Poisonous Love

Poisonous Love

A Poem by Nathan Durham

A poem I wrote, kind of similar to Parasite

I found your heart inside a little glass vial
With a skull and crossbones labeled on the side
I fell in love in the most abnormal style
I drank your poison, which started this thrill ride

Almost instantly I felt the effects of my mistake
As the strength of my own free will began to fade
I poured out my heart for you to take
And add it to the concoction which you made

It's your poisonous love that has me infected
Altering my mind to the point of your control
Using my feelings that I thought were protected
You are now the possessor of my soul

Don't get me wrong, I love you dearly
But this love we have puts me in danger
My feelings drag me to death nearly
As my sense of the rest of the world gets stranger

Your enchanting, seductive venom courses to my heart
My limbs feel heavy, my sight grows hazy
You are my caretaker, I will die if we are apart
These toxins in my head, are slowly making me crazy

Has your poison achieved its ambition?
I am completely dependent on you to survive
You gave me poisonous love, now it's my addiction
My heart needs your presence just to stay alive

It's ironic that this poison that eats at me
Is also what enables me to make it to the next day
The agonizing cycle will never let me be free
I guess the pain is part of the price I pay...

To have you is all I ever wanted in my life
My feelings for you finally reflect like a mirror
Somebody cares for me other than the razor knife
For you, I fake a smile and hold my deep down fear

I worry that in the end, this all will break
And I will only suffer the pain without your love
I'd rather endure your poison, than live something fake
But this venom won't let me see anything above

I guess what I am trying to express
Is that even though you may hurt me every now and then
It's well worth it for your love, your kiss, your caress
I love you so much, if I had the choice, I'd drink your poison again...

© 2010 Nathan Durham

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Although some lines have such forced rhymes, it still sounds good over all. I love the last line. After all those proclamations of love, this kind of ending transcends them all. I like the passionate way it was written.

Keep Writing. ^__^

Posted 9 Years Ago

I had to come back and put this in "Ye Ol' Library!" I'm impressed and you deserve another, "WOW!"

Posted 10 Years Ago

Utterly fantastic! I am breathless; this is so, very good. Wow!! What can I say, but "excellent!!!" Oh, my goodness; WOW!!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Love how this flowed, I can really feel what you can. Great job

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Nathan Durham
Nathan Durham

Lebanon, OR

My name is Nathan. I am 15 years old. I am based in Lebanon, Oregon. I love to write and do math. My favorite color is black. I am a vegetarian. more..