Prequel 3: The Phone

Prequel 3: The Phone

A Chapter by Doogie_IDS

I arise into the night
That thunder was
To close for comfort.
I gaze out the window
And enjoy the storm.
Rain was coming down hard.
I always enjoyed
The sounds
Of a stormy night.
I reach over
To touch my wife.
Instead all I felt
Were empty sheets
And warmth from the mattress.
That we made passionate
Love a few hours before.
Very hardcore
But very passionate.
I look towards the clock
To check the time.
Instead I just look
Into a shadowy space.
The power was out
And the room felt darker
Then normal.
I leave the safety of the bed
And throw on some clothes.
I use my new cellphone
To get around.
Curious to where she was
I went into the hall.
I shined it on the kids
Bedrooms doors.
Both were open.
I look in to check on them
Only to find
Empty beds.
Maybe they were planing
A surprise party.
My birthday is
This upcoming weekend.
I felt more nervous
More worried
More scared
Then anything else.
Something just didn't
Feel right.
I quietly tried to
Sneak downstairs.
But they creak under my feet
Into the dead of the night.
I get to the bottom.
The air feels still
The hairs on my arms rise
Into the darkness
Of this creepy
Stormy night.
I check down the hall
As lightning flashes
And thunder rolls.
I almost fell over
As the lights hits
Her soft skin.
The most perfect body
Just standing,
Just standing
In front of the back door
Staring into the stormy night
Staring into the void
Staring into horrors
I couldn't dream of.
I walk down the hall
Towards her slowly.
It was still dark
Even with my phone
On the brightest setting.
I call out
But she doesn't flinch
I creep slowly toward her
But she acted
Like I wasn't there.
Something is terribly wrong
In this very moment.
As I walk towards her
Another flash
As the door opens
As the door opens by itself.
My heart races
A million miles
An hour.
Another flash of light
And I see something.
Out of the corner
Of my eye
It walks across the room
To my right.
I knew it wasn't
One of my kids.
I turn and step
Onto a toy car.
I slip and fall over
As my phone smashes
Onto the ground.
I grab it fast.
The screen was broke
But my real concerns
Were to my wife.
I get up
And race toward her.
Somehow she was outside
In the middle of the yard.
As the door slams
right in my face.
Before I could save her
From the mysteries ahead.
I try to open the door
In a panic stricken
I try to turn
The doorknob
It wouldn't open
It wouldn't budge.
My hands shake.
In desperation
I kick it
Then I hear
From behind me
I turn around
With my phone shining.
I gasp
As the light reflects
Off of skinny beings
In my hall
Staring at me
With big
Terrifying eyes!
And grey skin.
They creep towards me
With long skinny fingers
Pointing in my direction.
Not making a sound
In the dimly lit hallway.
I vomit
From fear
Fear of death
Fear of the unknown
Fear for my family
Fear for me
Then it all goes dark.
A tear rolls down my face
as my phone dies
The beings
Still stalking in the darkness
I can feel their eyes
As they slowly come
Towards me.
As I panic
And gasp for air
Suddenly a light
Fills the house
I turn
And stare face to face
With another one
Outside my backdoor
It stares at me
Slowly moving its head
Back and forth
Something out of one
Of my worst nightmares
I freeze in terror
As the backdoor opens
Without it being
Behind the monster
I see my wife
I scream her name.
She looks so innocent
Surrounded by the light
As it gets brighter
And she
Into the light
Then the light vanishes
Leaving an empty yard.
Roll down my face
As I continue to
scream her name.
I rush outside
Past the being.
All I can think about
is her safety.
I stand where she was
Instead of light
Is only
And rain.
I fall to my knees
In the wet grass
In front of our
Old tree.
I look towards the house.
Terrifying faces
Stare back at me
From every window
Those eyes
So cold
My body shakes
From the fear
Or the cold rain
I hunch over
And stare at my
Wet shaking hands.
The rain stops suddenly
And I feel hopelessness.
As the ground lights up
Underneath me
As my body warms up
I feel an unnerving
Feeling deep inside
Has this happened before?
Then I think a horrifying thought
What if this has happened before
What if i don't remember this
In the morning?
I try to look up but
It's to bright.
I use my hand
To protect my eyes.
As I rise to my feet.
They creep towards me
surrounding me.
My body freezes
Full paralysis.
As the light gets brighter.
And brighter...
The sun shines through
The window
I slowly awaken
To my beautiful
Wife next to my side.
I smile even though
She is sleeping
And can not see it
I know she knows.
She starts to smile
Back at me
With closed eyes.
I grab my phone
Off the end table
Next to my side
And unplug it.
I stare at it
In disbelief.
How did I break the screen
Of my new phone already?

© 2021 Doogie_IDS

Author's Note

I need to fix all of the punctuations. I wasn't sure if I should add them or just not have them at the ends. It's poetic at times and not at other

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Added on August 3, 2016
Last Updated on January 3, 2021
Tags: Aliens, abductions, alien abduction, dark, paralysis, sleep paralysis