Wannabe Standup Comedy, Absurd Bullshit, Silent But Deadly, Perfect Timing

Wannabe Standup Comedy, Absurd Bullshit, Silent But Deadly, Perfect Timing

A Poem by wuliheron

More of the ancient wisdom.


Wannabe Standup

Trying too hard to be funny all the time all your jokes fall flat,

Struggle too hard to act funny and people struggle to laugh!

Explain your jokes and any humor can be completely lost,

Force crap upon others and none thinks you are funny;

Become arrogant and your comedy cannot last long!

Wannabe mockery stand-up comedy yet inspires,

A good thorough soaking, in rotten tomatoes;

Anything that might improve the comedy!

Absurd Bullshit

There's a deep mystery,

Beneath All The Bullshit,

Soundless and fathomless,

Alone eternally unchanging,

Yet universal and amorphous.

It coming before mother nature,

Bereft any content I call it absurd,

Bereft all sanity, I say its unlimited,

Infinite Neverending absurd bullshit!

Flowing away yet haunts us to this day!

Enabling, known know no known limits.

So the absurdities in life, are unlimited!

And so too am I still infinity absurd!

For I am abstracted from the absurdity of the world,

The absurdity of all life, from nature,

Nature from some mysterious bullshit,

And nothing from neverending absurdity!

Silent But Deadly!

Farts can be silent, but deadly!

Composure, A Survival Art!

As temptation yet builds, along with greater pressure;

Gullibility is important, knowing others can be irate!

Yet, those who inherit this common humorous gift,

Know, they should neither act lightly nor hastily.

Acting hastily, more rotten tomatoes might fly!

Casually, failing to batten down the hatches,

We flounder like ships flooded with dung!

Struggling Heroically To Stop Laughing!

Perfect Timing

Perfect timing can actually never be duplicated!

Perfect Execution doesn't waste opportunities!

Perfectly tying up every single tiny loose end.

That is why toddler charm is so Enthralling,

The naive toddler remains within all of us,

Perfectly Content being easily distracted!

Surprised the Weak can over the strong,

Leading us all around by the nose with their oh so Perfect Charm.

While those who believe they are perfect are always perfectly wrong!

If toddler jokes are never Embraced,

And nurtured by all, in many ways,

The Laughter might become louder,

Yet, the Perfect Timing may be lost.

When any perfection of naive grace,

Can only unwittingly be given away!

© 2019 wuliheron

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Added on December 7, 2018
Last Updated on September 16, 2019



I'm a brain damaged, mentally deranged, hippie dippy raised on Gilligan's Island and Green Acres, but I'm never going back there again! Currently, I'm 11 years into writing a book on Collective Ignora.. more..