Chapter Three

Chapter Three

A Chapter by Brittany weddle

Enjoy the third and final chapter of Ava: Princess of Fairy Grove


The doors to the Great Hall banged open when Fiona entered. She didn't bother to fly and instead strode purposely to the front of the room where the King and Queen sat respectfully in their thrones.

Fiona stopped three feet in front of them and clasped her hands in front of her. “You wished to see me?”

The Royal Couple, who had been talking in hushed tones, stopped what they were talking about to look up at her.

Tanya was the first to speak and cleared her throat. “Fiona, we’re glad you’re here.”

“Boggs said you wanted to see me?”

Cosmo straightened up in his throne. “We wanted to talk to you about Ava.”

Fiona dropped her hands to her side and her mind immediately went to the Royal Guard who were, at this very minute, out looking for the Princess.

A fairy in her mid-forties, Fiona had spent her whole life in The Palace since her Da worked there as a cook and her Mum was a maid.  She knew The Palace inside and out and had spent many days as a child playing with the other servants children.

She had grown up during a time when Cosmo’s parents had been on the throne and because she had known him for so long, she didn't particularly find him intimidating. Fiona respected him as her King, certainly, but in her mind, he was the least intimidating fairy she knew. Still, whenever Cosmo and Tanya brought up their daughter, Ava, she instantly became worried.

“Did something happen to the Princess?”

Cosmo cocked a brow at her. “That’s what we were wondering.”

Tanya reached over and patted her husband on the arm. “We've been informed that Ava’s been skipping out on her lessons.”

Fiona instantly became defensive. “May I ask who told you?”

“You may not. We promised this particular fairy that their privacy would be respected.” Cosmo informed her.

Resigned, Fiona sighed and linked her hands in front of her again. “I’m aware of the situation.” She didn’t want to tell them that this wasn’t the first time she had done so and she knew it wouldn’t be the last.

Cosmo leaned forward in his throne. “It simply isn't acceptable for a princess to go galloping all over who knows where.”

Fiona’s temper flared. “I seem to remember a young prince who also had a habit of sneaking away.” Cosmo drummed his fingers on the arm of his throne, thinking. “Consider this your first warning. If this happens again…”

Fiona nodded in understanding. “Understood, Your Majesty. The problem is being taken care of even as we speak.”

Relaxed, Cosmo leaned back in his throne and rubbed his hands together. “Now that that’s settled, where is out daughter?”

Fiona worked hard to control her facial features. The last thing she wanted them to see was a look of panic on her face because she didn't know where their daughter was. The fact that The Guard hadn't returned with her yet, didn't help matters any. Fiona knew Ava like she knew the wings on her back so she knew that Ava was in one of two places. She was either somewhere in Fairy Grove or near the human village which was located just on the other side of the hill.

Fiona’s mind raced to think of a story to tell them. She didn't like to lie to them, but at the same time, she also didn't want Ava to get into any more trouble than she already was. Not having any children of her own, Fiona was protective towards the young Princess.

 Just as she was about to open her mouth to speak, the doors to the hall banged open once more to reveal Ava standing in the doorway. Without waiting for her parents to gesture her in, Ava strode into the hall and stopped when she got to Fiona’s side.

Cosmo got right to the point. “Where were you?”

Just like her father, Ava didn't bother with formalities. “I went out exploring.”

Tanya spoke next. “Are you aware that you were supposed to be with Fiona?”

Ava could have lied, but she didn't believe in lying and she also didn'twant to get Fiona into trouble. She knew what she had done was wrong and she was more than willing to take full responsibility for her actions.

She looked her mother right in the eyes. “Yes, but I didn't plan on being gone this long. I guess I lost track of time.”

“Lost…” Shocked, Cosmo turned to Fiona. “We would like to have a private conversation with our daughter. You’re excused.”

Fiona instantly stepped forward. “I request to stay with Ava.”

“Request denied. You are excused, Fiona, now go.” Cosmo’s last word echoed back to them.

Fiona bowed and as she turned to leave, she squeezed Ava’s hand. She only hoped that they wouldn't be too harsh with her.

“This kind of behavior is simply not acceptable.” Cosmo shouted. His temper had been on edge ever since Fiona had confirmed that Ava had been skipping out on her lessons and now that they were alone with their daughter, his temper flared and broke free.

“A princess does not go wondering all over creation.” He told her.

Ava’s temper matched his. “It wasn't all over creation and I was only gone for a couple of hours.”

Tanya raised her hand to stop her husband from shouting. “Where exactly did you go?”

Ava didn't answer right away.

“Your mother asked you a question.” Cosmo reminded her.

Ava sighed. “Over the hill. To the human village.”

As Ava watched, her father’s face turned beet red. “Interacting with the humans is strictly forbidden.”

“But I don’t interact with them. I just like to watch them.” Ava explained.

Cosmo waved it away. “Doesn't matter. It’s against our rules to go near any human town. You know that, Ava, everybody knows that.” He paused. “If we find out you've been skipping out on your lessons again or you've been near that blasted village, we will be forced to take punishable actions towards you. Understood?”

“Yes, Sir.” She paused. “May I be excused?” Without waiting for a reply, she turned and flew out of the hall with tears in her eyes.

The End…For Now.

© 2013 Brittany weddle

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Awesome! This is definately not the end. There is a lot of potential. Ava could get mad and sneak out at night. Visit the human town again to prove her parents wrong. Get caught by a boy. Or somehow get changed into a human and live with them. Kind of like "little mermaid". Or idk. Very good writing! Anyways, i am sure you have plans for this.

There are a few things I wish was more clear. I am not sure how tall they are. Why do not like the humans? Why are there so many guards? who are they protecting against? Some back story of the humans or some kind of event or reason not to trust them would be cool. I am sure you are planning to get into that in chapter 4 though.

Let me know when you post another chapter.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Brittany weddle

10 Years Ago

Haybri, thank you so much for your feedback and for the ideas haha. I'm defiantly planning on going .. read more

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Brittany weddle

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