I Don't Love U Or Do I? ~2~

I Don't Love U Or Do I? ~2~

A Chapter by iiLov3Yuhhii

"Remember your fifth grade crush? That's me? Caleb Caine." I couldn't believe my fifth grade crush has come back to haunt me.



I walked over to one side of the balcony and looked outside. Finally, I got bored and started talkin', "So............."

"Yes?" he asked.

"Uh... do you really wanna marry me or are your parents forcin' you as well?" I asked without lookin' at him.

"No, it was my choice." he answered.

"But, you don't know me."

"So, I can get to know." he took my hand and held it in is.

"I'm not the kind of girl you think I am," I insisted. "I'm not nice or sweet or like a young lady."

"I know that."

"How? You just met me."

"I saw you on the news. 'Crazy Teenager Has Concert On Cars' That's when I first saw your picture. But, I've seen you before. And you've seen me before too."

"No, I haven't."

"You don't remember me."

"What-" he cut me off.

He went over to me and wrapped his arms around me and looked into my eyes.

"What are you-" he cut me off again.

"Remember your fifth grade crush? That's me? Caleb Caine."

"You- you're." I stuttered. I couldn't believe my fifth grade crush has come back to haunt me.

I pulled away from him.

"What?" he asked confused. "I thought you'd be happy to see me."

"How did you know that I'm the girl that used to like you?" I asked, emphasizing the word used.

"I remember your name; Scarlett Sacramento."

"That explains things." I went over to the door. I twisted the knob and the door opened.

Thank God the door opened, if I stayed any longer in that room with him, I think I might go nuts. I went back into the living room and he followed me.

"So, did you two learn something new about each other?" my Mom asked when she saw me.

"We sure did." I said.

"Great, so the engagement's the next week and the marriage could be after a month or two." Dad said.

I winced when I heard that, Caleb must've heard it, because he looked up at me.

"That's great, but what's the hurry?" Caleb's Mom asked.

"Well, you see," Mom said thinkin' a little before talkin'. She didn't know she should tell them or now. "Scarlett, we want Scarlett to be a respectful and responsible young adult. She acts like a wild child."

"Yeah, you should've seen her on Friday, she made a huge traffic jam," Annette said.

"She was pretending to be like her favorite rockstar: Avril Lavigne."

"Oh, yes, we saw the news," Caleb's Dad said. "But, we would still like Caleb to be with her. If that's what he wants. We talked about it before coming here and Caleb really seems to like her."

"Well, then when should the wedding be?" Mom asked.

"We'll think about it and then let you know." his Dad replied.


After everyone left, I rushed to my room and quickly called my best friend, Star.

"Star, hey, how are you?" I asked calmly. "Yeah, I'm good too, but I have a huge problem. I'm gettin' married!"

"I know." Star said from the other side.

"What'd ya mean, ya know?" I asked clearly confused.

"Caleb's cousin is getting married to my sister."



"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I knew you would react like this."

"Well, how could I not, he's my old crush, your enemy, and I'm gettin' married to him soon! You think I'm gonna be happy?"

"Oh, come on, you used to really like him, you should be happy."

"That was before!" I cried.

"Well, I can't help ya sorry," she said. "Besides I'm not happy either, I'm gonna have to see him at parties and stuff. Well, I need to go now."

I sighed and hung up the phone. I thought about what Star said and began thinking about fifth grade and Caleb, he still looked pretty much the same as he did then. Same black hair that would sometimes cover his eyes, same dark brown eyes like mine. Only back then, he used to be really short, wonder how he got so tall. Well, people do change and so do their minds. One day, you like a boy, the next you don't, and then they start chasin' after you. That's life. Well, that's my life anyway.

© 2010 iiLov3Yuhhii

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Hello, I've read up to here so far, and you inspired me to create my own romance, through a female characters eyes you could say haha. Anyway, so far. I love it.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

Ohmigod, I remember I was like twelve when I wrote this. I've started an edited version of this, all.. read more

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