A Poem by Wtlf101

We all have trials, now it's time for smiles

I can be in a pit of darkness as black as grief. 
I can feel as though I'm getting stabbed in the throat
As if imaginary demons are tearing my life away...

But I will not falter, for I can smile. I am going to smile for I can smile. 
This cannot be taken from me. It will not be taken from me.
No matter what is going to come. No matter the shadows on the other side.
No matter where or if the grass is green,
I cannot see these things, so I shall not fear.
I shall not be drug down into a pit of darkness with claws tearing at me. 

I am weak.
I am feeble.
Inside I feel nothing.
I am alone and shallow, bruised and abandoned. 
There is nothing I can see, for the door is closed in front of me. 

But I will not falter. I will not give in. 
I will smile. I can smile

I may not feel capable.
I may feel like my insides are being torn apart
And that I have no heart,
But I will not falter. I will not give in.
I can smile. I will smile...

I may feel numb and torn with but a few hours left to live.
Like I'm falling to my feet in a grave
That I can walk no more. 
But I can smile....

He walked this earth. 
He met the end of the line.
Met the noose for us, and here we are at each other's throats.
Is this right?

I am not going to acknowledge desperation, oppression, fear or disenchantment.

I am weak.
I am feeble.
I am alone and numb.
But inside, inside I know

I can smile.
I can smile because He is there,
He died for us,
And I know that looking up.

The ability hasn't been taken from me, won't be taken from me...
Won't be taken from me
I will not falter. I will not give in. 
I will smile. I will smile

© 2010 Wtlf101

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:) Love it... isn't it good that we can smile even when things suck? Well written...

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on November 18, 2010
Last Updated on November 18, 2010




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