Seeing is Beliveing

Seeing is Beliveing

A Chapter by Jonathan Biswell

Just read it and find out


After school Justin went to the office to call his parents and tell them he is going to tutor Noah


            “Can I help you” a lady asked


            “Yes can I use the phone I need to call my parents” Justin asked nicely


            “Sure” she replied then she got up and handed the phone to him


He dialed the house phone and after one ring


            “Hello” it was Justin mom


            “Hey mom I am going to a friend’s house to tutor him a bit” he said


            “Um can’t you tutor him over here” she sounded nervous


            “Mom I will be okay I will call you when I get to his house and went I am about to leave” trying to calm her down


            “Okay have fun Justin” she replied hanging up the phone


Then he hung up the phone and left the office


            “Well what did she say” Noah asked


            “She said yes” Justin replied


Then they both walked out of the school and headed to the parking lot, the sounds of cars starting, people on their phones, talking to their friends etc. All of a sudden I felt someone arms wrap around my shoulder that cause my body to tense up


            “Hey it is me” Noah announced himself then my body eased up


            “Hey there” I replied I could not stop my cheeks from blushing


He led Justin to his car


            ‘How far do you live” Justin asked


            “About ten minutes away” Noah replied he got the passenger door for me and made sure he did not have any trouble getting in then Noah went to the driver side and open the door. He helped me buck in and when he did that our hands touched causing both of us to stop for a bit then he took his hand off of mine and went to the driver side to start the car. It took us about five minutes out of the school drive way first then bus got to go first then the people with a cat get to go next. The car ride was quite you could hear the both of them breathing


            “So umm how far do you leave from school” Justin asking trying to break the silence


            “About ten minutes away from school if there is not traffic” Noah replied


Then they spend the rest of the car ride in silence. When Noah got to his house he looked to make sure that his dad was not there he did not see his car he took a deep breath of fresh air then they pulled into the drive away and park the car


            “We are here” Noah announced


Justin just nodded and got out of the car making sure his walking stick hits the ground, all of a sudden he felt someone wrap their arms around his shoulder. He could fell his face blushing he knew it was Noah. They walked up to the house together with Noah carrying both of his and Justin backpacks on the other arms, when they got in the house Noah lead Justin to his bed room then placing his on the bed


            “Stay here I will be right back with some snacks and drinks” Noah announced then heading back down stairs to the kitchen. Justin got up and tried to see how big the room is he gently place his hand on the door and went clockwise, he finger outlines some trophys, a window, a flat screen computer, some posters and other door which led into the closet. All of a sudden the door opens causing Justin to jump a bit


            “Relax it is just me I got some chips and water”Noah reassuring him


They both headed back to the bed and started tutoring him they spend about two hours talking about math when they heard the front door slam causing the whole house to shack “S**t he is back early”  Noah thought


            “NOAH DOWN HERE NOW” someone screamed


Noah place a gentle hand on Justin hand knowing that scared him then he let of his hand and lean in to whisper


            “I think we will have to reschedule” Noah whispered


Justin just nodded then he gathers up his things and slowly walks behind Noah downstairs, when they get down stairs there is a man in the middle of the room he looked around mid-30s, he was wearing a white beater, he looked like he should be a wrestler, there was fire in his eyes and it was all aimed at Noah


            “NOAH WHY ARE YOU LATE AND HOW COME WE DON’T HAVE ANY BEER” he screamed at the top of his lung


            “Sorry dad I had a tutor over today to help raise up my grade” he replied calmly


The man just leaned over to see Justin and he just gave a smug look


            “So I take it this faire is your tutor or maybe you new boyfriend”


            “Yes dad and no he is not my boyfriend I am still dating Rose” Noah replied with no emotion in his voice but he could feel his anger rising


            “Okay take him home but bring me back some beers and be ready to train” the man said


Noah did not say anything he just nodded and lead Justin to the door, then we went to the car and he drove me home.


            “Sorry about my dad” Noah apologized not taking his eyes off the road


Justin jaw drop “that man was his dad” Noah must have knew my jaw dropped and laugh


            “Yeah he also acts like my coach he also works as a trainer for a gym in the next town so he likes to train me sometimes” he added he notice that Justin has fallen asleep on his shoulder. Noah could not help but look over at his shoulder looking at the sleeping teen who looked at peace then he remember there close encounter in the classroom today and the little accident they had in the hallway “Damn it I should not be falling for him I am not gay” when he got to Justin house he gently shock him then they slowly head up the stairs of the house


            “Hey were was here” Noah announced


            “Sorry our session was cut short” Noah apologize again while Justin was stretching his arms


            “It is okay I can under…” but before he could complete the sentence he felt Noah lips clash into his. All other sounds just disappeared, he felt like it was only Noah and himself who were the only ones on the planet, his lips were soft and tender also he could feel passion and love coming just from this one kiss. He did not want this feeling to end but Noah broke the kiss away then the air around him change after we kissed


            “Don’t touch me f****t” he mutter under his breath then got back into the car and speed away


Justin walked back into his house and went upstairs and went to his room to do his homework luckyly his parents were in a different room or they would have seen the tears streaming down his face


When Noah got back to his house his dad was stilling on the couch waiting for him


            “You ready to practice” he asked


Noah just headed to the backyard and started to do push up while the sun was beating down on his body making his temper rise even more. Then he switch to one arm push up for about twenty minutes he then crashed on the grass covering his eyes from the sun, sweat was pouring out of his body the t shirt he was wearing was covered in sweat. He took a swig of water from his water bottle then he started to do lap around the fence he felt his body start losing energy but he ignored it and continues running until his leg gave way causing him to fall, he was breathing heavy trying to replace the lost oxygen in his body also he was not trying to think about what happen between him and Justin but no matter how hard he tried the memory was still fresh in his mind he could still feel the tenderness of Justin lips on his. He place his fingers on his lips “What is wrong with me” he thought


Justin finish his homework with time to spare he put his work in his folders but his mind was still on the event that happen between him and Noah. He could still feel his Noah lips on his, missing the passion he got from the his lips, he did not notice the door frame and he smacked his head against it


“OUCH” he hollered he felt down making his papers scatter everywhere “Man I miss Noah”  he slowly gather his work  

© 2013 Jonathan Biswell

Author's Note

Jonathan Biswell
if you have any ideas let me know other then that *Enjoy*

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It was great, but I kept getting confused about who was talking.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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