The Report

The Report

A Chapter by Winston Tan

In the makeshift dining area was a huge wooden crate that was surrounded by similar smaller crates that served as stools. Four people, the two users and their mediums sat on them as they discussed about various things. Ifiel later revealed that her medium was Chales and a shocking fact; she was the same age as him.
Through the small talks about their raids, Benieth felt a pair of eyes stuck on him. He took a glance to his right and saw K staring at him wide-eyed as though mesmerised by something awesome. K realised that Benieth caught her staring and broke into a grin.
"Ifiel's such a great hair stylist, you made Benieth look so handsome."
K complimented Ifiel but it was somehow insulting to Benieth as she exaggerated his hairstyle with her slender hands making a shape over her head. The girls began to joke about how funny his hair was after their encounter but K immediately commented at how funny it was before that saying things like his head was more of a ball when he still had not cut his hair.
Ifiel laughed hysterically as she said that she could totally picture it. While her medium just sat there slowly taking gulps from his mug but he was in fact laughing deep within. Benieth caught a smirk on Chales' face as he lowered the mug for a moment. A smirk! Benieth cursed himself.
He fidgeted in his seat as he thought of burying his head in his own shirt and scream in embarrassment. That train of thought immediately halted when Ifiel brought up a question.
"Come to think of it," she shifted her gaze between Benieth and K, "How did the two of you meet?"
K's eyes lit up immediately as she squealed. Quickly, she started to shift her weight and shyly, she spoke, "That day, he was so rough in broad daylight."
Benieth spat out whatever liquid he had as he choked on air. Just as K was about to continue, he gagged her mouth with his palm, "Oooo...Oi! Stop saying such misleading things. I'll tell the story instead."
While he was rambling words, Ifiel was staring at Benieth as though he was some kind of rapist while Chales shook his head disapprovingly. Realising that they were thinking badly of him, Benieth shouted, "That did not happen!"
Soon after they calmed down, everyone's gazes fell on Benieth as he cleared his throat. They are while K pouted and glanced at him. Benieth took his cup of water up and took a sip. Then he started recounting the story. 
Right after he finished the recount, Ifiel shifted her weight uncomfortably in her seat, her face slightly red.
"What’s wrong, Ifiel?"
Benieth noticed her discomfort and asked her. Slightly embarrassed for some reason, she poked the tips of her index fingers together and mumbled incoherently. K and Benieth gave a puzzled look while Chales nudged her shoulder gently."
"I thought you were some kind of pervert trying to take advantage of K that was why I ordered to attack you."
The small push led to her exclaiming rapidly as she shot those words emotionally. K broke into laughter and started poking Benieth teasing him of being a pervert, while Benieth just stood motionless, utterly in complete shock.
"The reason why I lead this group was mainly to prevent harm from reaching the town behind," she pointed to a village roughly twenty kilometres away, "Although the people treat us as outcasts or a possible threat; we would ensure that they will be safe. However, a group of unknown bandits came and managed to take out the rear platoons that I have deployed south of the village. Only one survived and it was reported that one particular individual was able to manipulate the earth and the sky."
She paused a moment, her brows furrowed and fist clenched tightly, "Their whereabouts were unknown but it is possible that they would be targeting the village next."
Worry left heavy creases on Ifiel's face as she frowned. It was not a pleasant sight not see. Probably this would only be shown to those close to her before she reeled her resolve to face her fellow companions. Could he do it that was what Benieth thought. Then warmth spread over his shoulder.
Benieth peered over his shoulder, in search of where the warmth from. There she was, with her reassuring smile. K had a particular smile that filled his heart and cleaned every single doubt he had. His mind was clear; he knew what to do next.
Benieth rested his hand on K's and he nodded. She reciprocated and stood beside him. "Ifiel, I have a suggestion.
He took a step forward, "We both will lend you our power."
Despite of the warnings that Ifiel had said, her face brightened up once he had offered some help. She wanted to drone on how dangerous and not beneficial it was for them but the determination shown on the duo's face made her give up that idea and to accept their help.
The stern features on her face soften and she broke into a smile. Benieth and K did the same and he stuck his hand out. Ifiel gladly took his hand and shook it. It was decided, the deal has been made.
The clanking of armour could be heard from a short distance and it got louder. A man dressed in iron armour emerged from the darkness and fell on his knees; drops of perspiration rained on to the soil. The man was drench in cold sweat, his eyes displayed fear.
"Ifiel! The bandits! They attacked us. The eastern forces have been captured."

© 2014 Winston Tan

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Read Swop!
I was mildly confused at first as to "users" and "mediums" though I assume that one has the medium and the other has the power to use it.? I find it almost unbelievable that someone would go from fighting to a playful sit down with their enemy but some people are very open and unafraid of those kinds of things - I suppose that is just Benieth's character.
You are very good at showing movement and interaction between characters. Especially between K and Benieth. I thought that it was mostly easy to understand and easy to picture. Great job!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Winston Tan
Winston Tan

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Well, A guy from Singapore. Been exploring writing quite recently. And I am trying to get better in it. Besides all that, it is nice to meet new people on this site and get to know that we can work.. more..