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Typing another message into my friend’s phone, I let out a frustrated sigh. My girlfriend, Sarah wasn’t replying to my texts. Assuming she was probably asleep or busy, I gave up after tapping the send button to my last text that said „text back asap”.

I threw Seungcheol’s phone back onto the mess that was my bed, got up and walked out of the room. Making my way down the stairs I heard some of the boys hanging out in the living room, laughing about something that doesn’t make sense (to me at least). I dismissed them when they called for me, walking to the kitchen in the back of the house. As I got there, I saw the one and only giraffe, Mingyu standing in the kitchen, possibly cooking something for the… crew, or whatever.

„I understand that you’re the „boy that can do everything”, but why do you always have to cook for everyone?” I asked him curiously with an emphasis ont he word „have” as I opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water.

Waiting for his answer I twisted the cap off the plastic and chugged basically half of the water down.

„You see, Joshua,” he says, chuckling. „everyone likes my cooking. Even you. Sometimes it’s easier to order food, of course, but I enjoy making food for everyone. I’m a part of the ’97 line, as you know, I’m one of the youngest, and being praised for doing something feels great.” he finished, opening the oven door and pulling two trays of plain but perfect cupcake bases out with heat-proof mittens on both his hands and an apron tied around his waist and neck.

The pleasant scent of freshly-baked goods filled my nostrils as I inhaled. I stepped closer to the giant working hard to get the cupcakes as perfect as possible. He almost looked like a professional, I was so amazed. Of course when we were doing our show „One Fine Day”, him and Seokmin were cooking a lot, but that was different; the environment, the ingredients and the variety of foods we could cook was way more limited.

After I was practically high on the scent of Mingyu’s baking, I turned around and left the kitchen.

„Joshua! Come here.” Seungcheol called from the living room I was passing, trying to sneak back upstairs to my room.

I grimaced and looked over to the 11 boys recording a log, or something of that sort. Sighing, I made my way to the sitting room. I looked around for a free space on one of the few couches our agency bought us when purchasing this big house.

After plopping down on the couch beside Seungkwan, Jeonghan, Seokmin and Jihoon, I flashed a smile at all of my friends, except for Mingyu, of course, because he was in the kitchen.

Time went by as we were all talking into the camera one by one.

„Guys, sorry to interrupt, but can anyone tell me what time it is?” I commented, looking around.

„You’re fine.” Jeonghan answered. He pulled out his phone from his back pocket, and turned it on. „It’s actually 2:51.” he announced, having me jump up and without a word, put on my shoes and run out the door, leaving it wide open.

„She never stays out this late.” I thought. „If she’s still at the bar, I might be able to catch her.”

She told me she was going out with her friends to lighten up after long weeks of hard work. Of course I didn’t want to act jealous or possessive, so I let her go, because what could happen? She’s always been loyal to me, so I’ve never really been jealous of just another guy looking at her; I know her well enough to see she would never cheat on me.

Quickly stopping a taxi on the street, I got in and told the driver to take me to Haneul, Heaven in english, where we first met. I know, it’s a surprise, I go to clubs. Actually, not that much anymore, it’s just my frustrated girlfriend that likes to go.

The taxi suddenly stopped, making me look up and ask if this is where the middle-aged driver man was going to drop me off. He simply nodded, smiling.

„How much is it gonna be?” I questioned, reaching for the money I had in my back pocket.

Shaking his head, he said „Forget about it. I saw you were in a rush, I can treat you for a ride, if you don’t mind, of course.”

I flashed him a smile before thanking him a million times for his service as I stepped out the vehicle. Slamming the car door, I turned to my left, looking for the club I came to to look for my lost girlfriend. My eyes spotted a black building amongst the bright and colourful ones, so I decided to make my way towards there. Why I thought it was the place I was looking for was because they had a huge LED sign up above the double doors, saying Haneul in a pretty font.

After I got across the street, I inhaled and opened one of the doors and entered the bar. There weren’t many people, so I thought Sarah would be at the back of the bar at a lounge-like area with couches and armchairs and all that, just where she always is. The big building had this hallway behind the dancefloor and stuff, where they had rooms where people could hang out privately (nothing inappropriate intended, of course). Since I knew the bartender, I greeted him with quite a loud „hello”, having him surprised, but he smiled and waved after he realized it was me.

Walking down the long isle I looked in every room, seeing no one. Of course if there were people, the room doors would be closed or locked, but all of these were wide open. Except for one; the biggest room in the very back, on the right side. However, the door of it wasn’t closed all the way, there was just a bit of a gap between the door and the jamb.

Thinking she was asleep or something (which is not rare, but she always wakes up early and comes home before noon), I pushed the door open to see my girlfriend sandwiched between two of her best friends, sleeping. The one on her left, Taehyung, had his arms around her, I’m guessing they fell asleep cuddling, or something. Jungkook was just asleep, his mouth wide open as usual, nothing suspicious about him.

There were tons of glasses next to the couch and on the coffee table in front of the couch they were asleep on. Some of them were empty, others still had some liquid in them, and some were even full. I saw some big bottles of booze all over the room.

„She never drinks this much.” I thought to myself. „What got into her? I’m gonna teach her a lesson once I get her awake.”

After talking to myself inside my head, and probably looking ridiculously dumb, I took a deep breath and decided that I was going to wake up all 3; or at least Taehyung and my girlfriend.

I stepped closer to the trio passed out on the settee, bending down to their level, stretching my arms and lightly tapping my girlfriend’s shoulder, while Taehyung got a bit more of a push on his shoulder.

„Guys.” I half-yelled, trying to wake them up.

A few seconds pass by, and I hear some shuffling beside me. It was Jungkook; he woke up first. Rubbing his eyes with his fists, he turned to me with an expression that screamed „what are you doing here?”.  

Dismissing him with a shrug and some glances at the two still sleeping, I continued trying to wake them from their deep slumber.

After what seemed like forever (but it really was just a few long minutes), my girlfriend started reaching for my arm to push it away from her shoulder, sleepily mumbling „Taehyung, not now”. My eyes widened and my blood started to boil as I thought she was not only hanging out with this troublemaker but was also dreaming about him.

I finally stepped back from them, making my way to another smaller couch, then sitting down and waiting for them to slowly wake up.

As I started falling asleep myself (I didn’t sleep last night, since Sarah wasn’t home, so I was too worried to sleep) I heard my girlfriend’s voice. I couldn’t figure out what she was saying, I’m guessing she was talking to herself mumbling like that. Her eyes were huge, wider than ever, staring at me, then turning her attention to Taehyung, then back at me, and so on.

„What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be doing logs with the members?” she asked in a sleepy and hungover voice; she almost sounded innocent, like she doesn’t know what she’d done.

I let out a loud sigh, „I could be asking you the same thing. I’ve been calling and texting all day and night, but you don’t bother replying to any of them.” I commented, glaring at her. „Besides, I thought you were going out with your friends, not Taehyung and Jungkook?”

She chuckled and stood up, sloppily walking over to me. She sat in my lap, facing me.

„Come on, I thought you said you were never going to be jealous of me having guy friends?” she asked innocently, wrapping her arms around my neck.

„I’m not jealous, I’m suspicious. You were out for too long, and everyone was asking where you were; everyone missed you, not only me. And seeing you sleeping between two guys just seems out of the ordinary for me. Clearly, these two fuckers are much more handsome than I am, they could wrap you around their fingers any time they want; especially if you’re drunk.” I replied, noticing she was quite hungover. She wasn’t the type to throw up after drinking, so I wasn’t worried about that. I was worried because I didn’t know if she was aware of the things that might have happened yesterday night.

„What do you mean drunk? You know I don’t drink that much, I never have,” she remarked, smiling confusedly, „alright, maybe I have… Once.”

I rolled my eyes to that, sighing into her face. She shot me a disgusted look, acting like something was wrong with me, when I always act like this if I know she’s lying to me.

Looking to my side and towards the other couch, I saw Jungkook on his phone on one side, and Taehyung just staring at us with wide eyes on the other.

Shooting glares at the hungover boy, I lifted my girlfriend off me and walked over to Taehyung. After I got there, I squatted down in front of him. He was now staring at me confused, looking pretty well after a long night.

„So, what was doing stuff with my girlfriend like, kid?” I asked him, wearing a cocky smirk on my face.

„What do you mean stuff? We didn’t do anything. I didn’t know having a little fun after my break up was such a sin.” he chuckled, coming a little forward to flick my forehead.

„Come on, Taehyung, we all know you and Jungkook did my girlfriend last night. Be honest, that’s better than lying and having me find out from someone else later on, you know?” I commented, looking over to Jungkook who was now staring at me, his cheeks a little red; which just gave it away immediately. „See, even our little Jungkookie admits it. Why don’t you just tell me? The worst I could do is beat you up, but I’m way smarter than that, I’d never fall back on your level.”

„Oh, so you mean you wanna go, a*****e?” Taehyung spoke up, grabbing my jaw and staring into my eyes.

Shoving his hand away, I shrugged the entire thing off, stood up, and slowly walked out of the room.

My girlfriend just cheated on me.

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Author's Note

- Please ignore if there are any grammar or punctuation problems! I have a Hungarian Word program and it tends to correct words however it likes, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes.

- I'm not a professional writer, I'm just a teen who likes the idea of writing to express my feelings and write down my imagination.

- Please rate my stories fairly, keep in mind that I am underage, so the way I write might not be the same as other writers do!

- Lowercase chapter titles are intended!

- Please enjoy!

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