What's Your Frequency? (2015)

What's Your Frequency? (2015)

A Poem by Wesley Dingler

(Auburn, Alabama)


True enough,

  My antenna shows some age,

But now it's aiming right at you.

  And the future may call for rain,

But right now, it's a clear view.

As hard as I've been broadcasting,

  You should be receiving me now.

I'm only gonna tell you once to stop acting,

  And for once, at least, hear me out.

  So, what's your frequency, Anna?

  Is it within range?

  Will it reach me from here to Savannah?

  If not, will it ever change? ...

          I don't think so.

Once again,

  You are tuning me out,

And it's starting to make me mad;

  Especially after all the talk about

How I am the best you've ever had.

If this is how you treat the best,

  I'd hate to see how you treated the worst.

I am left with only the guess

  The poor guy must have needed a hearse.

  So, set your frequency, Anna.

  Now it's within range.

  It may reach you from here to Havana.

  If not, will you ever change? ...

          I really hope so.

© 2020 Wesley Dingler

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Honest words that are as sharp as a knife...not over the top angry or melodramatic.

Posted 10 Months Ago

I love the metaphor you used

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Wesley Dingler

2 Years Ago

thank you, Wendy. I'm pleased you liked it.
I love an elegant eff-you. Which is what this was.. read more
Wendy Sue

2 Years Ago

It shows adaptability and good character when one starts off with the intent to express an eff-you a.. read more
Wesley Dingler

2 Years Ago

I will read it now.

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Added on September 27, 2015
Last Updated on July 1, 2020
Tags: Lyrical, Poetic, Angry Lover, Romantic, Humor, Satire, Rhythmic Word Art


Wesley Dingler
Wesley Dingler


I was born in Central Alabama February 27, 1985. I'm a Piscean and love it. I began writing poetry and child stories at age nine. I began home schooling after the Sixth Grade, having a lot of troub.. more..