Star Struck

Star Struck

A Poem by Steffi

Finally something New


Star Struck

Could such gentle stars, hear my whisper
Calling out on the swiftest of currents to their deaf ears
Hallow, shallow hopes so haplessly tossed around
Fleeting, that feeling of elation when one should twinkle in my eye
Oh My, the hours seem breathless as I lounge beneath the endless tundra.

Twittering little flecks of far off light breath such hope in the human mind
Bellowing dreams of a higher truth, some guiding sight to sigh light along the darker shadows
Dreamers who dream those dreams so grand
So sweet and bitter on the tongues of those who strive to reach towards the sky.

Envy, all that those who no longer dream can carry
Starry Stars so high in this abysmal sky
Catching the attention of philosophers, mystics and admirers alike
What fated tie to the heavens do these specks of lingering dust carry to our world.

Deciphering the code on the back of a busted matchbox as my gaze never falters
The match sparks between my thumb, and the smoke rises to block out those dotted fates
The flame sputtering as the life of a star
My breath, a swift drift of death, that snuffs out the light

The residual floats away on the upward wind, a flickering image, to be the begotten fate
Only destined to be seen in a far off place.

© 2010 Steffi

Author's Note

This is a work in progress just something that got me writing again. Feel free to leave a comment =D poetry isnt my strong suit so im working hard to improve. =D

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Its amazing! You're message very powerful. Felt by the hidden core.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 10 Years Ago

I liked it but found the repetition of words to be a stumbling block. I had to re-read several lines to get through them without mixing up some characters. This might just be a problem solved by changing the spacing of the poem.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 11 Years Ago

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