Across the Desert

Across the Desert

A Poem by Erin Sky

Inspired by She's So Heavy by the Beatles/Across the Universe (the scene where they sing the song)


She’s so heavy

      copper shined robes have gone turquoise

Like us, Gods in the Southwest sun

     now we wear a more easterly shade of green

     and plaster our names with blank paper bills

     another shade of green


Can’t carry this lady on our backs

     she’s grown fat in all these years

     since you made her eat her orphans

     send her tired child to war

     the poorer child to fight

And her crown

     a ring of thorns


She break my back in this here desert

     but they chop her up for show

     and machine gun material

     patina is just their colour

But we can’t carry her no more

     she pushin’ us below the sand

     gonna sink right through

     right on our father’s powdered heads


Those strawberries they picked,

     like heart shaped hand grenades,

     sweet and smart and lovely

     a luscious stinging on the lips.


Rotten fall into the sugar sand, and sink

     we bear her on our backs

     baskets in our teeth

     looking for the fields forever green.

     Gavroche, who died like us, plus petit.

Splattered sand in and white carbohydrate,

     and soon salty ocean’s blue.

Mother France, your gamins return to you.


Your gift, she’s so heavy

     gonna push us right through

     like a strawberry


through a bowl


of sugar and


into this




© 2008 Erin Sky

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wow. i'm amazed! one of your best, i do believe.

Posted 16 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on May 16, 2008


Erin Sky
Erin Sky

Ithilien, Gondor

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