A Poem by wthz freestylen

Rough draft of quik freestyle just now

fresh of da, dome outta buy a zone sparka, bigga then marsha,
the whole not part a, a bigga den coopas, heart when,
the cops ran up n shot in,
his direction
did i mention he ws spitten, his dien breath n breathen
even afta the evil batta, n he lies with his chest bent,
exposing the unknown/seen, lies in  that the rest spit.
left em opening, a book, make em look, again, the wind, isa sin in itself
ancient arcitechs, came to the spot in which, was offer'd with, alooot of sht!
and altered it, till the time when god will sit, who will be explainen this, they playen   "not it", n plead da 5th, iuts all out there just READ DA SHT!
the ones who deseaved him, our screamen gods nota b***h!!, i read the book on lyrical left hook, shocked da aurtha, with
the thoguhts n wits, of da "imza monsta with" mr get the, rip the, how u doing, s**t how u screwen, hava the worst mornen
leave every verse burnen, breathen some sht  u see n sht church on em, at the same tyme in the same ryme, flip it it up
n mention s***s, n great times.. make u fkn think im, writting it all but its all of the, nva fall off, set it all off uuh

© 2010 wthz freestylen

Author's Note

wthz freestylen
Hella rough draft just yped quily im 100000000 PERCENT SOBER SO ITS COOL TUHOU

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Added on August 22, 2010
Last Updated on August 22, 2010


wthz freestylen
wthz freestylen

Austin, TX

Uhh 1st off If i spit ya, BETTA OFF, stepn back might Cetcha COUGH, im sick.. listen i just found this site i freestyle thats about me.. more..