Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

A Chapter by wordupbro

Melanie meets her hero.


“How many hours do I have to get ready? ‘Cause I’m thinking I’m gonna need about 5,” Melanie exclaimed as she started pulling potential outfits out of her suitcase.


“It’s in 2 hours, Mel. Plus, everyone’s gonna be wearing whatever. Nothing fancy. I mean, it’s not going to be a cocktail party,” Kelly replied with a laugh. She spritzed her favorite perfume into the air and walked into it. “Ah, that’s better,” she sighed.


“It smells like the Caribbean up in here,” Mel commented and started undressing.


“I thought it’d be appropriate for tonight, seeing as we, you know, met in the Caribbean,” Kelly held up a bedazzled black t-shirt she bought recently in front of her full-length mirror.

“That’s super cute! Why don’t you wear it with this?” Melanie held up her favorite jean mini-skirt from her bag.


“Are you sure you don’t want to wear that? You have nicer legs than me. I think I’ll just wear jeans. I hate my thighs,” Kelly frowned and began rummaging through her dresser.


Mel held the skirt in her hands, considering what Kelly said. “Oh, shut up. Your legs are absolutely fine. In fact, I'd kill to have your legs,” Mel pulled on her favorite bright red v-neck t-shirt with a black heart on the front and then slid on the mini-skirt. “What do you think? Too skanky?”


“I’m sure you’ll fit right in with the girls I went to school with, so don’t even worry about it,” Kelly replied, finally deciding on a nice pair of skinny jeans to go with her top.


Melanie had been wondering when a good time to bring Eminem up again would be, but she decided now was as good a time as any. “Kel, are you sure I’m going to see you-know-who later? I don’t want him to drive off before I get a little glimpse of him.”

“You are such a fangirl, Melanie. I’ll tell you what--I’ll make sure Alaina calls me about 5 minutes before she gets to my house so we can be outside to greet her, okay? You'll see him then,” Kelly dropped to her hands and knees and began searching for the matching earing to the one already in her left ear.


“…Have you ever met him?” Melanie asked quietly before stepping into Kelly’s bathroom to put some makeup on.


Kelly sighed. “Yeah, a couple times. He doesn’t really come to the school that often ‘cause he’s so busy, but I’ve been over to their house a few times,” She suddenly popped up with the other earing successfully in her hand. "Bingo!"


“You’ve been to his house? Is it huge? What’s it like? Is he nice?” Melanie sat down on Kelly’s bed with expectant wide eyes. She felt like a kid in a candy store.


“Of course it’s huge. I haven’t even been into most of the rooms. I’m usually just in Alaina’s room or the living room. That house is actually kind of ridiculous. He’s really nice, but kind of quiet. He doesn’t really get too involved whenever Alaina’s friends come over. He lets us do our own thing,” Kelly explained, sounding as bored as if she were explaining why 1+1 = 2 to some child.


“Wow. I love how you’re just so unimpressed with all of this. I can understand why, with you not being a fan of his music or anything, but I’d kill to go into his house. You know, in the least creepy way possible,” Melanie pulled her favorite black boots on and stood up from Kelly’s bed.


“Who knows? Maybe you will,” Kelly smiled at her friend and picked up her cell phone. “Let me just make sure half the people who said they’d come to the party are actually still coming. Do you want to go downstairs and start pouring the snacks into bowls?”


“Mel, Alaina will be here in 2 minutes. Let’s go,” Kelly pulled Melanie’s arm and started dragging her towards the front door.


Melanie tried dragging her heels, “I need to prepare for this mentally, Kelly. Like, what am I going to do? He’s been my hero since I was 11!” It was hard for her to even speak at this point. Her voice kept cracking.


“Everything’s gonna be fine, girl. Let’s. Go,” Kelly pushed Melanie out the front door with a bit too much force, causing her to trip over her own foot and fall onto the concrete with a loud thud. Melanie let a sound of agony escape her lips.


“S**t! Are you okay?” Mel suddenly found herself staring at a white and black Nike Air shoe as she laid uncomfortably sprawled on the ground. A large, veiny hand appeared in front of her face. Mel grabbed it quickly without thinking; the pain shooting through her knees was unbearable.

“No, not really,” she managed to mutter in response. She got to her feet and assessed the damage. Both of her knees were scraped and blood was seeping out of her left one. “Well, that's just lovely,” she quietly murmured and ran her finger along the bleeding knee.


“Well, thank you for--“ Mel looked up into her rescuer’s eyes. “Oh,” One word was all she could muster. Her heart stopped. The person that pulled her to her feet was none other than Marshall Mathers. She cleared her throat and tried to continue speaking. "Thank you for, uh, pulling me up."


He nodded. “You really ate pavement there,” he replied and tried hard to suppress a smirk.


“Oh, is that what I did? I somehow thought I was knitting a sweater, but I guess I missed the mark a little bit,” Mel couldn’t help but smile bigger than she had intended. She honestly didn’t even realize how she managed to get that sentence out. She stepped back from him a little out of shyness and involuntarily winced in pain.


His eyes moved down to her knee. “Do you want me to get you a Band-Aid? I think I have one in my car. That doesn't look pretty,” Marshall offered.


“Nah, that’s okay,” Mel quickly panned her eyes around the area and saw that they were the only two people left outside. Did Alaina even go inside? Where the hell is Kelly? She ran her hand through her hair and breathed out an exasperated sigh. “I’m sure the blood will dry up in a second. I feel like a 5-year-old. Awesome,” Mel tried laughing at the pure ridiculousness of this situation, but nothing came out.


“Maybe you should push Kelly out a door next time. See how she likes it,” he commented in response with a low laugh.


“I honestly don’t think she pushed me very hard. I’m just an incredible klutz. I embarrass myself all the time. I’m really cool that way,” Melanie tried to sound unfazed, but it wasn't too convincing.  It was extremely hard to maintain eye contact with him. She’d never felt more uncomfortable in her life.


“I walk into walls all the time at home, so I kind of know what you mean,” Marshall’s eyes drifted to the side as if he could tell this was supremely awkward. “I’m Marshall, by the way. I’ve never seen you around here before,”


“I don’t live in Detroit. I’m from Pennsylvania. I’m just here visiting Kelly for a week,” Melanie realized she hadn’t introduced herself, either. “I’m Melanie. Nice to meet you," She shook his hand. Just touching him for a second practically caused her heart to stop beating. Get a f*****g grip, Mel.


“Pennsylvania? Are you Amish?" Melanie just stood there dumbfounded for a second and couldn't manage to reply. Then she realized he was just joking. "You're Amish aren't you, Melanie. It's okay, you can tell me," There went that incredibly sexy smirk again.


“If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked that I’d probably be living on my own private island right about now,” Melanie let out a small laugh. “Do I look Amish to you?”


“I don’t think Amish girls wear jean mini-skirts, so no, I guess not,” Marshall quickly looked her up and down and then shook his head a little bit, realizing what he'd done. He crossed his arms over his chest. “Well, you’re supposed to be inside right now with your friend, so I think I’m gonna head out. What time do you think I should come back for Alaina?” He asked as he took his hat off to rub his head for a second.


Melanie suddenly felt a little self-conscious. Did he just check me out?, she wondered to herself, but figured that would be too good to be true. She copied his body language and crossed her arms over her chest as well, trying to cover herself up a bit. “Um, I’m really not sure. Kelly didn’t give anyone a set time. I guess you could call here in about 2 hours to see if things are dying down or not,”


“Ok. What number should I call? Alaina stupidly left her cell at the house,” Marshall nonchalantly whipped his flip phone out of his front pocket and gazed at Melanie expectantly.

“Old school. Nice!” Melanie awkwardly laughed, but then pulled herself together. “Um, call 251-555-2953. I’m sure she’ll answer.”  I can’t believe I just gave him my cell phone number! Why did I do that? I should’ve given him Kelly's home phone, Melanie thought to herself.


"Ha. She better answer,” he replied, and snapped his phone shut. “Alaina’s gotta wake up early in the morning for swimming practice, so make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid for me, okay?” His blue eyes seemed to pierce through Melanie’s soul.


“I’ll keep a close eye on her, sir,” Melanie saluted him and tried to keep a straight face. “No, seriously, we’re not going to do anything you’d disapprove of. Well, at least I don’t think so.” Melanie shifted her weight onto her right foot and put her hands in her pockets.


"Yeah, you girls will just be doing each other’s nails, listening to Justin Bieber and gossiping about boys,” Marshall replied and raised an eyebrow in suspicion.


“I can’t promise you that we’ll be listening to Justin Bieber, but yeah, that sounds about right…” Melanie lied. She knew there was going to be alcohol involved.


“You’re not a fan of Bieber, huh?” Marshall decided to put his hands in his pockets as well. It was like neither of them knew what to do with their hands while talking.


Melanie scrunched up her face a bit. “No, I’m more of a hip-hop and rock fan. To be perfectly honest, I can’t stand his music. Kid’s got talent, I guess, but he’s just not my thing,” Mel shrugged and made eye contact with him; she was feeling more comfortable now.


Marshall's eyes widened for a second. “Hip-hop? You must have good taste, then,” he replied while looking down at his black G-Shock watch. Mel was about to reply back, but he cut her off before she could get a word out. “I really need to go now, but it was nice meeting you, Melanie,” He started walking backward and then waved goodbye quickly before turning around to get back to his parked Chevy Tahoe.


“…Nice meeting you too, Marshall.” Melanie said under her breath as he drove off. She just stood there for a moment, not able to go back inside the house. Did that really just happen?

© 2011 wordupbro

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I'm Laura. I love creative writing and Eminem, so I decided to put the two together. :) more..

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