Wed, Dec. 7, 5:05 pm

Wed, Dec. 7, 5:05 pm

A Chapter by Kayla G

Saved by the Ben!


CoolCal: saved by the Ben!

B3N: talking 2 Laney, i take it? her name just popped off.

CoolCal: she’s probably off doing her Laney-things (i.e. homework " then again, knowing her, she’s probably already thru with it) >:P

B3N: & ur doing the exact opposite?

CoolCal: hey! i tried doing it . . . but how am i supposed 2 get anything done when Laney’s being an answer hog? she wants me 2 do it on my own without cheating.

B3N: the nerve!

CoolCal: tell me abt it. i wld’ve asked U, but then i remembered ur an idiot.

B3N: hey! tho tru . . .

CoolCal: wow, can’t believe u admitted it.

B3N: in alg 2, Cal. not in general.

CoolCal: oh . . .

B3N: so, gonna’ ask ur little boyfriend 4 the answer instead?

CoolCal: ha, ha. & kind of gross. i mean, i know there’s only a 2 yr age diff, but i just don’t go 4 younger guys. & Ryder also kind of looks younger than 14 . . .

B3N: just a tad. have u seen the way he looks at u? 2 words: puppy luv.

CoolCal: shut up.

B3N: wat? i’m serious. ur nice to the kid & ur really pretty. what guy *wouldn’t* crush on u?

CoolCal: . . . u really think i’m pretty?

B3N: er, well . . . wat? i can’t notice the obvious? but, back 2 the matter at hand, make sure the freshman knows nothing will come 4om this.

CoolCal: chill, he knows.

B3N: r u sure?

CoolCal: r u jealous?

B3N: pfft " *me*? JEALOUS? yeah, rite.

CoolCal: uh-huh. anyways, little genius man gets it. & even if he WAS crushing, i doubt he’d act on it. thinking & saying is always easier than *doing*, especially 4 a guy like him. u know?

B3N: yes & no. i get wat u mean, but my impulse control isn’t always the best, so sometimes i just DO & never think. ever.

CoolCal: like that time u snuck n2 the biology lab, stole the frogs, & set them free in the pool during the swim teams practice?

B3N: never seen so many swimmers freak out at once . . .

CoolCal: never seen so many ppl pissed off at U at once. hashtag lynchmob.

B3N: dude, i’d never been happier 2 see old man Hamilton.

CoolCal: Mr. Hamilton isn’t THAT old, u know. kind of cute 4 a principal.

B3N: but not leprechaun cute tho, rite?

CoolCal: u leave little genius man alone! or i’ll start talking abt ur jealousy issues.

B3N: fine. i’ll stop. wait, hold on. Kenzie just came in.

CoolCal: tell Mac i said hi!

B3N: gotta’ go. mom needs help in the kitchen.

CoolCal: aw, such a sweet son! can i come over? my own parental units r still at work & 5 bucks says they’ll be leaving me 2 fend 4 myself 2nite anyways. & i promised ur sister i’d help her with her science project.

B3N: u hate science . . . & projects . . . & anything school related.

CoolCal: tru, but this is a *2nd* grade project. how bad can i mess up on that?

B3N: . . . no comment. but yeah, u haven’t been over 4 dinner in a while. mom will be happy, which is good 4 me, cuz i have yet to break the news that i may " or may not " be failing PE.

CoolCal: . . . how do u fail PE? all u have 2 do is show . . . oooooh. i gotcha’ now.

B3N: rite. u walking over?

CoolCal: as is my usual form of transportation. too . . . much . . . exercise! ur house is close tho, be there in 10 or 15 min.

B3N: cool. see u then.

© 2015 Kayla G

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Added on January 24, 2015
Last Updated on January 24, 2015
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