A Sickening Love

A Sickening Love

A Story by gill :D

"My blood ran cold as I took in the sight of the battlefield. Swords clashing, blood everywhere. The cries of desperation and terror rang in the air." Medieval type story.


My blood ran cold as I took in the sight of the battlefield. Swords clashing, blood everywhere. The cries of desperation and terror rang in the air. The soldiers of my kingdom fight as their comrades die around them. 

I tear my eyes away from the scene, it was terrible to watch. I paced in my chambers, I hadn’t a clue what to do. I was told to stay put. But I just couldn’t. My subjects were fighting for freedom, for what stand for. And I must stand with my cause, I think to myself. Courage and determination swell up in me as I tear off my gown and corset to replace it with trousers and a tunic. The cloth on my skin was light and thin, I could feel the breeze through them.  

I tossed my extra clothing onto my bed and searched the room for shears. I find them on a nearby vanity and begin to roughly chop off my long hair. I quickened my pace as I heard the screams leak through my window. 


I burst through the doors as I follow the long hallways to an exit. I leave the castle and I am greeted by bodies lying all around me, with the symbol of my kingdom on their armor, and the smell of smoke and blood are soaked into the air. I choked in sight of it but kept moving with my eyes shut. I quickly stripped a soldier of his armor, guilt rushing in, and placed it on myself, almost gagging. It was heavy, but that wouldn’t stop me. I was focused on stopping her. The one who is responsible for all of this. I shook my thoughts away and pick up a nearby sword, the blade stained with blood. 


The first enemy I encounter was tall, to say the least. They had an advantage, but so did I. As they swung at me with their sword I dodged and ducked. I swung at his legs, slicing open his skin through his trousers. He fell to his knees as his sword clattered to the ground. I kicked it away from him as he crumpled to the ground hugged his legs.  


I move along with the flow of adrenaline in me. I cut up any enemy that stood before me, just to see her. The opposing monarch from Calinbar, almost a week's ride from my kingdom. She came to my land and declared it hers, and without any hesitation, she began a war. 

Of course, me and my kingdom were not prepared. And so here I am. “And so here you are,” A feminine voice emerges from the darkness of a military tent. “You,” I say with venom dripping from my tongue. She revealed herself, in a blood red dress covered with armor and chain mail. Her make-up was dark and bold, and just so evil. “Why if it isn’t Queen Hope, who seems to be losing all hope.” She snickered at her own comment and strutted towards me.  

I took a careful step backwards, gripping my sword harder. The air was dense, my hair was plastered against my forehead with sweat. Her grin sent a chill down my spine. She reeked of maliciousness as she slowly stepped towards me. “You see your majesty,” She started, “It seems you’ve come here to die, and right along with this kingdom!” I took a shaky breath and began, “Well I-” But she cut me off.  

“Yes! You are a coward,” She came closer. 


“And pathetic,” Closer.  

“Just weak.”  

I clenched my jaw, and I looked her dead in the eyes, “Why Helena? Why would you betray this kingdom, betray me? I trusted you, I gave you a rank in my court! You were everything to me and you went and threw it all away for what? Power?”  

In a swift movement Helena raised her hand up and slapped me across the face. My face was forced to the side and I felt the pain creep up onto my cheek, my strands of hair flying into my face. “Shut up,” She growled. “Shut up. You had everything and I had nothing.” She said with a cold tone as she towered over me. “I wanted to get the power to save myself, not to be in debt to you. I never cared, why should I?” I stood straight, just stared back at her, afraid to even move. The entire world seemed to spin everywhere around us. “Because I cared.” I say in a voice that begged for her to understand, “I cared for you more that this entire kingdom, and even if you didn’t care for me.”


“What?” She said in a small voice.  

Tears threatened to fall from my eyes, “I loved you, Helena. I wished every day you would see it, until you left to gather an army of your own. But I still prayed you would recognize my love. Oh, how I prayed and prayed.” I heard her suck in a breath while trying to maintain a straight face. “How could you love me? I’m a monster. I- I'm not sure why I am doing this.” The woman gripped at her hair with wide eyes. “I remember, the feelings I have for you, but the anger... was too much. Why? What’s happening?” Helena fell to her knees and gripped hard at her head. I cautiously kneeled to her level as she groaned in pain.  

“Helena what’s-” I was cut off by her ear-piercing shriek as the world seemed to stop. Helena’s face turned a light shade of green as she collapsed into the mud. My hands hovered over her body. I could not move. I took in what happened, and I exhaled before frantically looking around. It was... silent. Typically unusual for a battle. 

 I stumbled onto my feet. The field was littered with bodies, every one of them having a green tint to their skin. But what about me? I thought to myself. A sudden feeling overwhelmed me, as if I had been punched in the gut. I hunched over, and a sickness washed over me. My hand shot to my mouth in attempt to hold my puke, but it failed. I stumbled to the ground vomiting and when I stopped to breathe, a familiar green effect was on my hands. I looked in fear and rubbed my hand violently on my trousers, but nothing happened. My breathes were fast and short as I crawled over to Helena’s body. She was cold. I closed my eye tightly to hold back my cries and I curled up next to her body to try and get a sense of comfort.  

Then there was nothing. 

© 2021 gill :D

Author's Note

gill :D
Had this idea pop into my head at midnight, and wrote the first 4 paragraphs right at midnight. Random story, I think the plot needs some work though.

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Loved this Story! I was certainly surprised by the plotwist towards the end!! Keep writing this is great.

Posted 3 Months Ago

gill :D

3 Months Ago

Ahhh thank you! I have a million ideas, maybe I'll make a longer version of this story, or in anothe.. read more

3 Months Ago

That would be great!💛

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gill :D
gill :D


wassup my pronouns are pretty fluid, but i use they/them wattpad - @nerd_andweeb ( can't post on there tho D:< ) 🏳️‍🌈 more..

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