The beasts of Carbonarium part 7

The beasts of Carbonarium part 7

A Story by Tomahawk Joe

I tugged in frustration at the chain that held the board that was my bed to the wall. The chain was more solidly attached  than I expected judging from the decrepit state of the walls it was attached to. I rested for a few minutes I put my head in my hands in discouragement.
      All of a sudden I heard something a sound like gentle rain on the tin roof. My spirits started to raise slowly as I went to the door and looked out of the small slot. There were gathering storm clouds above the jungle trees.Thunder rumbled reverberating as it shook the walls of the small structure. 
      Without thinking I let out a loud whoop of joy. As if my joyous whoop was a request to the gods themselves to bring on the rain there proceeded an immediate downpour. The thunder roared loudly again a deafening boom that faded slowly
into the distance. I was suddenly blinded by a bright flash of lightning in the distance. A consequence of prolonged exposure to the darkness of the room.
        The blindness wore off quickly and I looked down at the ground and saw water starting to pool in the small furrow
I had dug in my previous attempts to escape. I knelt down on my hands and knees and started digging again furiously
with renewed enthusiasm at the gritty mud.
      Shortly I had dug a large enough hole to stick my foot through. I then started kicking at the wall again until a large 
enough piece broke through to allow me to crawl through the mud on my belly. 
      Foolishly I stood outside in the rain just savoring freedom for a moment. There appeared to be no great risk of 
getting caught all the guards had fled to the safety of a nearby building. 
      I took a few cautious steps forward apparently on of the guards caught sight of me and dashed out of the building
toward me. I was not about to be returned to that hellhole just moments after digging out. I stepped back and grabbed
a shovel someone had carelessly left leaning against the building.
                                                   End part 7

© 2013 Tomahawk Joe

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Tomahawk Joe
Tomahawk Joe

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