Despite All My Rage I am Still Just Ink On A Page

Despite All My Rage I am Still Just Ink On A Page

A Poem by Do You Feel?

poetry about feeling frustrated lost and confused in a world that has seemed to turn its back on people and not even notice that our society has become so apathetic towards the human race. What ever happened to bearing one another's burdens?



Despite All My Rage, I Am Still Just... 
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Category: Life

ink on a page...
of your latest "To Do List"
that you crossed off but missed

And it was at that point that she knew
it just wasn't likely that she would make it through
another day living life this way
biding all her time til she could run away
she found it oddly easy for her to accept
that there was just no place for her to go next
this must be where Tragedy Rd stopped
where all her hopes and dreams were lost
She drew in a breath, bit down hard on her lip
it was no secret this would be a long lonely trip
neve ready, always waiting
life is just so fascinating
She found it easier to just go numb
than to fear for her life or start a new one
her choices were few
she never knew what to do
but just come unglued
she was never meant for a life without you
She said good-bye
it was all just a lie
but now there's nothing left here to do

56 days sober, sedated silent and seething...
what is the point of breathing?

© 2008 Do You Feel?

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the last two lines of this are exquisite.

Posted 12 Years Ago

If she was never meant for a life without him..why did she find it necessary to leave him..?? If he was abusive..she never had him entirely any way..I have lived the abused wife road and nearly lost my life..Now I live 1d000 miles away from family to just be free and not have to look over my shoulder to see where the next punch is coming from..Deep feelings in this one kid..God bless..Valentine

Posted 12 Years Ago

I'm a bit on the fence with this one. I like the story (message), but think the presentation could be bolstered up a bit. The last two lines are excellent however. They have quite a punch.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on September 16, 2008


Do You Feel?
Do You Feel?

Kansas City, MO

I am just a girl struggling to grow up, to get over her past and learn from it, to look to the future without fear and to live each present day as if it were the most important day in my life. I have.. more..


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