The Eagle and Salmon

The Eagle and Salmon

A Poem by Christopher 'Windstorm' Kells

The Eagle and Salmon

By Windstorm Kells ©2001

The intense shriek from the eagle high overhead

Its gaze piercing the murkily torrent river for its daily bread

Its eyes scanning and darting left and right

In the bright light of warm sunlight


Salmon spotted and red in color

Sluggish and have little use for valor

To birds, bear, and men ‘tis no friend

To its wonderment swimming around the bend


Imagine the breathtaking magnetism of nature

As the Eagle a proud fearless creature

It perches atop an ol’ oak held high

Sharply piercing is its cry


Taking to the air, for its time, dinner

It swept over the white watered river

Catching a descry of the fish, beginning to circle in the sky

At once it gives a triumphant cry


Diving towards the waiting prey it falls to the river

It falls from the sky, as rain drops forever

Time begins to stop as its claws pierce the cold water

Snatching from thought, ripped from the world it knows, supper


The squirming fish frantically feeble at what snatched it

Lashing about making a spectacle just a little bit

Laughing the Eagle releases a winning cry

The fish accepting that it is going to die

One a winner, one victim climbs together

Only evidence a ripples vibrating into the shore banks forever

Yet moving in time as it travels down the river

Touching the hands of strangers


© 2013 Christopher 'Windstorm' Kells

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Added on March 3, 2013
Last Updated on March 3, 2013


Christopher 'Windstorm' Kells
Christopher 'Windstorm' Kells

Eugene , OR

As the wheel of time goes ever on, we change we learn and we shine, i am thankful this year for many reasons, i am 35 this year, so i look forward to an exciting year, with new friends, old acquainta.. more..