The Less of Me I See the More of What I Need, I Get

The Less of Me I See the More of What I Need, I Get

A Story by Do You Feel?

discovering who I am not in my own eyes but thru the eyes of my Father, my Creator... Humbling myself to His heart for me.


 Why is it that everything we can see now, here, now will all be gone in the blink of an eye one day, and yet what we can't see, whatever eternity is to you will remain forever? And still we let our emotions get so caught up in our day to day whining and complaining our mundane routines that keep on remaining, never changing? Even if we have it so wonderful and fabulous, we have all the riches in the world, live in the biggest most beautiful house with the most perfect mate, with everything we have ever wanted, what does it matter to us once we leave this world, be it by natural causes or unnatural causes. 
Lets get real for a minute, I mean we don't normally like to talk about it, but I've kinda been surrounded by it lately and like the life watcher and philosopher I deem my self to be, we are all going to die some day. Think about it, we are living each day in and of itself knowing not if it our last day or our 917th day til our last day on this Earth. I heard someone say that we were never created with the intention to die, that is why we have something built into our dna that fights or wants to fight death, it is built into our spiritual dna, because we were meant to live on forever, so if I really die tommorow believing what I do and hold above all else in the world I will live on in a eutopic eternity with all that have gone on before me that have believed the same. 
Now, addressing the fact as to how to get there or who makes this decision, that gets deep and often offensive, I like this part, cuz I don't mind a good knowledgle ligitimate battle. We were created by God, if you don't agree with that then stop reading here, and stop and ponder who created you... and get back with me when you got your answer, I'm very patient. Now God made us and intended us to live forever, but he gave Adam and Eve and instruction of obedience and they disobeyed, ie the first "sin". Why? Because God wanted us to LOVE HIM he didn't want to just have us all like little robots walking around saying we loved Him because he told us to, He gave US a free will and unfortunatley Adam and Eve chose to sin and disobey, just like I do everyday... UUUHHHH WHAAT??? JAMIE SINS? OUTRAGE!! DISGRACE!!! what am I, perfect, do you see a halo, wings, where? I don't, want me to list my sins out for you? just in the past few months, jeeesh theres not enough disk space, but you know what there is good news, the story doesn't end there. Thats when my best friend comes into the picture, my man Jesus, my Lord and Savior, He came to our Father God and died a gruesome bloody death for my sins and he washed me clean and asked God to forgive me and I asked Him to forgive me and thanked Him for dying for me so that I could spend that eternity with Him and not just die a death one day leaving little to no legacy behind. And daily I walk with Him I wake up everyday and try my hardest to live for Him to be obedient to Him to follow after HIS will for my life, to be a part of what HIS plan is for my life. I would die for Him just like He died for me. Call me crazy, cuz everyone else has. I have sadly had people accuse me of being a hypocrite, a 'not so christian' person, and that is fine, because that my friend is when you know you are truly know are being obedient to a higher purpose where acting upon a calling at the threat of hurting a few releases many greater doors to God's plan in His people's lives, in His purpose and in what is best for His children. How can you serve a God and befriend one that one day does not acknowledge Him and the next says they will pray for you, to who will they pray? It is unstable in this day and time, it is the end of times, pick up your Bibles people, if you don't think I am speaking the truth read it for yourselves, or watch it on the news, no one wants to face it or talk about it. Some time soon coming you are going to have to make a decision and I want you to have all of the facts when we still have the freedom of religion to speak it! I most certainly would rather lose a friend or two because of how I believe or Whose I am or Who I serve in writing this than over something of much less value. 
If you get nothing more out of this please, remember, making choosing not to choose i s not an option, there is either an accept or a reject point blank. There are TOO many beautiful strong smart women and men out there today that are just turning and running away from the reality of all of this, when has any other generation seen wars like this? Fighting like this? Dissolution in our Congregtional Hearings, falling apart of our eco systems, in our leadership, when has in any other time in this world seen the idealation of a one world government? Look it up, then cross reference it from what was written in the bible some thousands of years ago. Find it out for yourself, but please don't just lie about it or turn away to prove your point to me, YOUR beliefs wont affect me in the end anyway, so why should any of this matter to me anyway right? Because I do care for each and everyone of you with love having met you or not. I may rock it hard core, I may look like a Jesus Freak, I may look like a hypocrit, call me what you will, but do what you need to before it is too late... The LESS I see of ME the more I see of GOD'S HEART and HIS HEART has SO MUCH LOVE my tiny one He placed so tenderly in my chest is breaking for Him watching as we forget about and cast Him away, even still... He stands with great hope, knocking... 
And I on my knees asking for another day of just another screw up that Jesus was there to save and call me friend, how ungreatful I am for His Love for me, and yet it is there everytime He hears His Name called out...
What is the scariest phone call you could imagine getting in the middle of the night? 
The worst news you could get from your doctor?
DEATH DEATH DEATH... where do you want you life to end, here or in Heaven for eternity? What more could possibly entice you to turn down such a gift?

But thats just how God wrote it, and how I prefaced it and try to walk it daily, do I still sin, that issue is still being worked out, if you are a dare I say the word in todays society"christian" lets just call ourselves Followers of Jesus eh? then do you still sin, OF COURSE YOU DO, "ALL HAVE FALLEN SHORT OF THE GLORY"... so if you expect to call out to Jesus and BOOM be perfect, we need to have a long talk cuz hunny it aint that easy... seven years following Him and I still sin and backslide and even your friends and your family will use it against you to try to make themselves for feeling better about their walk with the Lord but remember the Word says holdfast walk with me until THE END whoever finishes the race with me... meaning whoever makes it til the end, not who never slips up, never falls back, but who doesnt QUIT... to all that wanna point a finger I say look at the other four pointing right back atcha baby... Never under estimate the power and evils of the tongue... 
In Love and Peace and TOgetherness as ONE either love me or hate me after this, but I will still alwayz have BIG MAD LOVE FOR YOU ALL

© 2008 Do You Feel?

Author's Note

Do You Feel?
agree or disagree with my stance, please critique this writing not only for the beliefs I have conveyed but for the writing and delivering itself.

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Added on September 16, 2008
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Do You Feel?
Do You Feel?

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