Their Faces Tell It All!

Their Faces Tell It All!

A Poem by Sheila Kline

Let us unite to help those whose faces reveal pain, hunger and poverty!


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© 2013 Sheila Kline

Author's Note

Sheila Kline
Their Faces Tell It All!

Emptiness, scars of pain, lines on many a face,
Are defined as harsh, soulful, difficult to erase.
Mothers, children wait at wells of abandonment.
Their survival hinges on grace instead of disgrace.

Mothers lovingly grasp babies in weakened arms,
Clutched, protected, and kept safely hidden from harms.
Loud cries, robbed of joy, pierce day, shatter quiet.
Lamentations, wailing, sound loudly death's alarm.

Pitiful is plight yet broken spirits bravely hang on.
Life is, bleak, sunrise reveals a darkened dawn.
Husbands, fathers are buried in premature of graves.
Chants of sorrow, funeral dirges are most common song.

Is hope of healing possible for such a lot?
Mankind labels them as an unfit, ugly blot.
Shall brothers in spirit extend a helping hand?
Tired eyes search to find answers in battles fought.

We must search for answers together; me and you.
Strive to overcome nation's plight with projects new.
With spirit of brotherhood, extend love and kindness.
Let us snuff out the past with a revived world view!

We must say,


Sheila Bowyer Kline
Crying for the brokenhearted!

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A very thought provoking, compassionate poem from a heart that needs to be heard. Often people say, "Well, I am only one person so what would I be able to do?" But if every person reached out to lend a helping hand to even one less fortunate soul, love and kindness would spread like wildfire to touch the hearts around the world.

Good rhyme and meter here, and a great message!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Its hard to see spirits broken we all have felt it and experienced it The difference is that you remembered it and learned from it

Posted 9 Years Ago

It only took ONE man (or woman) to invent so many things that we see before us as well as in history.. each individual DOES make a difference OVERALL. It only takes that one inspiration to make a heart beat.. a song the fabulous work of art that it is .. a painting SO unique.. etc. BEING there for someone, anyone.. or having someone be there for oneself can and does make a difference. A home is a home.. because someone poured LOVE into it.. with an over-populated planet.. no one should be alone.. or feel they do not have impact nor a role here. Loved your message here.. clearly a high reaching one!

Posted 11 Years Ago

This one sounds like it was written after the destruction in is heart breaking to see it and not help with some kind of aid as Christians should do..Nice write..Valentien

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Sheila this is a piece to be perfomed on stage.....It is naturally rhythmic to music..the drum. Thanks for this piece Shela that takes me to the land of the drum...the African Drum...

Posted 11 Years Ago

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If these earthquakes and tidal waves keep happening (and I am fairly certain they will) there will be plenty of oppurtunity for the quality of mercy to be strained. I think we are on the brink of a global catastrophe of epic proportions; a major climate shift which will see changes not occurred since humans have populated the earth or at least not in recorded history. There is so much scientific data to support this theory that it is practically inevitable. This shift will occur quickly (by geological standards) in as little as fifty years. Most people do not concern themselves with global climate change because they assume it's something that will not occur within their lifetime. I am telling you now, it is here. The Sahara has suffered the worst droughts in recorded history of late increasing the iron rich deposits of dust around the globe (this is one of many determining factors) but they all point to the same conclusion. I don't think mankind is prepared for hell on earth but I do strongly believe it's coming; and soon. This will make all other wars and "catastrophes" insignificant as far as death tolls and global property damage. (Think 1 billion people dead, displaced or injured or approximately one seventh of the entire global population.) Mankind is about to be reduced to survival by mother earth. We will see how well our species fares. But I think all politics and military actions (not having to do with evacuation and rescue) will definitely be put on hold. And I'm not trying to scare anybody but if this doesn't scare you, then you need to do your research. I have done mine. We will all be needing each other before long, regardless of any national or personal prejudice to the contrary.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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What a profound poem! I really like your message! This made me think about the earthquake victims in Haiti.

The flow is really smooth and you picture the situation with beautiful words.

Mothers, children wait at wells of abandonment,
Survival hinging on binding loosened shoe laces.

Mothers lovingly grasp babies in weakened arms.
Clutching, protecting, kept safely hidden from harm.

Great writing!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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If only others had the same compassion and seemingly open-mindedness you prevail in this visceral, heart-retching piece you have shared with us. It is true we as a whole species don't do enough for each other. I often feel guilty I don't do enough to share my compassion for life. You point out so much of what others willingly turn their head away from. Very thought provoking. Wonderful work. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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War disgusts me as most of the human race does as well It is the only thing that the majority of mankind is good at and the worst thing we ever did

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Where are the tissues? Oh Shelia, through you words this piece comes alive as I see the faces of the many in need. Within the descriptions shared in this important prose, you share the reality of those in desperate need of so many things.
Most especially to be loved and cared about! This remarkable write saddens the heart as you share the truths no one what to "see” or hear. However, my favorite stanza out of all of them, which are outstandingis, the last made it complete.

“We must search for answers together, me and you.
Strive to overcome nation's plight with projects new.
With spirit of brotherhood, extend love, kindness.
Let us snuff out the past with a revived world view!”

We must say,
Uniting in one spirit of love, we can try and heal some of the world’s pains. Thank you for sharing this important write. Its definitely for the library!! As I will be they’re holding your hand creating a chain of other with love compassions heart. Adore you and your work! Thank you for sharing your gift! ~ Judi xo

Posted 11 Years Ago

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