A Chapter by wordupbro

Kelly's party gets a bit complicated.


Kelly’s basement


“Oh, look who finally decided to join us!” Kelly laughed and raised a red Solo cup in the air as Melanie descended down the stairs into the basement.


“Oh, ha ha. Very funny.” Melanie rushed over to the alcohol table to pour herself a rum and Sprite. More like just rum.


“Whoa. Slow down there, girl. Are you okay?” Alaina appeared beside the table and tried to take the bottle out of Mel’s hand. “I think that’s enough of that…” She reluctantly let go and let Alaina place the bottle back on the table.


“My knees just hurt, that’s all.” Mel raised the cup up to her lips nonchalantly and let the warmth from the rum take over her insides.


“So, I see you met my dad,” Alaina commented, taking a sip of her own drink.


Mel pretended as if she’d forgotten about the whole encounter and looked at Alaina confusedly. “Oh! Right...Yeah, he just pulled me up and asked if I was okay,” Mel replied without making direct eye contact.


Kelly overheard their conversation and sauntered over; the alcohol in her hand clearly already have taken some effect on her. “Mel, you were out there for a while. What the hell happened? I’m sorry for pushing you, by the way.” She laughed and slung her arm over Alaina’s shoulder. “Are you hurt?” Kelly looked at Mel’s legs.


“Um, kind of…” Mel glanced down at her knee. The blood had already dried and a scab was forming. “I’m fine, though, Kel. Whatever." She took another swig of her drink.


“So...what did you guys talk about?!” Kelly asked in an annoyingly high-pitched singsong voice. Mel felt like punching her. She didn’t want to talk about this in front of Alaina.


“Nothing, really. We just talked for a couple of minutes. It wasn’t a big deal.” Mel couldn't hide that she was uncomfortable anymore and took another long swig, wishing that she could just become drunk already.


“You should be careful,” Alaina warned. Mel thought she was referring to how fast she seemed to be downing her drink.


“I’m fine. Really. Don’t even worry about it. I hardly ever drink, so…” Mel’s voice trailed off awkwardly.


“No, I’m not taking about that.” Alaina shifted her eyes down to Mel’s cup. “I’m talking about my dad.” The two girls’ eyes suddenly locked.


“What’s wrong with your dad?” Kelly added, clearly stumped by Alaina’s comment. She casually poured more vodka into her cup.


“Let me guess, Mel. He was incredibly charming with you, right? Did he smirk a lot? Check you out? Try to joke around with you?” Alaina’s face suddenly became hardened. “You let him pull you under his spell, didn’t you?”

“Your dad has a spell now?” Kelly drunkenly snorted. Alaina glared at her.

“I honestly have no idea what you’re even talking about,” Mel replied, even though she was flabbergasted that Alaina knew how he'd acted. “He just talked to me for a few minutes. How do you even…why would you think he did those things?”


“You’re exactly his type…” Alaina muttered under her breath. “Brunette. Skinny. Big b***s. Look at you." Alaina looked down at Mel’s mini-skirt. “No wonder he wanted to talk to you.”

“Are you saying your dad wanted to talk to me because I look like a s**t?” Mel angrily slammed her cup down on the table.


“Well, you don’t look like a nun…” Alaina glanced at Kelly and laughed. Kelly scowled back and pulled her arm off of Alaina’s shoulder.


“OK, enough.” Kelly’s buzz seemed to be completely gone at this point. “What the hell’s your problem, Alaina? Mel’s just here for a week. Why do you care so much about what your dad said or didn't say to her?"


“Do you think it’s easy for me to watch my dad hit on my friends? Just because I wasn’t outside with you doesn’t mean I don’t know how he operates. I’ve seen it before. He doesn’t realize how uncomfortable it makes me,” Alaina replied angrily.


“You know what? I honestly don’t know what to say to you other than that your dad didn’t hit on me. You’re overreacting. I’m sorry you’re upset, but I have nothing to do with this. After all, we're not even friends." Mel started to walk away, obviously in a state of distress.


“Mel, don’t! You still need to meet everyone else!” Kelly pleaded, but Mel had already walked back up the stairs and closed the door behind her.




Melanie practically threw herself on top of Kelly’s bed and pathetically curled herself up into a ball. “What the f**k?” she muttered to herself, trying hard not to let tears escape her eyes. So many thoughts began racing through her mind. Do I really look like a s**t? Did he actually hit on me? Oh, God, he’s calling my phone later. What do I do? What do I say?


Kelly knocked on her own bedroom door. “Mel? Can I come in? I’m so, so sorry. About everything."


“Yeah, it’s open!” Mel quickly sat up and pretended to be putting her hair in a ponytail.


“Ugh. Are you okay?" Kelly sat down next to Mel and laid her head on her shoulder. "Alaina’s a b***h. I knew inviting her was a bad idea.” Kelly lightly hit her own thigh in regret.


“I’m fine. I never knew that just talking to him for a couple of minutes would come back to bite me in the a*s,” Mel replied with a muffled laugh.


“Oh, screw her. What she was saying wasn’t true. You’re not a s**t.” Kelly paused and lifted her head. “Did he really hit on you, though?” She tried to suppress a curious smile.


“I--I don’t know. Maybe?” Mel put the palms of her hands over her eyeballs. “The whole thing was just so surreal to me that I don’t even remember exactly what he said.”


“Well, I’m sure he was just being nice. Alaina doesn’t even have that many friends anyway. Trust me, sometimes I even wonder why I continue speaking to her. She makes scenes everywhere she goes; it's ridiculous. It was probably just the alcohol talking.” Kelly comfortingly rubbed Mel’s shoulder.


“Yeah, I guess...” Mel agreed with a shrug. “Whatever. I’m not going to let her ruin our night!” She mustered up the strength to give Kelly a positive smile, even though she wasn’t exactly happy.


“That’s the spirit!” Kelly laughed and grabbed Mel’s hand to pull her off the bed.


“I’ll meet you back down there in a minute, okay? I need to freshen up.” Mel began walking into Kelly’s bathroom.

“Sure, come back whenever you’re ready." Kelly squeezed Mel’s hand quickly before walking out of the room.


Mel stared at herself in the mirror for a minute. She pulled some mascara out of her cosmetic case and took her sweet time applying it. Does Marshall really think I’m attractive? Mel mused as she put the mascara tube down on the counter. No, of course not. He could have any girl he wants. Why would he want some 19-year-old stranger? She shook her head and decided to apply more lip-gloss.


The muted sound of Not Afraid suddenly came from inside Kelly’s room. “S**t!” Mel dropped the lip-gloss tube in the sink and rushed over to Kelly’s bed. Her cell phone sat in the middle of the comforter, ringing loudly.


She stood tentatively at the edge of the bed, wondering exactly when to pick it up. She didn’t recognize the number. It was Marshall. She started pacing back in forth in a panic before deciding to bite the bullet and just answer. Deep breath.

“Hello?” Mel cleared her throat awkwardly.


“Kelly? It’s Alaina’s dad,” Marshall replied. S**t. He thinks I’m Kelly!


“Um, this is actually Melanie. You know, the girl that tripped in front of you earlier?” Mel shut her eyes tightly, anticipating his response.


“Oh.” He sounded mildly confused. “Right! Amish girl. I remember you." She could practically see him smirking at her over the phone.


"That’s me!” Mel let out an awkward laugh. “Um, so, you could probably come and get Alaina now,” she quickly added, trying to hide the annoyance in her voice.


“Is she acting up over there? It’s only been an hour and a half since I dropped her off,” Marshall jokingly replied. “Either that or your party really, really sucks.”


“I--" Mel desperately wanted to tell him what Alaina said to her, but thought better of it. “No, she's fine. Things are a bit dull here at the moment, so I think it’d be a good time to pick her up, that’s all.” She rolled her eyes, wishing she could just be straight with him.


“Okay, I can do that. All I’m doing is watching ESPN, so I’ll leave in a couple minutes. How’s your knee, by the way?” Mel couldn’t help but smile at his inquiry.


“It’s, um, a little better. Still stings a bit, though,” She replied honestly. “How…are you?” Awkward.


“I’m good. Sorry about my quick departure earlier, it’s just that I’m not too good with conversations.” His blatant honesty was both surprising and not surprising to Mel.

“Oh, don’t even worry about it. Kelly was actually really confused about where I’d gone. I feel like she might’ve sent out a search party if I’d stayed out there much longer, “ Mel didn't know how else to respond. That was lame.


There was a long pause. “Right. Well, that would’ve been bad.” Another pause. “I’m glad your knee’s better, though. I guess I’ll leave the house right now, then.” She heard him let out a small sigh.


“Okay. That’s…good. Um, I guess I’ll see you later?” I guess I’ll see you later? Mel wanted to slap herself in the forehead for saying that.


“Yeah, sure. I’ll be there in 20 minutes. Bye, Melanie.” The phone clicked off.

© 2011 wordupbro

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A Chapter by wordupbro

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A Chapter by wordupbro