Just Say No!

Just Say No!

A Poem by wuliheron

The one word Americans hate to hear.


Just Say No!

Nancy Reagan's “Just Say No” to drugs campaign,

Was ironic for a lot of the Rainbow Family hippies,

Who normally teach their children from a young age,

How to: Just Say No! That's Not OK!

And walk away... just walk away,

If nobody, ever bothers to listen.

Nobody, can make another listen,

Unless first, listening to their heart!

If you can still find somebody home!

So listen to your heart, when you can.

For nobody else can ever listen for you!

For no one else has the same exact heart!

No two can see everything the same way!

No two people, hear what is said the same!

Whilst, poking each other in the eye, and screaming louder!

Only leaves everybody still around deaf, blind, and dumb!

Which is why, its flat out impossible to pop God's bubble!

When Three Stooges slapstick can’t compete with reality!

You can't make, anybody pay attention!

You can’t force, anyone to pay attention!

None actually forces another to be loving!

None can pressure themselves to be loving!

None may ever compel another to be loving!

Love is never anything, mortals may control!

Love is beyond even all the modern sciences!

See for yourself if you really don't believe it.

Go ahead, call yourself any horrible things.

Bang your head against a wall repeatedly.

Hopefully a headache, is all that you get.

Blame yourself, for anything you want!

Scream as loud at yourself as you can!

You will merely make yourself horse.

You will merely, frustrate yourself!

Punishing yourself seldom works!

So I tell those who ask my advice!

Foolish enough, to keep on asking!

(Who won't take no for an answer!)

(Who acknowledge stupid answers)

Save punishment for when it works!

Save more of your carrots and sticks,

Begin seeking out, viable alternatives!

Cartoon logic frequently works for me,

Just Run Around Screaming And Shouting!

Then at least they may get a little exercise.

The better cartoons, contain some wisdom!

The better cartoons can make anyone think!

Good for their hearts as well as discovering!

Whom among them, keeps refusing to listen!

You can pick your friends,

(You can pick your friend's nose if they'll let you)

But none among us ever pick and choose,

Their relatives much less who is listening!

When our hearts alone do all the listening,

By really just Allowing our hearts to listen!

Rather than everybody screaming, “I can’t hear you!”

We can all suppress our internal yammering,

Ignore your ego's endless nonstop blathering,

Still our awareness itself, is the heart listening,

Open minds and hearts may see and hear it all!

Our abiding heart, puts up with all the bullshit!

By really listening it learns what can be ignored,

By listening to everything it can ignore anything.

Never allow others, who like to fight all the time!

Never allow those who will never learn to be still!

Never allow total idiots who don’t bother to listen,

To come between you, and your own beating heart!

For then there will only be two of you, not listening!

Both only running in circles screaming and shouting.

In which case, its better if you stop talking altogether!

Occasionally its much better to stop talking altogether.

Its often best, to admit you disagree about disagreeing.

Those who refuse to listen to their hearts refuse to hear,

Those who refuse to taste the sweetness taste bitterness!

Those who complain nonstop, can seldom be comforted!

Those who seldom share their words, are never satisfied!

Those who refuse to open their eyes cannot see anything!

Those who rationalize everything seldom share laughter!

Those who refuse to touch themselves cannot be touched!

Those who refuse to feel any warmth only feel bitter cold!

Those who refuse to listen have little to ever offer anyone!

Those who never stop talking are never worth listening to!

Those more often refusing to laugh seldom learn to be still!

Those wielding words as weapons, reject silence as golden!

Those who seldom laugh at themselves, clutch their words!

Those who laugh at everybody else, always fall on their a*s!

Those who laugh all the time never hear silent explanations!

No loving Gods would ask any to undertake the impossible.

No loving Gods, would force everyone to all love each other!

No loving Gods, ever stopped people from loving each other!

No loving Gods might command everyone to love each other!

Know that habits are the end, of real honesty and compassion!

Habits, are the beginning of real suffering, and total confusion!

Habits are the lights left on, whenever no one is actually home;

Just Say No! To ego, ever coming between you and your heart!

Just Say No! To egos, forever goading their mindless zombies!

Just Say No! To egos, attempting to force everybody to listen!

Habits are one of those things, you might want to minimize!

Don't hang around with fools, pushing more habits on you!

Instead, I encourage everybody to embrace Cartoon Logic!

The same Bullshit Fuzzy Logic every toddler relies upon!

To run round in circles, screaming and shouting for fun!

Merely clowning around becoming who we want to be!

Or at least, expressing some of their frustration safely!

Embrace the kind of clowns and artists we really are!

Occasionally laughter actually is the best medicine!

Do it in your mind if you can't find enough room!

Do in your heart and your heart will sing along!

Because in either case, it is good for your heart!

None can ever actually tickle their own fancy,

Listening is merely another gift we may give,

To yourself first, or you've missed the point,

Enlightenment being listening to yourself!

A word of caution, about Just Saying No,

They killed my master Socrates merely for asking questions,

They killed an old man for expressing a gentle sense of humor!

Today even the courts demand people testify against themselves!

You can't believe anything angry idiots say,

Regardless, of how persuasive they may be!

Regardless of how big their crocodile smiles!

Listen to your heart instead, and you'll know;

Listen for the silent victory of the truth inside!

Listen for the silent explanation inside and out;

Listen for your heart, to embrace golden silence!

Ignore any chattering silent voices, in your head!

Its wasted life, cause instant karma gonna getcha!

Learn to ignore what you know is worth ignoring!

Listen to your heart's acceptance, and you'll know!

Listen to your heart, and you'll learn how to know!

Listen to what no one can ever hear with their ears!

Listen to that which is ultimately beyond all words!

Listen to what nobody else can ever tell you clearly!

Listen to the sincere silence within and you'll know!

When to Just Say No that's Not OK and Walk Away!

Or run as fast as you can before the crap hits the fan!

Many can actually think faster on their own two feet!

You might be surprised, what’s possible, if necessary,

If necessary running in circles screaming and shouting!

Until you fall down on your knees humbled or laughing!

For violence still remains the last resort of the incompetent!

Those who use violence more often to prove their competence!

Who seldom learn to Just Say No! And walk away if none listens!

Never listening to the silence they seldom hear what anybody says!

Having joined the swelling ranks of Babylon's mindless walking dead!

(Isaac Asimov)

© 2019 wuliheron

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Added on April 20, 2019
Last Updated on April 22, 2019



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