain


But that made the kids cry even harder “Man I wish I could stay” Tyler thought Matt felt his phone vibrate so he took it out and it was his dad called he answer the phone and said Merry Christmas then started talking. Tyler notice Matt was on his phone talking “Bet he is talking to his dad about their plans” Tyler  thought


            “Hey Tyler” he yelled his hand cover his cell phone


He looked at Matt  

            “Have you been skiing” he asking


            “I would like too” Tyler replied


Matt went back to his phone and started talking about give minutes then hung up


            “What was that about” Tyler asked walking over to him


            “I asked my dad if you could come on the skiing trip” Matt replied with a huge smile


            “And what did he say” dying of suspense


            “He will send my limo to pick us up in a hour” he replied still smiling 


Tyler spend as much as with the kids as much as he could they played every game they would think of hide and seek, duck duck goose. By the time the limo got there all of the little kids were on the floor tried


            “Tyler the limo is here” Matt yelled holding Tyler suite case


Tyler got up from the floor and head to the door but he felt someone tug on his pants he turn around to see it was Angel holding a picture, he took the picture and looked at it. It had every kid in the house, Olivia and under mistletoe was Matt and Tyler holding hands.


            “Thank you so much” trying to hold back the tears then gave her a big hug


He then walked over to Matt who was waiting for him


            “You ready” he asked with a smile


Tyler just nodded then headed out the door ready to start his new life when they got to the limo it started to lightly snow both of the teen looked up and then they looked at each other Matt planted a kiss on his new boyfriend’s lips


            “Merry Christmas " Matt whispered



© 2013 Jonathan Biswell

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Jonathan Biswell
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I love that there's an Evanescence poster at the beginning :) You're really good at writing cute love stories. This one might be my favorite :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

I liked it! It's really sad that his parents left him just because he's gay but at least he has Tyler right? At least he's not alone. :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

Jonathan Biswell

10 Years Ago

I am glad you like it not many ppl read this story maybe i should add a halloween chapter
Kassondra Lane

10 Years Ago

Do whatcha wanna do :) I just know that I liked this one
Jonathan Biswell

10 Years Ago

Thanks that means alot

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Jonathan Biswell

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