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The beasts of Carbonarium part 6

The beasts of Carbonarium part 6

A Story by Tomahawk Joe

When Chas felt he had sufficiently made his point he dismissed me with a casual wave of his smooth tanned hand. 
The guard nodded acknowledging his terse gesture then he shoved me roughly out the door of the Quonset hut.
The door slammed loudly behind us the barrel of the rifle digging into my back helped to worse my morose mood.
Now it was building to anger and quickly.

      I was back in my dark confining cell and immediately I started thinking about escape. I was sick of the malodorous darkness of my cell I had tolerated it as well as I figured anyone could. Now it felt like it was taking a toll on my sanity. I paced back and forth restlessly punching the walls.

      I stood in front of the door trying to look out the small space it looked from my narrow field of vision like the guards were gone. I thought t over carefully it was more likely they had gone around to check the back of the building. I should wait a little longer I thought.

      As if fate had suddenly dealt me a lucky hand I looked down at my feet for some reason. It was then that I noticed just the faintest strain of gray light coming through a crack where the floor had separated a little from the wall. Why hadn't I noticed the crack before I wondered. I laid down on my back and solidly kicked the wall just above the crack. i felt a sudden sharp pain in my ankle that radiated through my whole foot. The pain forced me to abandon my efforts for now.

      I started thinking even if I could manage to escape today which was unlikely. The guards would immediately be alerted by the sound of the wall crashing out. I limped to my bed and sat on it thinking I groped around in the darkness until my hands found the chain that anchored my bed to the wall. Could I possibly strangle the guard with the chain I wondered. I believed with all the insane rage that was building in me I could.

      I pulled and pulled with all my fading strength at the chain but it wouldn't budge. Breathlessly I abandoned that effort to take a minute and check to see if the guards were back yet. As I looked around carefully I heard the sound of diesel engines revving and grinding gears. I could just barely see the transport trucks in the distance. The occupants of the truck got out and cautiously approached the canvas covered bed. They lowered the tailgate and proceeded to unload what looked like large animal cages. My heart raced and my palms and back sweated with anxiety. I couldn't see into the cages clearly but I knew what they were doing. They had trapped some of the hybrids probably for the sake of performing experiments on them. 

                                               End part 6

© 2013 Tomahawk Joe

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I liked how you described the frustration and desperation of trying to escape. God forbid if we ever have to really experience this, but you definitely have to mentally put yourself in a dark place to write about it.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Tomahawk Joe

10 Years Ago

Thank you for your review

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1 Review
Added on July 4, 2013
Last Updated on July 5, 2013


Tomahawk Joe
Tomahawk Joe

carl junction, MO

Aspiring writer and artist,currently working on four books. And a few short stories. I have been writing stories since grade school. more..

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