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This was the number burnt into her arm

as her grandmother was telling her

that every thing would be all right.

Don`t cry she would say every thing

will be okay tomorrow will be a better day

as they were herded toward the train

Poor Mr. Kurtz was shot for not boarding

just do as they say my grandmother would say

tomorrow every thing will be ok

But I could see the fear in her eye`s

often I would see her cry,we were

separated from my parents at the last camp

Grandmother says we will be together soon they won`t tell us where we are going but it`s cold on this train

we have no food to eat but grandmother

has some bread hid in her coat it`s food she would say

When we arrived at the camp it was a nightmare

some people had no clothes and they looked as if

they were being starved to death and they

huddled around each other to keep from freezing

A smile came over grandmothers face when she

saw my father and brother but my momma

wasn`t there my grandmother and father cried

they would beat us and kill the old people

don`t worry about me she would say

They killed my father and brother they took me away

my grandmother was put in the gas chamber

I heard the people say

But one morning soldiers came in with food

and blankets just like my grandmother would say

but she never got to see this day...

© 2017 wordman

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nazi period concentration camps nihilism and genocide a tragedy a very serious tragedy brought about by a lunatic person named hitler

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

you are too humble for one great piece of writing

1 Year Ago

happy mothers day,,if i was good i would be famous,,lol

1 Year Ago

thank you my friend. and aren't you famous here at wc?
Even if the bombs fell and we fell to ruin our history would never truly erase. This is why the value of life should never be extinguished. History never forgotten and if repeated, then perhaps we deserve to be destroyed. Bystanders, Deliverers, Appeasers - all of them. There is no life where there is only death and anguish.

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

you are right,thanks for reading
lol,don`t know tommy.thank you for reading kenneth

Posted 2 Years Ago

At first, I thought you were riffing on Tommy Tutone's famous hit but I was quite taken aback when I actually saw the piece.

And you did a splendid job detailing man's inhumanity to man and how it affected you directly. Nice work here.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Youve captured hope, crushing, guilted hope. The strength of spirit amazes me. My grandmother had a friend with numbers on her arm and remember as a child I asked her why she had them.. oblivious to history and discretion.. she had a heavy accent that I always loved. She told me so mysteriously "you will know one day.. and you will never forget." You did her justice with this, thank you.

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

thank you for reading,i watched a movie about it last year and i wrote this a few days later
.. read more
Wow....a sad view straight into history. Very real writing. Brings tears to the eyes. Highlights those who suffered so much. Gives life to their relationships with each other and how they must have felt. Thank you for sharing your talent.

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

i have my moments i guess,not all love poems ,thank you

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hixson, TN

just ask, golden glove boxer years ago,us army veteran ,a contractor is how i make my living, i am an amateur writer.. been here since june of 2013,couldn`t write then,still can`t.but who cares i .. more..

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