Thurs, Dec. 8, 4:30 pm

Thurs, Dec. 8, 4:30 pm

A Chapter by Kayla G

A convo between Ben and Lane involving a certain class clown (oh, and Callie, at Ben's house, helping his sister with her science project . . . wait, why does she have matches?)


Lane: be honest, am i uptight?

B3N: huh?

Lane: in my eng 3 class, Carlos Rodriguez called me uptight.

B3N: well, yeah, even the most *laidback* of ppl r uptight 2 that clown. so what?

Lane: so . . . i’m not uptight?

B3N: well . . .

Lane: Ben!

B3N: wat do u want me 2 say? i feel like this is 1 of those times where, no matter wat i say, ur going 2 get upset


Lane: so i am?

B3N: not as much as Rodriguez thinks, i’m sure.

Lane: wat do u mean SURE? don’t u KNOW?

B3N: if ur gonna’ get mad, i’m leaving.

Lane: no, wait! i’m sorry. i’d be bugging Callie abt this, but she isn’t online or answering her cell.

B3N: she’s over here. & i think her phone died.

Lane: she’s at ur place? & ur just . . . checking messages?

B3N: yep. she came over yesterday 4 dinner & 2 corrupt my little sister. 2day she’s back 2 finish the job.

Lane: uh-oh, what’re they doing?

B3N: uh, hold on . . . i can see them 4om my window . . .

Lane: yes, &?

B3N: . . . my guess? a satanic ritual.

Lane: seriously?

B3N: jk, she’s trying to help my sis finish up her volcano that's due 2morrow.

Lane: . . . but Callie hates doing school work.

B3N: but Callie loves making things that’ll explode.

Lane: oh, yeah. i thought u said she was *corrupting* Mackenzie.

B3N: teaching her how 2 make things that explode isn’t corrupting?

Lane: ok, i see ur point now. even tho papier-mâché volcanoes don’t necessarily explode in the way *ur* referring 2.

they bubble at best, don't they?

B3N: . . . then y does Callie have matches?

Lane: . . . O.o . . .

B3N: i better go. talk 2 u l8r?

Lane: i promised mom i’d run some errands with her, but i’ll probably be on 2nite.

B3N: great. l8r!

© 2015 Kayla G

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Added on January 24, 2015
Last Updated on January 24, 2015
Tags: class clown, science project, volcano, matches, uptight, school, english three


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