Wed, Dec. 7, 7:40 am

Wed, Dec. 7, 7:40 am

A Chapter by Kayla G

You know what's more fun than being in Spanish 1? *Texting* in Spanish 1.


CoolCal: wow, Ben, i almost didn’t recognize u with that 3 in the middle of ur SN.

B3N: rite, cuz UR so original. & since when in the hell have U ever been cool?

CoolCal: w/e. u on ur phone? such a horrible student . . . i think ur a bad influence on me.

B3N: yeah, that’s accurate. where r u?

CoolCal: wat r u talking abt? i’m rite here, lrning. or shld i say FAILING 2 lrn? stop IMing me!

B3N: that is such bullshit! i know ur not here. r u at home?

CoolCal: perhaps . . .

B3N: get ur a*s over here!

CoolCal: y? do u really miss me that much?

B3N: hardly, but if I have 2 suffer thru this class then so do u!

CoolCal: but it’s cold outside! & i’m sooooo lazy! i’m still under the covers. ^_^ so . . . warm . . .

B3N: Callie!

CoolCal: qué? Ben el lonely-o?

B3N: not how u say lonely in Spanish.

CoolCal: how wld U know? ur not paying attn in class, ur IMing ME. Laney wld NOT approved, Benjamin.

B3N: rite, cuz she’d approve of U staying home 4om school, b/c u . . . felt like it?

CoolCal: 2 cold! & i *walk* 2 school! Brrr! wat if i get sick? i’m doing this 4 the good of my health.

B3N: uh-huh . . . w/e, still kind of pissed at u rite now.

CoolCal: por qué, mi amigo?

B3N: oh, i dunno, maybe b/c u left me by myself in a room full of underclassmen?! y do we have 2 take this stupid class again?

CoolCal: cuz, u silly boy, we never went 2 it last yr, ‘member? Nstead we skipped & goofed off. good times, good times . . . but, 2 quote Laney, “u reap wat u sow”.

B3N: . . .

CoolCal: it means u get wat u deserve, u brought this on urself.

B3N: yeah, i get it. Lane needs phrases 4om THIS century, but the “…” was b/c y the hell aren't U reaping wat u sowed?

CoolCal: cuz i is smart. cuz i stayed in bed. & i is also not a farmer.

B3N: ha. funny. NOT. oh, terrible grammar, btw.

CoolCal: have u been paying attn 2 this convo? i once wrote an essay in txt-speak just 2 see how Mr. Douglas wld react & he made me stay after school & rewrite the whole damn thing!

B3N: u reap wat u sow.

CoolCal: hmph! w/e. liv n lrn. that’s my motto!

B3N: i thought ur motto was y do 2day wat u can put off till 2morrow?

CoolCal: i am a woman of many mottos.

B3N: so ur really skipping?

CoolCal: ugh! i’ll b there in a few. did u know my alarm clock didn’t go off & that’s y i woke up so late?

B3N: . . . clever.

CoolCal: can’t beat the classics! see u in a bit!

© 2015 Kayla G

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Oh my God. This is my life right now. Not even joking. Spanish.Underclassmen .Annoying as hell. Great job. Just great job.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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