A Poem by Laura

On a night like many others
Sarah cowered in her bed
As she waited for the night to bring
The monster from her head
She heard a creak and softly moaned
The monster was awake
And coming now to eat her up
Her innocence to take
The door crashed in, she turned to stone
Imagining the worst
“Daddy’s home, little girl”
Were the words she feared the most

As Sarah took her mind
Into the places she felt safe
She felt the monster grab her
Pull her hair, slap her face
The hands, they pinched
They scratched, they hurt
They found the hidden places
The stink of beer, of sweat, of hate
The pinched and mean old faces

But somewhere in this night there lurked
A savior for her soul
A hero who could touch with love
And never hurt at all
She thought that only in her mind
This hero did appear
But this night, as she hurt again
She actually felt him near

She heard a thump
A crash, a boom
And monster hands were gone
Gentle, loving hands were there
Providing such a balm
They took the pain
The hurt, the shame
All melted right away
And in their place there was a peace
Not felt in many days

She opened up her eyes and saw
A man so tall and narrow
With long black hair and clothes to match
He cast an awesome shadow
She felt no fear, no pain, no shame
His touch had wiped it clean
And memories of awful times
Were never so pristine

He turned and stepped into the room
His bulk blocked her perceptions
She heard a moan, a groan, a scream
And then the quiet lengthened
When next he turned, upon his face
Was such a peaceful smile
He touched her brow again and said
“Just sleep now for a while.
When you wake up, no need to fear
The monster now is gone
He lives inside his own misdeeds
And never shall return.”

She peeked across the room
And saw the monster on the floor
It twitched and mewled and foamed
As it crawled into the door
She lay her head down slowly
Peaceful wonder in her eyes
“Are you a dream?” she whispered
“Or are you just another lie?”
“It’s all a dream, my darling girl”
Her hero whispered gently
“And monsters don’t belong in dreams
Just butterflies and faeries.”

On a night unlike the others
Sarah slumbered in her bed
Monsters banished by her hero
Dancing faeries in her head.


 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Interesting experiment.  I wrote the above in about an hour and a half right after waking up, obviously Creative Laura.  I tried to keep Tight-A** Business Laura's hands off it as much as I could.  Then that evening I came home and TABL came out in full force, and many, many hours later, you have the following: 


 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



On a night like many others
Sarah cowered in her bed
As she waited for the nightmares
That she knew were just ahead

When she heard familiar footsteps
Sarah took a ragged breath
And she prayed the nightmare this time
Didn’t look so much like Death

As her safe place beckoned answer
Callused hands began their deed
Stripping innocence like acid
Leaving scars too deep to read

When the silence signaled freedom
Sarah summoned up her might
Then she crawled along her mind web
Counting damage done this night

With little strength or power

Sarah fortified her web
Weaving silken strands as bindings
Grabbing fast the floating ebb

For there were many more tomorrows
When she’d need a small divide
When the nightmare words, "Where's daddy's girl?"
Would scatter pieces wide.

© 2010 Laura

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Added on April 13, 2010
Last Updated on April 13, 2010
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