Jest and the horrible plane

Jest and the horrible plane

A Story by Anne Hill

This is just a story created for a contest.


Mr. Detter was the sort of person you could look in the eye and lie to easily. Consequently he was my father, so I basically got away with anything I wanted. He readily believed everything I said and whole heartily agreed that the other person must be lying. My father never got very far in life. He supported himself and I by working at the local pharmacy. He never asked for a raise, and he never argued.  And for that very reason, I decided to make him live. If only for a day.

            When I decided to steal the airplane I knew that I needed help. I was sitting on the curb on Oceanside BLVD. rolling a joint, when Jest approached me from behind. His lanky figure was in contrast to the fat figures of the tourists walking by. “Come sit, you have perfect timing.”

            “Do I?”

            “Yes, I need your help stealing an airplane.”

            “How many of those have you smoked today?” He asked referring to my joint.

            “I had one at work, but that was hours ago.”

            “Where shall we get said airplane?”

            Camp Pendleton.”

            “I don’t think there’s any planes there.” Jest always knew that kinda stuff. I had the ideas, and he had the information.

            “We need to go to Miramar. But why would you want to steal from the military?”

            “I was just thinking that they were the closest airport.”

            “No way dude, lets just steal one from some millionar. It’s not like they do anything good for anybody.”

            “Totally agreed, find me a house and I’ll steal it.”

            “Sure, but give me a hit huh?” He reached over and grabbed at my half smoked dub before I could say anything.


            Half an hour later, I was on my skateboard flowing through the streets in a high daze. My mind was stuck on the plane, and how I could get my father to fly it. My headphones were up so loud, that I didn’t hear my father honking his horn behind me. Once he steadily drove next to me however I took notice.

            “Hey dad!” I said a little too enthusiastic.

            “Hey I was on my way to Trader Joes, wanna hop in?”

            “Sure!” How could I miss the opportunity to be the one to pick out the sushi?

            “Hunny, don’t take this the wrong way, but you smell funny.”

            “Oh, it’s cuz I was sittin on the boulevard talking to Jest.”

            “Oh well, you know how bad fumes smell, but they are even worse for your lungs. And until we all go Hybrid, I don’t really think it’s a good idea to sit too closely to running cars…ok?”

            “Yeah, so anyways I was thinking that you should take flying lessons.”

            “What? Why?”

            “Well you see Jest has been teaching me, you see I could show ya, ya know?”

            “Jest can fly?”

            “Well yeah, every ex-marine can fly!”


            “No, but Jest was a pilot in the Marine Corps.”

            “I guess that would be alright…but I haven’t been in a plane since I flew your mother’s body back to South Dakota.”

            Wow, I thought, my dad never talked about my mother. But who cares that’s not the point of this story.

            “Well, this is a smaller plane, it’s only fits four people including the pilot.”

            “Oh, but I have to work this Saturday.”

            “Sunday then! You are so frustrating, you always have to make everything complicated!”

            “I’m sorry.”


            Jest was at my apartment when we drove up with our groceries.

            “Dude I gotta talk to you. Everything’s set I worked my magic real quick this time.”

            “Yeah, so who’s the lucky b*****d?”

            “Turns out Miramar wasn’t so far fetched after all. I got a couple guys that come to the bar a lot. So I told them that I wanted to show my girlfriend a jet. You know like a fast airplane?”

            I had to role my eyes, what a dumb a*s. Of course I knew what a jet was.

            “So here’s the deal, I’ll drive up with his car cuz it’s got a sticker saying that you live there. They’ll wave us right in. You’ll just be this girl I picked up or something if they ask. He said that he’ll leave the hanger unlocked. So we are home free.”

            “Just one question, what about the fact that you have dreads?”

            “I’ll throw on a f*****g hat or something.”

            “Ok a*****e, can this be done Saturday night?”


            The anticipation of stealing something bigger than a car was killing me. I was so excited, that all Friday and Saturday I was shaky. I told my dad I was going for a drink at the bar, and jumped in Jest’s “rented” car.

            “God I feel like I’m about to piss myself.” I said as I lit up a roach. “You look hot in that hat.”

            Jest just grinned, I loved his tan golden skin and sucked in checks. The way his stomach was still flat, even when sitting. Screw stealing a plane, I’m horny as hell. I was so stoned that I didn’t even realize we were passing through the gates until I saw the M.P.’s weird little arm jab, allowing us passage.

            “Did he just salute us?”

            “No, we aren’t officers.”

            “Sure as hell aren’t.”

            The ride to the air field was only about 2 minutes. We parked the car, and left the keys in it, so that guy could get his car back.

            The hanger was unlocked like he said and we jumped in the cockpit ready and raring.

            “I just want you to sit here and maybe I’ll let you drive it for a second.”

            “I am way excited.” Was all I could blurt out.

            The plane started easily, and we could see the sun coming up as we took off into the hot morning. From the air, I could see marines with guns running towards us and they looked pissed. But so what? It’s not like they paid for it.

            We were on our way back to Oceanside without a plan. Where would we land? How could we go anywhere without the police being there? But of course Jest had a plan. We were going to land in a farm just north of Carlsbad, then we would wipe our finger prints off everything and walk away.

            Unfortunatly it didn’t turn out that way. While the plane was going down, all I could think was. I know we’ll be fine, Jest always saves my a*s somehow.

            “Nina, I want you to pull that lever there! It will eject you from the plane!”

            “Are you crazy, your going to land this fine!”

            “What! Do you see that parking lot? We are going to die!”

            I refused to believe what he was shouting at me and decided that I would stay in the plane the whole time. The last thing I remember was Jest pulling that lever. It must be me in this picture floating in my seat above a crashing plane.


© 2008 Anne Hill

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I don't know which picture it was written for but I liked it, You kept me reading so thats a great thing.
Well done.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Wow, I like this story, The fact that it was the only actually written that had something to do with the picture doesn't change the fact that it is a damn good story. I don't know who Jest actually is or if you just made him up , but I have to ask what happened to him? In the story you are ejecting, does jest crash into the parking lot?

Posted 12 Years Ago

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