I Don't Love U Or Do I? ~3~

I Don't Love U Or Do I? ~3~

A Chapter by iiLov3Yuhhii

That night I had a flashback of what happened last week, my big concert on cars.



That night I had a flashback of what happened last week, my big concert on cars. Me and some of my guy friends, Jake, Ryan, Chris, and Evan, were planning to have it. We were all sittin' on a big red couch in Evan's garage. I was squished because of all of them, I was practically on Jake's lap.

"First of all, people gotta know we're havin' this concert, they need to know when and where it is." Evan said.

"How we gonna do that?" Chris asked. He was kinda dumb.

"Advertisements, baby! That's how!" Ryan explained.

"Who knows how long it'll take to make 'em." I said.

"Well, I could ask my bro to make some copies for us." Jake suggested.

My guy friends were the best. I didn't have many girlfriends. Except Star, we've been friends since seventh grade. I love my guy friends, they're like my brothers. They love me too, but like a sister. All four guys had different personalities.

Evan was the cool one and the leader of our group. Chris the lover boy of our group. He's crazy about girls. And sometimes jealous of the fact that Chris got all the girls. Now, Ryan, he's awesome. He's the best, he cares about me a lot. And last, but not the least, Jake. Some people say that he likes me, but I just don't believe it.

Now, here's what they look like. Chris, black hair, and blue eyes, strong, but not that strong. Evan, brown hair and green eyes. A little stronger than Chris. Ryan, also has brown hair, but darker and light green eyes, very strong. And Jake, black hair, dark brown eyes, and the second strong, after Ryan.

"Ok, I think the first thing we have to do is get off this couch! You're all killing me!" I cried.

They all laughed but they all got off except Jake, I moved over and he continued sitting next to me.

"Alright, so, concert, huge one, today, this afternoon." I said.

"But where?" Jake asked.

"I know the perfect place," I replied. "The upper east side of NYC."

"But, isn't there like tons of traffic there?" Chris asked.

I got up and walked over to him.

"Oh, Chrisy, Chrisy, Chrisy, when are you ever gonna learn. I want tons of people to see that concert, not a few people. Alright? That concert is gonna be the best thing we've ever done. And it needs to be perfect! Got it!" I asked, pokin' his chest.

"Yes, ma'am." he said, pretending to be a soldier.

"Great! Then let's start plannin'."

After we got the copies from Jake's brother, the boys and I started posting them everywhere. Then I just thought of something.

"Wait a minute! We don't have any instruments, how we gonna have a concert without 'em?!" I asked.

"Leave that to me." Jake said grinning.

I looked at him confused. I looked at the other guys, thinkin' they might know, but they just shrugged their shoulders.

He went outside and came back a couple minutes later, in his hand was a red and white electric guitar. It was a fender starcaster strat pack electric guitar.

"This is awesome! It's so cute! Where'd you get it?!" I cried.

"From my bro." he answered.

"Oh my god! Your brother is awesome! And so are you!" I said. I jumped up and kissed his cheek, making him go red.

"Cool. He got any more?" Chris asked.

"Yeah, their outside." he answered.

"Awesome." Evan and Ryan said together.

After we were all settled, we headed for our destination, while we drove there, I started playing the guitar. I was playing one of my favorite songs by Avril Lavigne called Sk8er Boi.

I don't know what happened next, I mean I know what happened, I just can't believe it. I mean, one minute I'm rockin' out and playin' the guitar and the next thing I know, the police are here, arrestin' everyone they can get a hold of. That includes Ryan. Somehow the others and I got outta there, but poor Ryan. I feel so bad and guilty. I may be a wild child but I do care about my friends. They're the best thing about my life.

I felt a small tear roll down my cheek, was I crying? I just couldn't believe it. Anyway, I'm just glad Jake is so sweet; he forgave me. And I'm glad no one ever spoke of that ever again. It just makes me feel like a bad friend.


© 2010 iiLov3Yuhhii

Author's Note

He doesn't have black hair, so just imagine it.

I don't know if there really is a lot of traffic on the upper east side of NYC or not, I just made it up.


BTW: U can view all the characters @ this link:

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