Already Gone

Already Gone

A Chapter by iiLov3Yuhhii

I made a short story based on the song 'Already Gone' by Kelly Clarkson.


I walked into my room and sat down on my bed. I been through a lot today. I tried to call my girlfriend, but I couldn't reach her. There had been many problems in our relationship, the past few weeks haven't been so great. With my family problems and her education, things just haven't been adding up. I then noticed a something on my bed. It was a letter. I held it up and read it in my mind:

Dear Loved One,

     You must be wondering where I am, well maybe this letter will answer your questions. I know there have been many problems in our relationship, my parents don't like me hanging out with because it effects my classwork and your parents are always arguing and stuff. I know we had many hopes and dreams, but we can't always have what we want. We were always meant to say goodbye. I know we worked really hard to stay together, but I guess fate has other plans. I don't want to hurt you any longer.

I want you to know that it doesn't matter where we take this road, but someone's gotta go. And I want you to know you couldn't have loved me better, but I want you to move on, so I'm already gone. Looking at you makes it harder, but I know you'll find another, that doesn't always make you wanna cry. You know that I love you so much, I love you enough to let you go.

You can't make it feel right when you know that it's wrong. There's no moving on, so I'm already gone.

Your lover

When I finished reading it, I reread it, I just couldn't believe she would do this to me. I can't believe she would leave me. Those two words burned in my chest; already gone.

I reread it one last time and I noticed something strange about the letter, it wasn't the words, but the way they were written and the strange color of the writing. The color was deep red, the words were so red, they looked like they were written with blood. I slowly brought the note to my face and smelled it, sure enough it smelled like blood.

I quickly grabbed my phone and I saw that I had two missed calls. I thought they were from my girlfriend, so I called her house. Her mother answered it and I could tell she had been crying. I asked where my girlfriend was and she told me the horrible news. My girlfriend, my one true love, was dead. Her mother said she had cut her wrists.

Then without thinking, I dropped my phone, and ran into the kitchen. I grabbed a knife and slit my wrists the way she did. I instantly fainted and the next thing I know everything was black. A little while later, I saw some lights, I opened my eyes to find my girlfriend hovering over me.

"W-what happened?" I asked her.

"Why? Why did you do this?" she asked.

"Do what?"

"Kill yourself."

"Oh. I wanted to be with you."

"I wanted to be with you too, but not like this."

She sounded sad, I thought she'd be happy to see me.

"But, now we won't have any problems. We'll be together now and forever."

She pulled me into a hug and I held her hand and we walked to the gates of Heaven.

© 2010 iiLov3Yuhhii

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