Are You The One For Me? ♥Prologue♥

Are You The One For Me? ♥Prologue♥

A Chapter by iiLov3Yuhhii

Hello, this is my story. I am a young woman, who has never had a boyfriend, nor my first kiss.


Hello, this is my story. I am a young woman, who has never had a boyfriend, nor my first kiss. I have never had the one. For some people, the 'one' is really important. The one is the person you're really in love with and plan to marry, have kids, grow old with, and to be with them forever and ever.

Sometimes, people think they have found the one, when really they're just a fake. A heart breaker in disguise. And those who really are the one, well, what can I say? Most people are always searching for love, whether it's fake or real. People don't realize who their real one is, because it takes a long time for them to find it. And sometimes, when people get a fake love, their lives are changed, sometimes forever. And sometimes... they change back, with a little help from someone special, who might just turn into be the one; their one.

Anyway, you must be wondering why I am sitting here all alone in the rain, crying my eyes out. Well, it has to do with everything that I just mentioned. I met my one true love, but now I'm beginning to think if that was really my one true love or not.

© 2010 iiLov3Yuhhii

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Author's Note

Have U eva watched the The Emperor's New Groove, well it's a movie, & it starts out with a llama sittin' in the rain, all sad. & he starts talkin' to ya, & it tells U Y it's all sad, & it's really a person. he tells ya how it turned in2 a llama. well, that's how my story is gonna B like. it starts out in the present, then goes 2 the past, & comes back 2 the present & cont.s from there.

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Added on May 29, 2010
Last Updated on May 29, 2010
Tags: Adventure, Depression, Drama, Fiction, Humor, Love, Romance, The One, Young adult



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Maria. Female. Almost 16. August 29, 1997. Muslim. Bengali. New York. Writer. Day Dreamer. Best Friend. Music Lover. Blue, Black & Red. Short. Brown eyes. Light skin. Average weight. Glasses. Gum Chew.. more..

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