A Chapter by the crying cup

The first chapter, a prologue kind of thing. Tell me if you like it or see something that could be improved! :)

The world has changed. Huge, bustling cities and cutting-edge technology are long gone and forgotten to all but a few, and much of the world has been taken over again by forests and wild lands.

The only real civilization is located in what once was Europe, but is now known as the Eastern Land. What was called North America is the Wilderness, and is forested completely, save for the walled-in areas called Shelters dotted across the continent.

A Shelter consists of a large, square building with a surrounding courtyard, all of it inside a tall, solid stone wall. The Shelters manufacture goods for the citizens of the Eastern land, as well as serving as a refuge from the dangers of the Wilderness outside. When the world Reverted Back from modern civilization and all its ease, thousands were thrown from lives they knew and forced to start again, so safe places of refuge were nessisary.

Almost two hundred years have passed since the Reversion, and the purpose for man's turning from the modern age is blurred and uncertain. Many of what were once strong facts have faded and stepped back into rumor and myth, and all laws of justice and equality are dissolved.

Mankind is all but untame again, and amidst this changed world unease is rising. The supply ships between the Eastern Land and the Wilderness are bringing rumors with them, rumors of dark secrets and devious plots formed within the depths of the Eastern Land's metal-and-stone cities.

Not all citizens of the Wilderness and Eastern Land are loyal to the High Lord, and tensions are rising slowly to a boiling point. More than once, uprisings have been occurring in the cities and Shelters, on the Northern docks and even among the Lord's Magistrates.

Whatever the uprisings may be about, it is becoming clear that a peaceful future does not await the Reverted World.

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Author's Note

the crying cup
If you read this chapter before I changed it to a prologue/description kind of thing, then sorry if you liked that beggining but I couldn't work with a diary-entry type of opening. I hope my story is still enjoyable :D

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Nice. I think it was a really good start and definitely something I look forward to be seeing more of!

Posted 8 Years Ago

So far, it's a good start. I like that you put this as a prologue so we sort of know a little about the setting of thestory before we get into the main plot. It will help put things into better perspective. You've got my attention, and Well, I was going to read the next chapter now, but it hasn't been published yet.XD Can't wait to read it when you've finished it. Good job, Crying. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

This was a very good start Olivia! You gave just enough detail and mystery to draw your reader's attention and making them want more from you. I liked how you began the chapter with a journal entry from Annie. That gives the piece a personal touch from the main character herself. I personally enjoy stories like that. I am anxious to see you write more to this story and make it progress. Adding depth, characters and an intriguing plot. Let me know when you add more to it please!

Posted 8 Years Ago

the crying cup

8 Years Ago

Thanks very much! Hopefully I'll have the second chapter done before the month is over.

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the crying cup
the crying cup

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A Chapter by the crying cup