Still Waiting On Moses!~

Still Waiting On Moses!~

A Poem by wuliheron

My grandmother baby sat for Loretta Lynn in the Black Foothills, and you ain't lived until you rode down the Shenandoah in your underwear on a cheap float, gone fishin' with a loaf of bread.



Still Waiting On Moses!~


&Goldilocks Murphy Was a Pretty Tough Little Cookie!&
Following a Long Lost Road Less Traveled.*******************

*~*Encountering One Dead-End, After Another!*~*

*~*Finally Resigning Herself to Her Sad Reality!*~*

*~*Realizing The Whole World Had Gone Insane!*~*

*~*Life Was So Unfair, Sour Grapes Tasted Bitter!*~*

*~*Unable to Tell the Damned Difference Anymore!*~*

*~*Twernt Nothing To Be Gained From Sour Grapes!*~*

*~*So Damned Sour They Couldn’t Even Make Sacrificial Wine!*~*

*Only More Pitiful Stomped Upon Raisins Ruined In The Sun!*

*~*&While, Bitter Ashes Ruin the Sweetest Lemonade!&*~*

*~*&Life She Figured is actually all about real estate!&*~*

*~*’*Everybody Gotsta Put Down Roots Somewhere!*’*~*

*~*’*But All Anybody Would Say Is Get Lost!*’*~*

*~*’*When She Was*Totally Clueless*Where!*’*~*

*~&In The Sam Hell*She Already Was!&~*

@Runnin’ in Circles Down the Highway to Hell!@

@Dodging~Insane~Redneck~Circle~Jerks[email protected]

@Running the Whole World into the Dirt[email protected]

@Long Slimy Trails*Everywhere Ya [email protected]

@Redneck NASCAR*Highway To [email protected]

@The Walking Dead, Burning [email protected]

*~**Running Circles, Round Circles!**~*

*~*’*Sometimes*Occupying*Two Places!*’*~*

*~*’*Somehow, In Two Places At Once!*’*~*

*~*’*Somehow InsideOut And Lost In Space!*’*~*

*~*’*Somehow Up-Side-Down And Twisted!*’*~*

*~*’*Somehow Folded, Spindled, Mutilated!*’*~*

*~*’*Somehow Lost in the*Lost and Found!*’*~*

*~*’*Somehow Lost Without Being Found!*’*~*

*~*’*Simultaneously Comin’ And a Goin’!*’*~*

*~*’*Simultaneously Jumpin’ and Fallin’!*’*~*

*~*’*Through Flaming Boxes and Hoops!*’*~*

*~*’*Everywhere You Go There You Are!*’*~*

*~*’*Out of The Fire into A Frying Pan!*’*~*

Everyplace~You~Go~Idiots~Own~It all!

Everywhere~Ya~Go~Get~Lost~all Over!

Home is Where~Ya~Take~a~Crap~in Peace!

Home is Where~Walls~Guard~Fence Lines!

Home is~Where~Ya~Hang~Your~Shotgun!

Home is~Where~Ya~Can~Charge~Rent!

Home is Where Ya Can Call the Cops on idiots!

Home is Where Ya Draw a Line in the Sand!

Love, Lies, and a Shotgun on Sale at Walmart!

Love is, Never Giving a Sucker an Even Break!

Love is When You Can Charge By the Minute!

Home Is Where You Never Hafta Put Up With The Bullshit!

*~*Home is*Wherever*You*Never Put*Up With Crap!*~*

*~*Home is Where You Can Lock The Idiots Outside!*~*

*~*Home is Never*Having To*Cross*The State Line!*~*

*~*Home is*Where*People B***h*About*Robocalls!*~*




*~*Home*Is*Where*You*Can*Watch*Fox News!*~*


&Simple Truth Is Louder*Than Anyone’s Words!&



&When Nobody I Know Can Afford the Truth!&

*~*In Reality We*Have*Nothing*To Fear!*~*

*~*The Worst*Lies*We*All*Tell*Ourselves!*~*

*~*While Reality*TV*Shapes*Our*Reality!*~*

*~*You can’t Fake*Professional Wrestling!*~*

&*&*&*&*&*&*Which Any*Reality*TV*Star Will admit!*&*&*&*&*&*&


*Resounding*Silence*Hollow*Echoes In Hallowed*Halls!*


*Honesty*Is*Only*Such a*Damned*Lonely*Word!*

*If Lawyers*Are*Still*Charging*By*The*Syllable!*

*Ensuring Reality*Always Imitates*The Fiction!*

*Whenever Local Reality*Is*Deja Vu All Over Again!*

*The More Frequently Things Change the More They Stay the Same!*

*&*&*&**It’s Impossible To Fake Professional Wrestling!**&*&*&*

*~*Whenever Lowbrow Slapstick Imitates Real Life!*~*

*~*Where There’s Just No Place Like Home*Anywhere!*~*

*~*When Every Direction Leads to a Damned Dead-End!*~*

*~*When She Only Needed*A Place To Stand Somewhere!*~*

*~*For Vaudeville To Ever Become*Stranger*Than*Fiction!*~*

*~*Clowns Would All Have To Create Their Own Universe!*~*

*~*Ask Not What Any Final Destinations Can Do For You!*~*

*~*Reality Only Matters In The Worst Possible Cartoons!*~*

*~*&’&*The Question Still On Everybody’s Mind Is:*&’&*~*

*~*Did You*Book The*Right Vacation*Package?*~*

*~*Are Your Passports and Shots*all Up to Date?*~*
~*Of Inscrutably**Mystifying**Geometric Chaos!*~*


*Unknown, And Utterly Baffling, Completely Pointless Geometry!*
*~*Where Bereft All Time Any Geometry Is Pointless!*~*
*~*More Is Less Is More Or Less, More Of The Same!*~*
~*When Geometry Is Meaningless Without Clocks!*~*


*Knowing*Simple*Truth*Is For*Chickens*With*Bad*Memories!*

*The Truth Being*Idiots*Screaming*All the Time*Don’t Want the Truth!*


*Fake it til Ya Make it is the Only Way to Go in*This*World!*

*Spook a Stupid*Chicken*and They’ll Stop*Actin’ Indignant!*

*Still Able to*Distinguish*Reality*From*Complete*Fiction!*

*Peter Piper’s Pickled Principles Produce Pickier Chickens!*

*Comedians Complain They Can’t Compete*With Reality!*

*Runnin’ Down the Street on Fire Cryin’ All the Way to the Bank!*

*Burnin’ Down The House Runnin’ Screaming The Sky is Falling!*

*The Louder The Faster*Their Money Floats to The Top!*


Requiring Any Fiction To Make A Hell of a Lot More Sense!

Because Their*Reality*Makes*Almost*NO*F*****g*Sense!

When Chickenshit*Rednecks*Form Enormous Circle Jerks!

Insisting Its Impossible to Trust Anyone They’ve Elected!

Death, Taxes, and Governments are All Necessary Evils!

Democracy Is Everyone Making A Deal With the Devil!

Good Government is Ruthless Copyright Enforcement!

Constitutional Toilet Paper Is Just An Inferior Brand!

&*Insisting*Big Bird*Is An Evil Commie Plot!*&




*~*Forming Circle Jerks While Erecting The Tower of Babel!*~*

*~*Babble Over The*Correct Way*To Suck Anyone’s*Eggs!*~*

*~*Babbling Their Babble Threatens The Tower of Babble!*~*

*~*Fight Over Who Owns The Rights to Use Any Babble!*~*

*~*Debate Which of Them is the Best Example of Stupid!*~*

*~*Babble Over How They Can*Seldom Trust Anybody!*~*

*~*What I Say Once, Twice, Three Times Must Be True!*~*

*~*What I Scream Loudest Is All That Really Matters!*~*

*~*Unless the Lawyers Might all Happen to Disagree!*~*

*Unless They All Start Charging By The Damned Syllable!*

*Lawyers, Teachers, And Scientists, Debating How To Be Honest!*

*&&&While Their*Babbling*Teachers*All*Loudly*Complain!&&&*

Their Students Are Being Automated Out of Existence!


Their Students*Are All Preparing*For Global Warming!

Their Students Are*Lucky*if They Can Find Classrooms!

Their Students Can’t Find Their Way To The Bathrooms!

Their Students Are Falling Way*Behind Other Countries!

Their Students Have Among The*Lowest Social Mobility!

Their Students are Like Ships Without Any Rudder!

Their Students Are*Floundering Ships*Full of Dung!

Their Students Are*Totally*Lacking*in Motivation!

Their Students Abandoned Fundamentalist Services!

Their Students Only Care About The Latest Iphones!


Their Students are Beyond the Help of Tony Robbins!

Their Students Are Frequently Waiting For Jesus To Return!Their Students Could Drive Freud To Change Careers!

Their Students*All Share*Lethal Existentialist Angst!

Their Students Could Drive Even Behaviorists Insane!

Their Students Are As*Shallow*As a Hollywood Plot!

Their Students*Require*Psychological*Examinations!

Their Students Usually Require Anti-psychotic Drugs!

Their Students are*Quite Frequently*Heavily Sedated!

Their Students May Become Violently Psychotic!

Their Students Can’t Find Their A*s With Both Hands!

The Future*of The*Nation*Rests*in The Wrong Hands!

Their Students Can Become Suicidally Depressed!

Their Students are*Rewriting*All the Text Books!

Their Students Have Access to Portable Firearms!

Their Students Are*Constantly*Being*Monitored!


Their Students Are Being Watched By ICE Agents!

Their Students*Watch Too Much*B**b*Tube!

Their Students Don’t Know The Value of a Dollar!


Their Students Tend to Have Six Different Careers!

Their Students*Frequently*Intimidate*Police!

Their Students Will Often Intimidate Faculty!

Their Students Constantly*Bully*Each*Other!

Their Students*Play*Too*Many Video Games!

Their Students Often Become*Bullying Bosses!

Their Students*Seldom*Read*Books Anymore!

Their Students Seldom Follow National News!

Their Students Know*Which Buttons*To Push!

Their Students Are*Thick*As A*F*****g*Brick!

Their Students are Watching*Gilligan’s Island!

Their Students Were All Raised on Green Acres!

Their Students Are All Too Often Lost in Space!

Their Students Are*Always*Home Alone Again!

Their Students Are Lucky If They Have A Home!

Their Students are All Living on Fantasy Island!

Their Students*All Dream*of Buying Happiness!

Threatening The*Very*Social*Fabric*of*Society!

Their*Teachers*Make More Money*Babysitting!

Their Students*are*Planning*to*Move*to*Mars!

Their Kids are Being Warehoused and Forgotten!

The Teacher’s Union*is To Blame*For Being Lax!

Their Teachers Require Much Stricter Standards!

Insisting Students Need Critical Thinking Skills!

Insisting Their Kids Require*Greater*Discipline!

Insisting The Kids Require*Greater Consistency!

Insisting They Should Be More Competitive!

Insisting That Kids*Today Are More Insane!

Insisting They Can Make Them Learn!



Automating Classrooms of Hundreds!

Lending*New Meaning*To Circle Jerk!


Cultivating Faith in Their Computers!

Trusting Them More than Each Other!

Trusting In Artificial*Intelligence*To!

Save Them All From a Lack of Brains!


Skynet*Adaptive Machine*Heuristics!

Federal Exemption For Any Lawsuits!

Exempting Charter Schools of Course!

For Pounding*Education*Into*Heads!

Something Like A Manhattan Project!

Genetic*Sampling of The*Population!

Generously*Funded By*Corporations!

Requiring Rigorous Scientific Studies!

Using Dr Prescribed Pharmaceuticals!

They Can Teach The Blithering Idiots!

Covered By*Medicare*And*Medicaid!

For Substitute Teachers And Students!

Flintstones Chewables for Little Kids!

GPS Chips Implanted Under the Skin!

Metal And Lie Detectors*Everywhere!

Extensively Tested*First on Prisoners!

The Newest Brain*Memory*Implants!

Mild Stimulation of the*Vegas*Nerve!

Homeland Security and Faculty Guns!



Combined with High Tech Computers!

Meet Their Demands Or Else!


Our*Way*Or The Highway!

Our Way or the Hangin’ Judge!

Our Way or You Goin’ to Hell!

You’da Thunk its a Free Country!

When The Only*Reliable*Criteria*For!*

For Assessing*Their*Career Potential!*

Is the*Amount*of*Working*Memory!


Like Any*F*****g*Chicken!



*When AI is Already Replacing The Stock Traders!*

*When They Can Already Replace Every Damned!*

*Bureaucrat in DC*with Computer AI Programs!*

*When They Import Every Genius In The World!*

*When They Are Competing*Against Machines!*

*When They Never*Really*Encourage Talking!*

*When They*Seldom Debate*Any*Real Issues!*

*When So Seldom Ask Why*They Always Lie!*

*When They So Seldom Admit*To Any Flaws!*

*Despite The Fact None Know The Difference!*

*Between Making Money And Havin’ Culture!*

*Between a Lynch Mob and a Real Democracy!*

*Between Capitalism, and Gunboat Diplomacy!*



Between a*Banana~Republic*and Democracy!

Between*Neo-Nazis Fascism*and Their Democracy!

Between Billionaires Buying The Judges and Offices!

Between Politics and Running A Cutthroat Business!

Between Entrenched Wealth*Doing all Their Talking!

Between A Dictatorship Buying Off The Mass Media!

Between Tough Love And Stabbin Each Other In The Back!

Between Killing The Minorities and A F*****g Democracy!

Between Capitulation, and*People*Coming to Agreement!

Between a Cooperative Government and Civil War!

Between Loving Thy Neighbor and Fear and Loathing!

Between Fighting And Running a Government!


Between Idle Threats and Dealing in Good Faith!

Between People Actually*Listening to Them!

Once Again*Preventing the Sky From Falling!

Once Again Sacrificing*In The Public Interest!

Once Again*Making All the*Tough*Decisions!

Once Again*Fighting*the*Good*Fight*For All!

Once Again Saving*Democracy*For the World!

Yet Again*Ascending The International Throne!

Yet Again Proving Their Leadership is Superior!

Yet Again*Championing*The Entire Free World!

Drones Bombing Mud Huts From High Altitude!

Not Caring For Any*Silly*Distinctions!

Between*Who They Choose*To Love Next!

Between the Enemy’s of Enemies*and Friends!

Between Politics and Dealing with the Devil!

Between Who*Remains*More Unacceptable!

Between Their Enemy’s Enemy and Friends!

Demanded the Largest Prison Population Ever!

Demanded Illegal Immigrants To Mow All Of Their Lawns!

Demanded They Close, the Mental Institutions!

Once They’ve Finished, Building Enough Walls!

They’re Ready To Hang The F*****g Minorities!

Containing Most of Them in Their Ever Expanding Ghettos!

To Make it Easier to Herd Them All Like Cattle!

Despite Wood-chippers Providing Better Mulch!

Despite*Composting*Being a*Cheaper Solution!

Despite Microwave*Ovens Being More Efficient!

Despite*VA*Sterilizing Twenty Thousand Teens!

In The Name of Saving*Money Building Prisons!

They Use To Lockup More Dangerous Criminals!

Degenerates And Potheads, Threatening Society!

While, White Collar Crime’s Always Been Legal!

Voting The Bums*Out Of Office*Is The Solution!

To Virtually any*Political Problem*Imaginable!

To The*Issue of*Not Having*a Political*System!

Patriots Vote*For Whoever Advertises The Most!

Whoever Offers Tax*Cuts*They Might Believe In!

Or For*Mickey*Mouse*in The Case Of Maryland!

In Virtually*Every*Local*and*National Election!

Never Realizing They No Longer Have Two Parties!

Electing A Former Democrat Against The Party Leaders!

Because It No*Longer*Matters*What Anyone Believes!

The Idiots Will*Buy*Whatever They Want to Believe!

The Idiots*Will*Swallow*Whatever*Sounds*Better!

The Idiots*Will Justify*All*Their Own Arguments!

I Know Because*I Asked*Everyone*For Ten Years!

Democracy*Is Only A Piece of Paper For Lawyers!

To Them Lynch*Mob Majority Rule*is Democratic!

Despite the Fact*They Insist Everyone*Lie To Them!

Despite the*Fact*Academics are Currently*Lobbying!

Congress And the Lawyers Of Their Rich And Famous!

To Censor the Entire Internet For the Idiot’s Own Good!

As the Majority Complain the Government is Too Liberal!

Because*Nobody*Believes in*Survival*of the*Fittest!

When One In*Five*Of*Their*Own Students!

*Claims*The*Sun*Revolves*Around The Earth!*


When They*Promote*Family Values*as*Important!

Promote Their Personal Family Values as Superior!

But Have The Highest Rape, Abortion, and Divorce!

Child-abuse, Alcoholism, Suicide, Etc, Etc, Etc, Etc!

Rates In The Entire Civilized, and Developed World!

Because, It’s Illegal to Teach Any Children!

How To Cooperate And Love Thy Neighbor!

How To Share Words, And Play Nice!

*In Never*Ending*Never*Never*Never*Again!*



Slap And Tickle Is So Much Fun!

When Its Never A Dull Moment!



Building Your Towers of Babel!!

On Top*of*Underground*Cities!

Gulliver Digs*For Any Potatoes!

Sends an Editorial To the Paper!

Knowing Papers are Automated!

I’m Dying For Part VII To Start!


Burying a*Truth*it Won’t Shine!

What We Has*Here*is a Failure!

Lacking Clues They are Clueless!

Chickens All Lie*To Themselves!


The Personal Kind Nobody Else!

Will Ever Be Able To Help With!

To Communicate Anything Real!

To Understand How Others Feel!


Of Wasting Their*Life*on Self-Stimulation!


With Nothing Left to Offer Anybody!

Who Have Lost*Their Damned Souls!

With Egos The Size Of Mt Rushmore!

Fighting Demonic Shadows for Them!

Or*Attempting To*Reason*with One!

They Respect Mafia Style Exclusivity!

Sell Their Own*Mothers Down River!

When You’ll Merely Confuse Yourself!

Muddy Waters*Can’t Hide*Stupidity!

Blue Smoke and Mirrors Won’t Work!

Arguing Over The*Same Ol’*Bullshit!

The KKK Can Claim all They Want!

To Be*Genuine*Good*Old*Boys!

But I Ain’t BrainDead Yet!

Incapable of*Ever*F*****g*Listening!

Unaware You Can Run*But Not Hide!

Incapable Of*Agreeing*On*Anything!

Printing Their*Personal Dictionaries!

Mark Always Knew When To Hold Em’!

Knew From Personal Experience!

The Lack of Money*is the Root!

OF ALL Evil!

Its illegal To*Throw*Money!

Off the Tops*of*Tall Buildings!

And Knew When to Run The Other Way!

Knew When Everybody Was Dealing!

From the Bottom of the Deck!And He Would Be Better Off Shootin’!

Himself In The Foot!

Knowing You Never Count on Money!

I’ve Seen all Good People Turn Their Heads

Every F*****g God Damned Day!

For My Entire, God Damned Life!

Only Learning To Run Away!

When Ya Hafta Be A Lawyer!

To Use the English Language!

Call Someplace Libertarian Paradise!

Better Kiss it the F**k Goodbye!

F**k, Em’ If They Can’t Take a Joke!

Joke Em’ if They Can’t Take a F**k!

But All The F*****g Bullshit!




*Whether The Emperor’s New Clothes!*

*Were Beyond The Kin Of All Mortal Men!*

*Never Mattered In This Fucked Up World!*

*Success Means*You*Don’t Destroy The Planet!*

*Success Means*Sharing*Your*Own Dictionary!*

*Success Means Everyone*Agrees*You Play Nice!*

*Success Means Love*is No Longer a Dirty Word!*


Success Means You*Will*Have*Your*War!


*The Hatfield’s and McCoy’s Took Their Time!*

Figuring Out They Actually Have To Get Along!

Hollywood Writers, Could Never Make This S**t Up!

*****Rednecks Hate The Idea of Goin’ In Circles!*****

*Unless the Idiots Got Nothing Better To Do!*

*Or They Believe*A*Fool’s*Promise*of Money!*

*Americans Now*Impatient*To Show The Idiots!*

*Exactly How They*F*****g*Treat Minorities!*

*When the*KKK*A******s*Become*One Themselves!*

It Seems Money Is the*Root*of All Evil For the KKK!

When Over-Worked White People Have Fewer Kids!

Japanese Women are Already Loudly Complaining!

Quite Loudly, For Conservative Japanese That is,




With Online Porn, VR, and Transformer Robots!

Since its Illegal to Join the*Mickey Mouse*Club!

Even Disney is Working with the Porn Industry!

Even Dr*Strangelove’s*Genetic*Manipulations!

Even Neo-Nazi*Barbie’s*Greatest*Accessories!

Won’t Be Able To*Compete*With The Robots!

While Mormons Don’t Appreciate Rednecks!

Never If They’s Still Cheap To Automate!

Blow Jobs*Were The First*Things To Be!

Cheaply and Easily*Automated Online!

Far Beyond Anyone’s Mere Science Fiction!

More in all the Far Flung Corners of any Universe!
More in all of the
Empty Voids Between universes!
More Beneath*The Hardest ICE*And*Bitter*Cold Snow!
Beyond the most Panoramic infinite Horizons!
Then in Any of TheMore Widely Recognized” Road Maps!

More than any truck stops and road Signs may Convey!
Some of the
best Maps all Remain part of the Landscape!
Some of the be
tter maps change along with the landscape!

But the Best Maps Are An Indelible Part Of the Landscape!
the Worst Maps are Destroying the Entire Landscape!

Some Of The Worst Maps Of All Become Huge, Tourist Traps!

Without A Map, Gravity Reminds Me Which Way Is Down!

Moseying on The FarSide of a Long Since Forgotten Farfetched!
Hawking Her Cosmic Fruity Fortuitous Walking Vegetable Stand!
If Ya~Never~Know~Where~Yer~A~Goin~Ya~Already There!

TwilightZone But~a~Distant~Glimmer~In~Yer~Rearview Mirror!

Beyond The~Outer~Limits~Lie~the~Fuzzy~Cartoon Logics!

Beyond the~Outer~Limits~All~The~Cartoons~are~Different!

So Far~Out~Pee~Wee~Herman’s~Head~Is~in~the Toilet!

So Far~Out~any~Political~Animals~Left~are Speechless!

So Far~Out~the~Dali~Lama~Goes~Through~His Naval!

So Far~Out~Frank~Zappa~Tries~to~Tuna~Fish Heads!

Way Far~Out~Bender~Drinks~Only~The~Crude Oil!

Way, Way~Far~Out~Pinkie~Outsmarts~the Brain!
Way Far~Out~Even~the~Grateful~Dead~Won’t Tour!

Where all The Roads Vanish Into logging and Deer Trails!

Where Farmers Spread Manure Extra Thick on Fields!

Where All The Redneck Chickens Form Circle Jerks!

When You’d Rather Be*Anyplace*Else*In the World!

Where All of *SpacyTime* Remains Deregulated!

When There’s~Never~Anyone~Home~But~Us Chickens!

When its Obvious~None~of~Em’~Ever~Tries to Listen!

Whenever Self-Stimulation~Is~Redundant~in Their Case!

You are~Either~Smarter~Than~A~Damned Chicken!
Or You~Are~Another~Damned~Chickenshit~Chicken!

Aware Her~Own~Familiarity~Doth~Breed Contempt!

Lost on~Her~Own~Long~Lost~Country Road!

Haunting~Specters~Creepin’~All~Round Her!

Poor little lost Goldilocks Murphy!

Was Too*Damned*Familiar*With Chickens!

Constantly Looking For Any*Excuse To Attack!

Especially those Abandoned inside Bone Yards!

*Moses Was Actually Born*In A Damned Barn!*

*Raised in a Barn*a Tar Shack*And a Tree House!*

*And He Was Lucky To Never Become an Animal Himself!*

When The Lights Are Left On Because They’s Never Home!

Mama, Never Raised No Damned Fools!

Ya Don’t Need a Weatherman to Know!

The B**b Tube, Was Left On Too Long!

Now They Argue With Their Own B**b Tube!

In West Virginia They Still Say to This Very Day!

You ain’t Nothin’ If Ya ain’t at Least A Chicken Thief!

If Ya Can’t Even*Steal An Egg*From A*Chicken!

Then You Are the Damned Chickenshit Chicken!

Even Your Own Creepin’ Shadow Haunting Ya!

You Cannot Attack What Escapes Your Grasp!

Peeking Away At Even, Your Own Reflection!

Frying the Extra Crispy Chickenshit Chicken!

Murphy Preferred Her*Secret Family Recipe For Lard!

Sometimes Being Accused of Going Easy on The Fat!

Servin’ Little Fruity*Fried Green Tomatoes!
Missouri, Still Recognized Chickens, As All!

Havin’ Far Too Few Brains to Be Labeled Meat!

Hell Republicans Parade Their Roosters All the Time!

*Just So Many Damned*Walking*Vegetables!*

*They’s*Always*Strutin’*An*A Crowin’*Like*Roosters!*

*Walking Off Cliffs While Playing With Their*Fancy*Cellphones!*

*Brainless Pathetic Excuses For Real Damned Human Beings!*

*~*Ready to*Peck One Another*to*Death!*~*

*~*Chickens all Follow Any Food around!*~*

*~*Believe,*What They Prefer To*Believe!*~*

Do Whatever The Hell They Want*Whenever They Want!

*~*Do What*the*Hell*They*Really Like!*~*

*~*Spout Whatever*Bullshit*They Like!*~*

*~*Sticking*Anything*in Their Mouths!*~*

*~*Love Anyone*Who Feeds the Idiots!*~*

*~*Running In Circles*All Squawking!*~*

*~*Always Afraid*The Sky Is Falling!*~*

*~*Fighting Over Money Every Time!*~*

Insisting They Have The Only Solutions To Every Problem!

Pointing Fingers At Anyone Handy, And Each Other!

Ready For another Damned Sequel to the Civil War!

*~*But Any Road Maps Are Useless!*~*

*~*They All Keep, Running in Circles!*~*

*~*Forming Even Bigger Circle Jerks!*~*

*~*Livin’ Ain’t Really LIVING!*~*

*~*When You Got No Place To Live!*~*


*~*Still Waitin On Moses!*~*
Not a One of Em’ Watching Where In Sam Hell They’s a Going!

*You’d Swear, They’s All Running So Fast From Their Past!*
*They, should all be Tripping over their own two feet!*
*Running in
Circles they form a single straight Line!*
*Standing their
Ground They all Occupy less space!*
Unconscious They Make The Best Decision!*

*Dodging Bullshit They are Synchronized Swimmers!*

*Rolling Crap Downhill They’re Cogs In the Machine!*

*Reliving Their Nightmare Fantasies, Upon Wakening!*

*Living Merely To See What The Hell Could Come Next!*

*Indignant Walking Vegetables are All Bark and No Bite!*

*Brainless Chickens Are True Masters of Acting Indignant!*
is The*Root of All Evil*and The Source Of Cavities!*

*Hens Teeth Are*Never To Be Confused*With Dragon's Teeth!*
*Hoping Against all Hope*to Find the Land of Milk and Honey!*
Round in Circles all our Wheels have but a singular part!*
Sphere may have but A Singular Influence upon the World!
For a
Man is never So Truthful as when he declares himself a Liar!

Knowing one thing You Can’t Hide, is when You’re Crippled Inside!

(John Lennon)

© 2018 wuliheron

Author's Note

The Tao Te Ching is merciless about exploitation and mob rule.

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The style of is so interesting -- feels frenzied in the coolest possible way.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

You Are Either Smarter Than The Damned Chickenshit Chickens Destroying The World, or Kentucky Fried .. read more

2 Years Ago

Being a brain damaged mentally deranged hippie dippy, I'm over qualified to deal with Chickenshit, b.. read more

2 Years Ago

Call me a clown, an idealist, but I'd like to see my grandchildren live.

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I'm a brain damaged, mentally deranged, hippie dippy raised on Gilligan's Island and Green Acres, but I'm never going back there again! Currently, I'm 11 years into writing a book on Collective Ignora.. more..