The Harshest Critic

The Harshest Critic

A Poem by Abigail Lois Alaon

I wrote this out of insecurity. I was so concerned by how people see me. But then I realised that before I consider myself as presentable, I need to approve myself first.


The reflector

copied her every feature.

But the reflection

had her own opinions.

So, she pointed out every imperfection

to her master’s attention

and made it spread inside her

like a deadly infection.

Swirls of criticism

glided their way down her realm.

It ate her soul

and broke the whole.

At night it danced inside her

like an experienced performer,

its long scrawny fingers sheathed 

her every thought.

It planted a seed so strong 

that reeked of dearth. 

Days dimmed and she began to topple,

favouring the little monster 

devouring her like a cancer.

She spat atrocious assessments 

at mindless individuals

going by their own lives 

as she couldn't take being alone 

with the monster inside of her.

She started believing in ghosts 

and hid inside a cage of fear, 

a fear of not being good enough 

for everyone to see.

But what really happened 

and what she didn't know 

was that she nurtured the little monster

inside her

in order to please the girl

staring back at her…

© 2012 Abigail Lois Alaon

Author's Note

Abigail Lois Alaon
sorry for the grammar and punctuations. I'm not very good at it.

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It's weird how our biggest enemy can often be ourselves.

Thanks for sharing.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on October 10, 2012
Last Updated on October 10, 2012
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Abigail Lois Alaon
Abigail Lois Alaon

Auckland, Gelnfield, New Zealand

Hey I'm Abbhie. 17.I like reading books and watching movies. I am a self-proclaimed dreamer and wisher. I like the idea of magic and fantasy. I'd love to live in a dream. I believe dreams and fairy ta.. more..