Heart of Hate

Heart of Hate

A Poem by Justin Littlefield

I'm me, I'm you, it's them, I'm us, I'm man, I'm everywhere

Standing near the ledge of the clock tower’s spire
Looking over the edge, down to limitless hours of fire
Hell awaits me there, I’m seduced by the final plummet
To fall as the darkest did from Heaven’s starkest summit.
I must first reflect, before I make the Luciferic leap
And plunge into life next, into a sick eternal sleep. 
Have I brought enough suffering? More than ever caused by one?
I must repent and ask the dark lord to forgive the good I’ve done.
For what it’s worth, I haven’t always praised malevolence.
There was a time when I saw pure, raised in cultivated benevolence.
But how can one manage to live in such a state of denial?
The world broke my smile, it made me vile and homicidal.

I look at all innocence and foresee defilement
I hate this race, this terminal virus to Earth’s environment
Forests stormed by machines, swarmed by laden locusts forcing forward
Pollution of oceans and streams from factories dead fish are floating toward
People being butchered over age, weight, gender, sexuality, and race
Haven’t shotguns proven we all share the same pulp beneath our face?
We’re all the same s**t, the same intelligent heaps of feces
We deserve nothing more than an eradication of our species
Love is diseased, the virtue man most damnably smothers
How a devoted father is cheated on by his child’s mother, who fucked fifteen others
A boy’s laugh turns to sadistic rapist’s cackle
When he one day grows up to sodomize a decaying corpse in shackles
Wars wasting millions, waged in the name of corruption, wealth, and greed
Great men died, rivers ran red so that Sapien slaves wouldn’t be freed
Nuclear fusion dismantling cities in single consumptive blasts
One flash, reducing empires to ash, obliterating populations amassed
These are but few of the reasons our race has turned me into the monster I’ve become
Our reprobate place in the universe, indicates it’s our time to return where we came from
If all is hopeless and we are helpless to sin, since we can’t win,
Dying is our destiny, so join in, and commit to all that man has ever been…

I’ve slaughtered daughters, martyred fathers, and honored carnage galore!
Dismembered, burned churches to ember, worshiped under the God of gore!
Raped, mouths taped, served perverse means of breaking chastity
I've beaten babies brutally, marauded graves, forsook fetuses, and breathed blasphemy
Spreading disease across continents and seas, disseminating unspeakable adversities
Bludgeoned my grandma's skull, bashing brain though she begged, "PLEASE!"
I steal from the poor and give to myself
I have a collection of hearts kept in jars on my bedroom shelf
Stealthily, I stalk women from the shadows of their home
Watching in the window, mouth frothy with foam.
Until lust consumes me, then, in an instant I strike.
Inflicting with the dick, thrusting her like a spike.
I am among you, set free from the penitentiary.
My backyard is a miniature cemetery.
My tongue is subliminal
I turn kids into criminals
I could go on, but I'll keep this list minimal.

Enough! I jump and fall toward the worthless earth
Reversing birth,
I’ll burn in Satan’s infernal hearth.
With speed,
I’m freed,
I’ll bleed
But who am I, is the question asked, while wind hits my hair
I’m me, I’m you, it’s them, I’m us, I’m man, I’m everywhere.

© 2015 Justin Littlefield

Author's Note

Justin Littlefield
Watching Discovery ID channel, History Channel, and all that has lead me to writing this

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the best i have ever read.....................God bless your brain

Posted 4 Years Ago

Nice Submission. This poem is wonderful in depicting the human race by its worst qualities which is necessary for understanding what we truly are. So often we like to only focus on the best of our race, but by doing that we are only understanding a single element of who we are. Good job.

Posted 4 Years Ago

this is honestly the most well written and powerful thing I have ever read! please help me to be as good as you!!!!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Justin Littlefield

4 Years Ago

I really appreciate this. Heart of Hate was one of those pieces that seemed to write itself, effortl.. read more
An excellent and horrific write. Yes, this is man stripped raw, still the savage ape, trying to masquerade as human in dirty, blood-stained clothes. History shows us who we are. We're a horror. It makes one weep.

A powerful write. Highest marks.

Best regards,


Posted 6 Years Ago

It's a tough read, and quite lengthy, it's so good, so I kept on going...you have a new fan. Kudos.

Posted 7 Years Ago

crazy what anger can do to us,i hope you carry on entertaining with your writing and manage to avoid climbing to that top window.....

Posted 7 Years Ago

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The History Channel gave you some positive energy for writing. What is the worth of one man? I was Soldier and went to meetings for deployments. Men were just tools for a Government. I heard voices treating life like it was secondary. I like the thoughts create by your poem. I did like the ending a lot.
"But who am I, is the question asked, while wind hits my hair
I’m me, I’m you, it’s them, I’m us I’m man, I’m everywhere."
Thank you for the excellent poem.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Woot woot! This was really good dude. Lovely words and written beautifully.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Justin Littlefield
Justin Littlefield

Las Vegas, NV

I'm Justin, 24 years old, out of Las Vegas, NV. I've been writing for as long as I can remember, it matured with me, became something entwined in my spirit. Reading almost any piece of mine you may de.. more..


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