~ dark veil ~

~ dark veil ~

A Poem by Pax

~ open to all discussion, open to many interpretation...




What is right from wrong?

What is worth keeping from what’s meant releasing?


From a dark veil you hide

Obligated, you abide

A silent prison you call home

That’s life in this dome


Wield by a strong patrol

Withheld by unyielding control


Flying has a price

It always has, a bounty to arise





By a driven force

Subside our hunger course

From the will to adapt

For what’s just right, we tap.


















:my Quotes:

Some things are our guidance, but it doesn’t mean to withheld us from swimming.


© 2013 Pax

Author's Note

credits to the talented photographer: pr13s7

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ah the veil...don't we all wear this? You wear one , I wear one....in our artistry ...in our self expression of spiritualism..we do not do it because of tradition of religion but because of self. Do you believe that you or I are obligated?In this society of obscure fascination or vulgar "freedoms"..crash media...? It is a price we pay indeed, but it is self induced...self restricted to keep our secrets to hide our gifts. For the world is greedy ....if you unveiled it ...wouldn't they steal it, lust it, need to obtain it? The obsessions are tangible... temptations can be hidden from addicts... blinded by veils............................... Once again Pax, You delve so deep.So many thoughts to capture. The picture muse in it's self says so much, though silent. Your words say just enough to remain hidden behind your veil. Bravo!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

yes, a choice, indeed, you always see so much my friend...

From a dark veil you hideread more
Conforming to this religious and cultural custom of remaining shielded from the eyes of men seems to me only a symbol of women's oppression in this day and age....I can't imagine having to live in such a way, much food for thought in this exceptional piece of work Pax....!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

:) wow, that is so true, you are indeed a very observant person my friend...
Frieda P

6 Years Ago

You hardly have to be observant to realize Pax, just a woman Lol ;-)

6 Years Ago

hahaha, a woman with wits and cleverness, you are...
I like your flow and expressions, the topic really is intriguing for me! The dark veil can be so many things..It can be accepted as a mask, behind it is the real me...In this way, what will be the difference between the veil and the face? The gestures and movements of the face..smile, sadness, expressions...But still the truth is hiding under and under...We cant see it so open as we wished..The veil is also some kind hiding 2 opposite things - from one side its freedom, from another - is the prison. Freedom is, as far as I`m behind the veil, I`m No one, I`m part of that formless masque of society, obliged to the rules, participant in the laws and traditions...In this way I can move with the veil, in free way, without anyone recognize me, I`m under my safe masque, together with all women...I`m part of the flow, that could give me "freedom". From another side : it`s prison, as that is already a rule, put from society to me, it`s my moving prison, even if I wished a men, or people to look to my face, to see my smile, tears, I couldn`t, or shouldn`t do that. I`m tied with the traditions. The veil is hard to be accepted, unless my soul lives with it since childhood, or somehow my roots are in that traditions of Islam.
Your poem shows in so smart way that shades of prison, me behind the masque, You use so strong words as : Wield by a strong patrol, / control/ dominated ; Somehow if we think deeply, it`s true, but it`s true for all women, no matter of tradition, with little exceptions. I like how u use the word "hunger" , it gives impression of real "prey" behind the veil, and I can say ,the feeling is very near to it...but maybe with some shades of acceptance and even love for that prison.
Thank u for making me think, dear Pax!
(hug )

:: nour ::
:: September-013 ::

Posted 6 Years Ago

3 of 3 people found this review constructive.

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