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all men are created equal



They tell us not to do this because it's not normal. They say watch what yo say or someone will get offended. Each and every day we live under the confines of society, never to question why we are living the way we do. We all just follow blindly what we are told what is right and what is wrong. No matter the consequences of our actions on our own soul as long as we obey the rules of society.  

 What does this all mean? Is there a meaning to our lives as individuals or are we as insignificant as we all feel at one point or another. Society turns us into a herd animal, society domesticates us all into how it expects us to act, and it takes away the meaning of our lives in a whole. It takes us and just shoves us into the crowd and it expects us to blindly obey their rules, and most do.

            Then there are those who question these rules of life go against the status quote.  Society calls them rebels, misunderstood, weird, troublesome, delinquents. Society as a whole shuns them for just being who they are. Who are others to say how a person should look or act and yet we judge every day. If not out loud then in our heads, it is a natural reaction to us; something so worked into our minds that we automatically wonder if there is something wrong with these people and tend to turn away from them for it.

            What has society done to us? It has taken are feeling of self being and just sticks in the need to fit in, to feel wanted. Society has placed in us all that basic desire to not be an outcast, to not be one of the scorned.  We now take those people, the delinquents, the weird kids, and treat them like crap for it. The only true humans in the mass of the herd, the ones who still have their sense of individuality and self being and we try to squash it out of them because they don’t fit the confines of society that we’ve all come to cling to for dear life.

 All men are created equal.  That is what we strive for here in America but this is never the case. We have children dying every day for the lack of food and innocent civilians being shot down in a drive by that no one cares enough to bring to justice because it’s just not important enough. Then on the other side of the spectrum you have baseball players signing multimillion dollar contracts for hitting a ball and running in a circle, or people like Lindsey Lohan who gets tried for some new crime each week but still manages to avoid the main force of the law. We all are born and then we all die. No one is immortal everyone lives then everyone dies and there is no escaping this. We really all equals so why can’t we be treated so?


© 2011 obvious pseudonym

Author's Note

obvious pseudonym
decided to try my hand at philosophy, feel free to comment with your own opinions i'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter, but don't judge me too harshly this is my first ever attempt on being philosophical.

and contrary to what i normally say please feel free to correct my grammer as long as it is not the only thing you comment on :)

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*obsessive hunger games reference*
Lol ella bella this was brilliant, it so explains how society is oppressing the creative, the lonley, the different, the ones who decide to think outside of the tight confined box in which we name "social reform"

Posted 12 Years Ago

YAY PHILOSOPHY. Personally I love talking about philosophy, its so interesting to see how other people view the world. And I agree with you on most parts of what you said. Society is very constraining, and often the most brilliant people are the most shuned. What is expected of you is finding a way to be original AND not go against what society deems. Which, of course, is impossible. Because if you are truely original people fear you, and they shun you.

Those are just my thoughts on the matter.

YAY ELLA YOUR GRAMMAR WAS BEAUTIFUL ON THIS! *sheds a tear* I'm so proud. Only one, small typo "They say watch what yo say or someone will get offended." 'Yo' should be 'you'. Other than that is was simply marvelous. *huggles* They grow up so fast.

SOOO yeah I would love to see some more philosophy from you if you choose to write it.

YES. I READ ALL OF THE READ REQUESTS THAT YOU SENT ME! *does a dance* Again, sorry for taking so long to read them but I hope that these AMAZING reviews were worth it. Can't wait to read more from you!


Posted 12 Years Ago

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obvious pseudonym
obvious pseudonym

wherever i want, time machine you know, NH

so theres this fancy smancy little about me thingy on here that i have absolutly no idea what to write on sooo im just going to ramble and ramble because thats what i do best..... P.S. if you spam me.. more..