Assume the Worst

Assume the Worst

A Poem by Nathan Durham

Obsession, jealousy. Things that should be absent in a healthy relationship. Yeah right...

For the hundredth time I slide open my phone
No message alert imposed on my screen
I love you insanely, but I'm forced to be alone
At least you're so far away, you can't hear me scream

My heart breaks when I can't feel your touch
I know that I want you by my side
But I didn't know I was attached so much
Fear of losing you has me terrified

The thoughts I ponder keep me up at night
As I stare blankly into my phone like a zombie
Wondering what you do when you're out of sight
Doubting your fidelity and your love for me

I am sure there are a million good reasons
Why you don't respond to my call
My worries keep changing like the seasons
I list off the possibilities, considering them all

You could be sick, your phone could be broken
You're possibly working and just far too busy
Infinite ways you would not know what I've spoken
I know I shouldn't worry if you love me or miss me

My mind has a tendency to assume the worst
I simply guess that I'm not worth the time of day
I assume some other guy on your list is first
I think I'm just another game you play

Thoughts dance in me, my mind starts to corrode
I'm constantly breaking, my heart stops beating
My senses overloaded, I'm about to explode
I have nightmares of you happy through cheating

Then I wake up drenched in cold sweat
Praying that these worries are all just a game
My cycle of constant fear isn't quite done yet
I love you so much, I start to feel shame

I'm sorry for being scared and jealous all day long
My fears making you out to appear as a w***e
Deep down, I know the real you, the one I've known all along
For you my love, I assume the worst no more

© 2010 Nathan Durham

Author's Note

Nathan Durham
I hope you like it. I feel strongly about the emotions behind it.

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"I have nightmares of you happy through cheating" This line would sound better this way, "I have nightmares of you happily cheating." Or maybe it's just me. Anyways, seems the emotions are really there and the paranoia is visibly felt. Nice try in creating a poetry out of an ordinary happening. Great Poem.

Keep Writing. ^___^

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on April 12, 2010
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Tags: depressing, girl, pain, love, obsession, jealousy, assume, worst


Nathan Durham
Nathan Durham

Lebanon, OR

My name is Nathan. I am 15 years old. I am based in Lebanon, Oregon. I love to write and do math. My favorite color is black. I am a vegetarian. more..