Where The Stars Burn

Where The Stars Burn

A Story by Aly

Set in the point of view of Else and Jamie. We see how love can't always fix everything. Because what if the person you loved wasn't the person you were meant to die for.


My name is Else Noelle and I'm dead. At least I think I am.  
I see my lifeless body in the river I have just drowned from.
I killed myself. 

I miss Jamie. 
Jamie who only died a week ago driving away from giving me a ride to work. 
Jamie the only one I ever really loved

I hear the sirens, and the voice of our neighbor. Mrs. Burke 
"I thought she was going for a swim. But then I looked and saw she didn't have a towel..."

I close my eyes
Trying to forget it all. 
Forget them. 
Forget me. 
Only remember Jamie

I can't remember. 
I see a body. Hair moving. But I can never see her face. 
I loved her. 
That's all I remember


I look over at Maureen "You're thinking too much." 
A smile comes from her pale pink lips. 

I turned away. I remembered Maureen. 
I had all our memories. 
But I could barely remember the other girl. 
The other girl who gave me the same but different feelings than Maureen gave me. 

As I closed my eyes. 
I could remember Maureen and my life together. 
Before she died. 
She was the one I wasn't going to marry. 
The one I had loved first. 

He still remembers her.
I was first. 
Jamie was mine before I died. 
And now that he was here, I won't let him go. 

Thankfully he can only remember me. 
But I know him. 
He's trying to remember her. 

A scene between Else and Maureen

"He doesn't remember you!" Maureen shouted
"But he still feels it! That's what matters Maureen!" 

Maureen laughs "Oh honey..." she moves closer to Else. 
"He can't remember. Nothing you say can do anything. Forget the boy whose forgotten about you." 


I dreamt of Maureen and the blonde girl. 
I dreamed Maureen and I were together. Happy. In love.  I knew what we had had been real. 
But there's the other girl....we also had something real. 
I kissed her and Maureen. 


"You can't love us both Jamie,"

Jamie looks at her "Just go away Maureen."

"Do you know what's gonna happen if she stays dead? She will have died for nothing Jamie. She's not suppose to be with you. Your suppose to be with me. You can't love us both. It's just not possible."   

© 2014 Aly

Author's Note

Wrote this while listening to the song "So Cold by Ben Cocks"
It will mainly be told in Jamie's point of view. But this is a story that willtalk about can you really love someone your not to meant to love.
There will be more. Please tell me if you think it's worth continuing.

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Ooo I like it. good job! I can't wait to read more.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on October 3, 2014
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