Prequel 2: The Owl

Prequel 2: The Owl

A Chapter by Doogie_IDS

Snow gently falls
The night is calm
I arise into the darkness
An eerie silence fills the room
As I sit on my bed
I hear a tapping
Tapping from the window
Of my second floor bedroom
As I look toward the window
A strange light appears
An orange and yellowish hue
It seems serene,
Peaceful, and welcoming
Like the lure of an angler
The hair rises on my arms
But It draws me towards it
I throw on some clothes
And creep out of my room
My older brother's door
Lays open
It almost never is
As my parents is the same
I try to sneak down the stairs
But they creak under my feet
Into the dead of the night
As I reach the bottom
And look down the hall
The light floods the house
I walk toward the back door
Everything seems hazy
Can this be real?
Am I actually dreaming?
I open the door
The coolness comes through
But somehow i feel warm
I step outside
Into the night
Into the snow
Into the unknown
Humming fills my ears
The sound sends shivers
Down my back
The light is coming
From behind the big tree
I see something on a branch
I rush into the snow
It's snowing down hard
In big clumps it falls
It makes me excited
No school tomorrow
It hurts my vision
Everything is so hazy
I stand in front of the tree
It's branches once full
Of life and leaves
I try to protect my eyes
And block the snow with my hand
I squint and I see it
A large beautiful owl
Staring back at me
I've never seen one here
Or have I?
It seems familiar
But it feels like a dream
As it stares into me
With its large black eyes
I start to feel nauseas
This doesn't seem right
The longer it stares
The more scared I get
"What are you doing here?"
I ask
"What do you want?"
But nothing
It just keeps staring
A tingling feeling
Spreads throughout my body
I feel paralyzed
As I gaze into the darkness
Of those big black eyes
As if I'm under a spell
I'm terrified
I try to shout
But nothing comes out
Then I realize
It's not an owl
It's not a bird
It's not from here
"Where are you?"
"I need my big brother"
"Somebody help"
I shout but only in my mind
Tears roll from my eyes
They start to freeze on my face
The humming starts pulsating
As the light starts to follow
Am I going to die?
I'm so young
Has this happened before?
Then I think a horrifying thought
What if this has happened before
What if i don't remember this in the morning?
I want the horrors to go away
But I can't close my eyes
I just stare into those
Big black emotionless eyes
The light gets brighter
And brighter
and Brighter
It engulfs me
I'm swallowed up by it
Then darkness
The snow gently falls
The night is calm

© 2016 Doogie_IDS

Author's Note

I need to fix all of the punctuations. I wasn't sure if I should add them or just not have them at the ends. It's poetic at times and not at other

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Added on August 3, 2016
Last Updated on August 3, 2016
Tags: Aliens, abductions, alien abduction, dark, paralysis, sleep paralysis