Spun Silk

Spun Silk

A Poem by Wendy Karasin


Silent satin answers
through my window swim
senses reel electric
strength that doth seep in

Clouds of spun silk willow
drawn of lives and love
liquid silver background
white and feathered doves

Placid waters shining
blue the hue on high
ever green enrichment
clouds pass slowly by

© 2013 Wendy Karasin

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There is something very soothing about this piece today. Teminds me of sitting utside on a summer night watching the stars roll by, hearing the cicadas singing in the background and feeling the coold evening breeze upon my skin. Very peaceful indeed.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Wendy Karasin

6 Years Ago

Thank you Jack, your kind words are much appreciated. I felt tranquil and peaceful when writing it, .. read more
This was beautiful! You spun a wonderful flow of sensory images and visual definition.

The first stanza reminds me of what it might be to look out from one's bedtime abode and see if living upon a bluff that overlooked the night lights of a large metropolis. I do wonder if you meant to use the word "reel" on purpose? If you were intending it to be taken as a reel, like a movie reel, than that works. If you were meaning it to be "real" as in that stone is real because I can touch it, than you would need to change the spelling.

The second stanza is a dazzling show for the minds eye to dive into. For me that stanza brought an image of a world of peace and blue sky, where the birds of love always have a mate and nothing exists with course edges. The thought of a movie screen also came to mind with that stanzas third line.

The final stanza once again brings the feeling of peace and serenity. As if one has their feet out infront of them and the back against a tree and are simply taking in the refreshing calm of a small lake and the sky reflecting upon it.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this poem. It left me with a sense of beauty and tranquility. Two Thumbs Up!

Aaron - Wolfwind

Posted 6 Years Ago

Wendy Karasin

6 Years Ago

I must say Aaron, in taking the time to really consider the poem, you hit its meaning on the mark, b.. read more

6 Years Ago

You're welcome! =) Now that you mention "reel" in terms of the fishing rod, I can see the connection.. read more
Wendy Karasin

6 Years Ago

My son is also a big fisherman. I like both (all?) the explanations, our minds are imaginative, crea.. read more
pretty image and nice tones

Posted 6 Years Ago

Wendy Karasin

6 Years Ago

Thanks Chris. It's odd, I'm resurrecting my poetry (from decades past) on this site. It's easier tha.. read more

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3 Reviews
Added on November 13, 2013
Last Updated on November 13, 2013
Tags: silent, satin, answers, senses, electric, world, drawings, liquid, silver, royal blue, patches, placid, still, waters


Wendy Karasin
Wendy Karasin

Merrick, NY

I am a mother of 4, and they are the loves of my life. I enjoy reading, writing, music, exercise. I am a woman of many interests and work to limit judgments and expand compassion. more..


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