I'm your what now?

I'm your what now?

A Chapter by A.M.V.

I looked out my window, staring at each rain drop that slides down my window. I heard my door crack open, I flipped around, my hair slamming in my face. I spit it out and looked up. My Stepmother and dad were looking down at me, both of them cracking a smile.


"That wasn't funny" I spat. My moms smile melted into a frown.


"Don't use that tone with me!" she pointed her finger at me.


"Haven't you ever heard that pointing fingers isn't polite?" I said moving her fingers away from my face. Her face flushed. I hated my stepmother, she was new to my family, only a week old. She bosses me around like she could replace my real mother. Not to mention, she was young, really young. She was 28 and my dad was 45. My dad married her a week ago and she has been torturing my life ever since.


"Robert!" She called my father by his first name which always got me boiling inside.


"Sky be nice to your mother, I know this is hard for but she is your mother now." My dad said totally taking her side.


"She is not my mom, Marie Mackenzie is my mom!" I yelled. My dad's face fell. Anything that reminded him of my REAL mom and not Godzilla over there (Lucky), makes him sad for a week.


"Sorry..." I said, standing up.


"Thank you." Lucky said. I don't call her mom at all, I call her by her first name.


"I was talking to my dad, Lucky." I said throwing her a dagger stare.

"It's OK kiddo" my dad said ruffling my hair." We came up here to tell you that we are leaving now."


"I know dad, have fun." I said a little too fast. My dad's eyebrow shot up in confusion.


"You aren't going to walk us out?" He asked.


"Oh, yeah...I forgot about that, sure." I said.


"Carry my bag to car Sky, I'm tired." Lucky said.


"Yes, mother." I smiled. She looked at me and then shook her head.


"Never mind, I'll take it my self." She said picking up and walking down stairs.


When she was out of sight I smiled even bigger and mumbled, "Good choice." My dad shot me a look, and i looked at him angelically. Suddenly we heard a crash and the bottom of the stairs. My dad ran down the stairs and I walked knowing who fell.


"Are you OK?" i heard my dad gasp. I couldn't help but laugh at Lucky's little performance.


"Yeah, I'm fine dear" She smiled, "Now that you are here" She said and kissed him. I gagged and she pulled away.


"You should really change your name from lucky to something more like Olga or Cruella De Vil, you know what I'm saying?" i said when my dad helped her up. She glared at me.


"Honey, we are going to miss the plane!" Lucky said grabbing her bag.


"And we are so anxious to go aren't we?" I said crossing my arms across my chest, leaning to the side a bit.


"Stop it Sky." My dad said and headed out the door after Lucky.


They got into their car, not that long after that, all ready to go. My dad opened his window and and waved at me.


"Bye, take care!" He yelled at me from the car while I leaned against the front door. I smiled and waved at him.


"Have fun!! But not TOO much fun, you hear me Lucky!!" I smiled evilly. Lucky's face was bright crimson. My dad smiled once more and pulled out of the drive way. As soon as they were gone, I smiled and ran inside and locked the door.



I was as happy as a 16 year old girl could be. I kicked off my shoes, switched on the stereo and started to dance around like a rock star. I was so happy, I couldn't believe it! My dad left with Godzilla to their honeymoon to Cancun for one whole month and left me with out any supervision! No Tokyo monsters named Lucky to tell me 'no' or tell me what to do. This was going to be the best month of my teenage life!!


After dancing around for 20 minutes, i decided to take a shower and slip into my pj's and hit the deck to save my energy for a wicked day tomorrow hanging out with my friends.


I skipped over to the bathroom, grabbed a towel and started to take a shower. I was about to let the water run over my face when a draft hit my back.


"Wow, it's a little chilly for summer isn't it?" I asked myself and turned the water on. After a while the bathroom was foggy and warm. I stepped out all clean and fresh. I wrapped my white towel around me and got changed into my pajamas which was a blue tank-top and white pajamas shorts. I dried my hair and looked into the mirror.


I was actually really pretty, except I never liked to admit it.My hair is naturally straight and silky, with a few strands of my dirty blond curved around the front of my bright blue eyes. My hair was just a little longer than my shoulders. My skin was a little pale but not that pale.For some reason, I always have a little color of pink on my cheeks and that doesn't really tend to help my blushing problem.


For the second time I felt a draft. I shivered.


"...Stupid window..." I said my bottom lips quivering while I reached down and slipped on my slippers. I looked up and screamed a pair of dark green eyes glared at me. I turned around to face them...there was nothing there.


Calm down Sky, you are here alone, in your house, you are imagining things...I thought to myself turning off the bathroom lights and leaving the room. I ripped off the covers and began to sit.



I sat on something, not something, someone.



I screamed and tried standing up but a pair of cold arms wrapped around my waist like snakes and pulled me down into their lap. I screamed even louder and thrashed around, doing anything i could. Unfortunately it wasn't working.


"Shhh pet, you don't want the neighbors to think you are in trouble do you?" Some one's velvet voice said from behind me.


I screamed and tears rolled down my eyes, "L-Let me go," I sobbed, this whole month was supposed to be perfect, but it just ending up hurt me. His arms tightened around my waist.


"S-STOP! YOU'RE HURTING ME!!" I screamed out in pain.


"Now why would I want to do that Sky? You are ever so nice to hold, not to mention warm." He laughed.


"How do you know my name?" I asked. He stood both of us up and slammed me against the wall me by my wrists.


"Sky, I've been watching you for quite some time now, how could I resist you?" He said luaghing. I could see his face fully now. He had orange hair with red bangs, pale skin, and dark green eyes...just like the ones I saw in the bathroom.


I felt anger building up inside of me."You pervert!!" I said kicking.


"Shh..." he said whispering in my ear, "I have to say, you are the prettiest human i have ever to seen..."


"You're a human you idiot! can't you just say 'you're the the prettiest GIRL I have ever seen'?" I yelled.


"Well, maybe I'm not human pet." He smiled. I looked at him confused. he smiled and his brilliant white teeth showed...along with some razor sharp fangs. i blinked and shook my head.


"I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming, i have to be dreaming!!" i yelled looking away closing my eyes. i got slammed against the wall again but with more force, i heard something crack and my world started to go black.


"Nighty night" He whispered rubbing his cheek against mine, "Sleep tight, don't let the vampires bite" i saw him grin, i fell on my knees helplessly, his hands still gripping my wrists tightly.


Black out.

© 2009 A.M.V.

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Omg are you kidding me it a some a few errors but great job

Posted 7 Years Ago

A few errors but, eh, s**t happens. Still a good story. Why must vamp dudes be so violent? Haven't they ever heard that yiu should be nice to your future slaves???????

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

cool ^.^

Posted 12 Years Ago

I like this story a lot, remember reading it on quizilla some time ago.
Keep up the good work! :]

Posted 14 Years Ago

Okay, when I first started to read this it was like 'ugh, another vampire story with idiotic parents and super handsome male.'
I kept reading and it got really interesting, I like how the guy keeps calling Sky 'my pet.'
Anyway, make sure you capitalize your 'I's
besides that, good job!
I like it

Posted 14 Years Ago

Cool chapter! Comical, dramatic, exciting, and thrilling! I love it! It's so cool! Wonderful details, descriptions, and plot so far! :D

Posted 14 Years Ago


Posted 14 Years Ago

lol, the vampire, when i see him in my head calling Sky "Pet" almost makes me want to laugh :p

But anyways, this was fun to read. The suspense is what makes people want to read more :D
(And yes, I'm reading this all over again)

Posted 14 Years Ago

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