Forever Young

Forever Young

A Story by Leslie

Brooklyn meets a guy. Pretty basic. c:


I added some parts to Chapter 34

****Note: Any events that happened in this story have no relation to the author. I never did these things, and it’s just a story. So enjoy reading. <3 And by the way, I guess its rated PG-13****

Chapter 1:

Mrs. Bleak’s monotone voice echoed through the classroom. Drowsiness and boredom simmered throughout the room. I glumly sat in my cold desk, my head only being supported by my arm, which was resting on my face. This was the second to last week of school, and we were still learning boring lessons from the most boring teacher in the school. I didn’t even know what she was teaching. My eyes began to feel heavy until the deafening bell rang. I jolted up, out of my desk, quickly grabbing all my books. I walked casually out of the class, talking to one of my best friends, Bailey. She was hilarious. We always had the best conversations, whether if it was a serious one, or one filled with constant jokes, or even if it was a perverted conversations talking about boys. Don’t worry, Bailey had the dirtiest mind in our friendship, I was as innocent as a turtle until she corrupted me with information about the world. But hey- I was going to learn about it all sooner or later. Anyways, we were having a funny conversation about her crush- Chase. She was in love with him. Ever since she finally got over her, what seemed like forever, crush over our friend, Ray. He was a grade above us, but he was still fun to hang around with. She was telling me how Chase had hugged her the other day. I laughed loudly, mocking the way she was acting. Bailey was good at hiding her emotions when it comes to boys, but when a special boy does something, she talk’s non-stop to me about it.

While we were laughing together, I felt a slight push on my side. I turned my head to see the boy I had been crushing on since the first day of school. We went out during Christmas time, but he ended it. Luckily after a few months, we’re back to being good friends. I looked right into his eyes questioningly. “What?” I squealed, pretending to be annoyed. He smiled and said, “You have something on your back” I frowned for a moment, using my free hand to feel around on my back. Unsuccessful, I turned to him and murmured, pleadingly. “Josh, can you please get it for me?” I batted my eyes and made my best pouty face. He laughed and grabbed the thing on my back, revealing a small piece of paper that read, “Brook loves mashed potatoes.” I raised an eyebrow in confusion. Obviously this had a dirty meaning behind it, and I tossed the paper on the ground, releasing an annoyed sigh. With that, I turned to Bailey. “Boys can be such idiots, sometimes.” She smiled and nodded. The rest of that day went pretty well, yet school was still boring.

Chapter 2:

The end of the week, inched its way, and I found out that there was going to be a big party at my friend, Kristy’s house. Almost everyone in the eighth grade was invited. Saturday night, I was at Bailey’s house, getting ready. Knowing what happened at parties, and how almost all girls dressed like s***s, I wore Bailey’s cute black flow-y shirt with my jean shorts. Bailey wore an astonishingly cute red dress. Bailey helped me straighten my hair, while I helped curl hers. When we finished getting ready, we walked to Kristy’s house, which was right down the street from Bailey’s. The house was already packed when we got there, and the sun was beginning to set. My parents didn’t know I was going to a party, they just thought I was sleeping over at Bailey’s house. I was told I was a goodie-two-shoe, so I wanted to become a bit of a rebel during the last few weeks of school. Kristy’s house looked amazing. It was so neat and fancy-looking. Bailey and I found the group of people we usually hang with, and began to talk to them. The party was pretty fun for the first few hours, until some idiots brought beer there. Didn’t they know it was completely illegal? I hated the thought of drinking. It was disgusting, and poisoned people’s minds. I wanted to take the beer and throw it in the middle of the road. Too bad, I’d probably be hated for that. The ‘cool kids’ began drinking too many, and they eventually got drunk. Idiots. We’re in the ninth grade; you don’t need to be drinking.

I was having a blast, and dancing with my friends, until a slow song came on. My friends groaned loudly and went to find boys to dance with. I laughed at them until I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to be face to face with Josh. “Oh hey, Josh!” I greeted. Josh smiled and stuck his arm out, “May I have this dance?” I giggled softly, but hesitated for an answer. I turned to my friends, who were giving me thumbs up and smiling like idiots. I turned back to Josh and nodded, “Sure,” I finally answered. Josh smiled even brighter, and took my hand and led me to a nice spot. His cold hands found its place on my waist, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. We were awfully close, at least closer than we were when we slow danced at the school dance when we were dating. My chest was against his, and I could feel his heart. Its rhythmic beating distracted me. I stared into his chocolate brown eyes, and couldn’t help but smile. “So, what made you decide to dance with me?” I murmured. He hesitated. “Your friends dared you, didn’t they?” I continued. He shook his head, “No, I couldn’t help myself. I miss you, Brook.” I frowned for a second. Bull crap. “Yeah, cut the crap, Josh. Everyone knows you dumped me months ago because I didn’t kiss you.” “It wasn’t because of that!” he raised his voice. “And that was months ago. I’ve had a lot of time to think.” I laughed a bit, “Have you been drinking any of that beer, the others brought?” He shook his head. “Whatever.” “Look, I didn’t come here to start a fight with you. I just wanted a dance. Can we at least enjoy it while it lasts?” I suddenly felt bad for being a bit harsh towards him. I nodded, while smiling and rested my head against his chest. The song came to a close, and I rushed back to my group of friends. “How was it?” “Are you guys dating?” “Was he mean?” “Did he smell good?” I smiled but said, “It was amazing! But we got in a tiny argument in the middle of it. And yes, he smelt great!”

Chapter 3:

In about a few minutes, a group of boys and my group of friends decided to play 7 minutes in heaven. I didn’t think it was a good idea, but peer pressure can be quite influencing. Bailey spun the bottle first. It landed on Chase! I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear, holding back my laughter. Bailey blindfolded him and took him into a closet. The boys started the stop watch, and they stood by the door, their ears pressed up on it. After the minutes passed, they both came out, smiling. A few seconds after they sat down, I got a text from Bailey

From: Bayboo

Received: May 12th. 8:11PM

OMG! BROOK!!! I KISSED HIM! <3 <3 <3

It wasn’t Bailey’s or my turn, so I didn’t pay attention to whoever went next.

To: Bayboo

Chase??? Awwwh! How did it go? Was he good? What kind of kiss??

Bailey laughed quietly, and it still wasn’t either of our turns, so we kept texting.

From: Bayboo

YES! It was amazing; he is such a good kisser. ;) You know, we kind of… MADEOUT! :DD

I could feel her happiness radiating from herself. It felt like a ray of sunshine.

I was about to reply to her, until one of the boys said, “Brook, pay attention. It’s your turn!” I widened my eyes. “Sorry!” I took the bottle and spun it easily. It spun in a circle several times, and I looked at all the boys, hoping for it to land on a certain one. It landed on Josh. Josh smiled, and I blindfolded him. The group pushed us in the closet.

As they slammed shut the door, I turned on the closet light, and stared at Josh’s blindfolded face. We sat there quietly until he said, “So are you going to kiss me?” I laughed and teased, “You have to find me first!” I moved around the closet, hiding behind a box. Josh smiled and took off the blindfold, and lunging right at me. “No fair! You took it off!” I laughed at his arms wrapped around me, dragging me out of my hiding spot. Suddenly, we were face to face and awkwardly sat there for a few moments, looking into each other’s eyes. I didn’t want to fall for him again; I wasn’t going to end up hurt like last time. Josh leaned forward, and I felt his tender lips meet mine. What seemed like an innocent kiss, turned into a make-out session. Josh suddenly grabbed me in my area. I screamed and hit him, hard, against his perfect face. “Don’t touch me there.” I hissed, angrily. He shifted back, away from me. I glared at him for a few seconds.  Suddenly, the door swung open, and I heard someone say, “Times up!” We both got out and waited for our next turns.

From: Bayboo

How was it? With Josh? U know u fancy him. Evryone knows it. And it looks like hes starting to fancy u.

I frowned slightly.


To: Bayboo

It was pretty good. He got too into it and touched me. I yelled at him about it though. No worries.

Bailey’s eyes widened.

From: Bayboo

:O Oh, playing hard to get, aren’t we, Miss I-don’t-like-him! Well u better watch out, cuz Ashley’s fancying him too. She told me she wanted the bottle to land on him. Oh look! Her wish just came true!

I looked up in time, just to see Ashley lead him into the closet. I angrily sighed, and slouched in the couch.

The rest of the night went pretty boringly, until the end. Ashley came up to me with a cup of water in her hands and I could tell she was drunk. “How dare you steeeel my man.” She slurred. I cocked my eyebrows. “Excuse me? I don’t speak idiot.” She looked taken aback. “I said,” she started. “Why you steal my man, girl? He’s mine. You know who I’m talking about. He said he loves me, and I love him. We’ll be together forever!” I looked at her pathetically. Her brained was intoxicated by that stupid beverage. “Ashley, please just go home. I don’t want to start an argument.” I said while putting my hand on her shoulder. She widened her eyes and jumped back, throwing her water all over me. I was drenched and everyone was staring. “That’ll teach you to stay away from my man!” she hissed. I glared at her beneath my bangs that covered my face. “He’s not yours.” I scoffed. She narrowed her eyes and screeched before throwing herself on top of me. Luckily, I didn’t wear a dress, so fighting her was a bit easy. Growing up with a masculine, tomboy sister helped a lot. In a few seconds, I had her pinned on the ground. “Better think twice about fighting me.” I hissed through gritted teeth. Ashley began screaming and crying. I suddenly felt a pang of guilt and pity. I got off of her and helped her up. “Look Ashley, seriously, go home. You’re drunk.” Ashley glared at me once more and stormed off. After a few seconds, Bailey ran to me. “Dang, you can fight.” She commented. I smiled and squeezed the water out of my hair. The party ended in about thirty minutes and Bailey and I walked back to her house. The rest of the night went by pretty quickly. We fell asleep while watching movies and the next day, I went home pretty early, thanks to my parents.

Chapter 4:

The weekend went by real quickly and I found myself at school on Monday morning. I was still tired from the party for some reason. Mrs. Bleak’s class didn’t help at all. Josh ignored me that day, as well. I heard several people talking about how the party was awesome and amazing. It wasn’t all that great. It was pretty average. Anyways, it was the last week of school, and everyone was super excited for school to end and the partying to begin! Once again, I found myself sitting in Mrs. Bleak’s boring classroom, dozing off to sleep. I don’t know, but something about her room just put me to sleep. Every time I walked in there, I found myself to begin to feel sleepy. In the middle of class, when I was just about to fall asleep, a loud knock at the door was heard, and all the students’ attention was to the stranger at the door. Mrs. Bleak answered it and talked to the stranger for a few minutes before opening the door wider and introducing an average heighted, blonde haired girl. She had a really pretty face, and straight hair. Her eyes glowed baby blue with a tint of green. Mrs. Bleak’s voice rang, “Everyone, this is Heather. She will be joining us for the last week of school.” Heather smiled for a moment, before Mrs. Bleak said, “Why don’t you go sit in front of Brook, and beside Bailey.” She pointed right at the two of us, and I stared at the new girl suspiciously. Heather made her way to the desk in front of me and sat down. Mrs. Bleak continued her lesson, and I poked the girl’s shoulder. Heather turned around and smiled brightly. “Hi! I’m Brook! Welcome to Richard Middle!” Heather’s smiled got wider and she said, “Hi Brook! I’m Heather. Thanks.” “Where did you move from?” “England. Where do you live around here?” “I knew I recognized that accent! Axel Drive! What about you?” “I think I live in Shadow Circle.” “Oh, that’s right down the street from where I live! We should hang sometime!” “Yeah definitely!-“Mrs. Bleak’s voice interrupted Heather. “Brook, we don’t need you to distract the class from their learning.” I frowned and slouched in my seat, while Heather turned around in her seat, laughing silently. After that class ended, Heather and I began to talk. We actually became really good friends that day.

Chapter 5:

The next day, we talked as if we were best friends. Funny, how I got along with her very well and better than I usually do with anyone else. Heather and I had planned on hanging that day after school. Once we got off the bus, I changed into shorts and a pink tank top. When I got the Heather’s house, I fixed my hair, makeup, and straightened out my clothes before ringing their doorbell. It took me a second to realize this is the house my former friend used to live in. Her name was Katherine and we used to be best friends until we got into a big, pointless fight over nothing. I heard yelling, and suddenly a tall, curly haired, teenage boy answered the door. He looked about a year or two older than I was. “Um, is Heather here?” I muttered. It felt kind of awkward. He nodded and went back inside, yelling Heather’s name. I heard Heather make a disgusted snort and say, “Get some clothes on, loser.” I finally saw Heather’s face pop up from the door. “Oh, hey! Come on inside, Brook!” I smiled at Heather and came inside. The house from inside kind of looked the same. The furniture and accessories around the room changed. But that was predictable. We sat down on her couch and began to talk. After a while, Heather grabbed a pillow and hit me with it. Surprised, I took a pillow and got up, and hit her smack in the face with it. We began laughing like maniacs and hitting each other in the faces. It was all fun until her brother walked in the room, this time with a shirt on, saying, “Heather. Keep it down, I’m trying to sleep.” I leaned over to her. “Sleeping at 3? Is he insane?” Heather laughed and whispered, “No, he sleeps all the time! Like a bloody sloth!” We both busted out into fits of giggles. I absolutely loved the way she said bloody. Her accent made it ten times better.

After our laughing fits, we got up to make something to eat. We decided on sandwiches and Heather made them. We ate on the floor, because we were too lazy to sit at the table. Heather’s brother walked in on us, laying, sprawled out on the floor, and talking about ‘landscaping’. “You girls are weird.” He muttered before going back to his room. Suddenly, another boy came into the kitchen. He had straight hair and had beautiful blue eyes. He too was shirtless, like Heather’s brother was earlier. He grabbed some chips, before retreating back to her brother’s room. My eyes, still widened, looked straight at Heather. “Who was that?” I whispered. Heather looked at me, confused. “Who was who?” “That boy with the straight hair! He just walked in here!” Heather thought for a second then said, “Oh! That’s Carter. He’s Harry’s best friend and he lives with us.” “He’s pretty cute!” I whispered. Heather slyly smiled and I knew she was planning something. “Carter!” she yelled. The cute looking boy came walking into the kitchen. “My friend, here, thinks you’re cute.” My eyes nearly fell out of their sockets. I buried my face in my hands, in embarrassment. Oh God, Heather. Why did she do that? I felt a poke on my head and I looked up to see the boy standing in front of me. He was laughing while saying, “Thanks, Love. You’re not too shabby yourself, dear.” He then walked back to Heather’s brother’s room. I felt my face get red, and I immediately knew I was blushing. Great. Heather then busted out in extreme laughter. I couldn’t help but laugh with her. “Carter’s such a sweetheart. Yet he’s so loud.” I smiled and nodded, just as I heard him yelling from Harry’s room.

Chapter 6:

Once we finished our sandwiches, we went to Heather’s room. Katherine’s house was very familiar to me, so I knew almost exactly where everything was. Her room was the only upstairs room in the house. When Katherine used to live here, her parent’s office was up there, and I rarely went up there. Now the walls were painted pink and Heather’s furniture and belongings were spread on the room neatly. Her single bed was rested by the window, and her computer desk was on the opposite side of the window. Heather sat down on her bed, and began to play on her phone.

The thing I was mostly jealous of Heather was that she was born into a very rich family. Her father was the owner of a very successful company, yet I always seem to forget the name of it. Her mother was a lawyer. Unfortunate for me, my father was retiring out of the military and my mother worked at a dental lab. She didn’t make a lot of money, and our family always seemed to be tight on money.

After a few minutes, Heather tossed her phone to the side and turned to me. “What do you want to do?” she asked. “I don’t know…” I checked the time. 5:40PM. Dang, where did the time go? “Heather, I’ve got to go! My mom told me to be home ten minutes ago!” Heather made a pouty face. “Can you ask if you can spend the night?” “But on a weekday?” “Loads of people do it! We’ll go to bed on time, and go to school together! And you can borrow my clothes.” I shifted my position, thinking. What would my mom say? “It’s worth a try!” I finally gave in. I pulled out my phone and began to call my mom. It rung three times, before she finally picked up. “Brooklyn? Where are you, sweetie?” I heard her soft voice through the phone. “I’m still at Heather’s. Sorry mom. She was wondering if I could spend the night at her house.” I crossed my fingers, hopefully. I heard my mom hesitate for an answer. “But it’s a school night. No, sorry.” I frowned. “But mom, I promise we won’t stay up late! We’ll wake up on time and go to school tomorrow! You can talk to her parents about it!” I begged. My mom hesitated again. “Oh fine. But if you miss school, don’t come crying to me! Love you.” “I love you too mommy! See you tomorrow.” I turned to Heather with a big smile on my face. “She said yes!” Heather smiled brightly, right back at me.

“Let’s go swimming!” She suddenly squealed. I laughed, “But I don’t have a swim suit!” “You can borrow one of mine!” I paused, awkwardly. “But, no offense or anything, but I kind of… um, have… a bigger… uh... chest than you.” I quickly muttered. Heather began laughing. “Fine, you can wear this one, it’s a bit big on me, and perhaps it will fit you!” she said as she pulled out a black swim suit from her drawer. I tried it on, and surprisingly found that it fit. With that, we went to her backyard. We dipped our feet and discovered that the water was cold! “Let’s dive in together!” she giggled. We linked arms and stood at the end of the deep end of her pool. Just as we were about to jump, she took a step back and let go of my arm, and pushed me into the water. The water was freezing! Why was her pool so cold on a summer night? Even from underneath the water, I heard Heather’s loud laugh. I swam to the area she was standing, quietly. While being distracted, I grabbed her by her ankles and threw her into the water. She belly flopped into the water, and I found myself losing my breath from laughing so hard.

We suddenly heard someone yelling at us. Heather’s neighbors. I forgot that they were jerks. Heather covered her mouth with her hands, to stop herself from laughing. She suddenly dived underwater, and swam to the bottom of the pool, sitting criss-cross applesauce. I giggled and dived under the water as well. I sat down in front of her and stared at her. Heather suddenly jumped at me, scaring me. I screamed, but all that came out was bubbles and a slight squeal. We both swam to the top of the water for air. “You should have seen your face!” she mocked. I suspiciously smiled and dived back underwater, while she was laughing. I yanked her ankles down, so she went back underwater without realizing I was gone. She came back up, coughing up water, yet still laughing.

Heather was always laughing. Ever since the day I met her. She was always so happy. Why couldn’t I be like that? I probably could, other than when I’m on my monthly days. Anyways, Heather and I began to talk until we heard something loud coming from the inside of her house. “What’s that?” I asked, curiously. Heather turned her head towards her house. “I don’t know, why don’t we check it out?” she said before jumping out of the pool. I already knew that she knew what was happening, but I followed anyways.

Chapter 7:

As we cautiously tip-toed through the house, we made our way to the garage. When we got inside, we were welcomed by a loud drum sounding off, and a deafening guitar playing. Suddenly, our eyes adjusted to the dim lighting and I realized it was Harry, Carter, and a few of their friends, about three more of them. One of them had straight hair and bushy eyebrows. His hair was a dirty kind of blonde. Another was completely blonde and had the prettiest blue eyes. Finally, the third stranger had blackish hair and chocolate brown eyes. I recognized Harry’s curly brown hair, and Carter’s straight hair and girly bum. Harry suddenly jumped onto the drums and beat them with the drum sticks. They all began to sing random songs like idiots. Heather and I couldn’t help but laugh so hard. Wide eyed, all five boys turned to look at us. “When did you get here?” The blonde one muttered. Heather eyed him, “its cool, Charlie. This is Brooklyn. She’s my best friend, and we were just swimming.” The blonde one, apparently called, Charlie, nodded. “Brook, this is Henry,” she paused, pointing at the straight haired boy with the bushy eyebrows. “Hello, love.” He said. I smiled and dipped my head. “And this is, Daniel.” She pointed at the black haired boy. Daniel smiled and nodded his head. I nodded mine back and giggled softly. Charlie looked at me, not greeting me yet, he said, “Hi, Brook!” He was adorable, like little puppy adorable. I wanted to pinch his cheeks and squeal, but I restrained myself and realized they were about a year or two older than I was. “Can you go away? We’re rehearsing?” Harry impatiently commented. Heather glared at him, “Your rehearsal sucked.” She retorted. Harry narrowed his eyes at her. I grabbed Heather’s arm and dragged her inside. “He seems mad.” I commented. Heather laughed, “Yeah, he’s too serious.” We shrugged and went into the living room to watch TV.

After about a half hour, we heard a loud group of talking. We both immediately knew it was the boys. They entered the living and piled onto the couches with Heather and I. “You girls want to go swimming?” they finally said. “But we already went swimming.” Heather’s accented voice filled my ears. Luckily, Heather and I were still in our bathing suits because the boys grabbed us both into their arms. Carter and Henry were holding Heather, while Daniel, Charlie, and Harry were holding different limbs of mine. We were all laughing, except Heather who was struggling, unsuccessfully, to get out of their grasps. It was funny, until the boys tossed us right into the water. Heather and I screamed like little girls. They laughed and took off everything but their pants. They jumped in right after us, making wave’s crash right into our faces. Everyone was laughing, and splashing water at each other’s faces, until a loud door slamming echoed through their backyard. A tall, slender, professional-looking blonde-haired, woman stood by the door, staring at us. “What’s going on here?” I heard her much accented voice say. “This is Brook! She’s my new best friend, and she lives right down the street, Mommy.” Heather’s mother nodded her head slightly, and walked back inside. She wore a sleek red dress that fit her well, and seemed to show off her slight curves well. She was beautiful, but she seemed to be very strict. We continued to play in the pool until our fingers got very wrinkly.

Chapter 8:

Later, when Heather and I were in her room, just chilling and talking, she turned to me and asked, “Hey, Brook. Would you like to come with the boys and my family on vacation to the mountains this weekend?” My attention shifted to her and I looked right at her. “I’ll have to ask, but I think my parent’s will say yes. Do I need to bring any money?” Heather shook her head, with a big grin on her face. “Delightful.” She cheered, while clapping her hands together.

The last few days of school had rolled by so quickly. Josh had ignored me before the last day of school. On the last day, he stood by my side almost the entire day. He was super sweet and hilarious to talk to. He would give me slight compliments, here and there. That day went by pretty well, and loads of people had signed my arms, since I didn’t buy a yearbook. Josh signed it several times, and put random, tacky sentences on them, with little hearts following the end of each of them. He was such a sweetheart, but for some reason, I kept getting this feeling that he was faking it all. It just felt too good to be true, that my ex would come running back for me, after he dumped me months ago. Anyways, Heather was by my side as well, and school ended sooner than I had thought it would.

After school, I walked to her house in my jean shorts, and my pink striped tank top. When I arrived there, I saw her family and the boys packing a limo up with bags and boxes. When I neared them, the boys saw the writing on my arms and commented, “Oh, who wrote all that? Your boyfriend?” “Look, there’s little hearts on some of these!” “Brook has a lover!” Heather stepped in, saving me, “Her friends signed her arms because she didn’t get a yearbook. Also, her ex boyfriend signed it. He fancies her.” The boys erupted with a chorus of ohh’s and aww’s. Heather rolled her eyes and we began to talk. I took my bag off my shoulders and tossed it on the ground. Henry walked up to me saying, “Let me get that for you, dear.” He always said babe, love, darling, dear, or something like that, after most things he said. It was adorable the way he said it. All the boys did that most of the time.

Finally, we finished packing everything, and everyone piled into the limo. What was crazy is that her parent’s sat in the front, driving the limo. They raised the window thing, so we couldn’t hear what they were talking about. I sat on the right side seat, with Heather seated to my right, and Henry on my left side. Daniel, Harry, and Carter sat on the opposite side of seats than us. Charlie sat beside Heather too. The car started, and we were off. The car ride already was fun, because of the boys.

After about a few hours, I fell asleep on Henry’s shoulder. When I woke up, everyone was cracking up. “What’s so funny?” I asked, confusingly. They didn’t respond, all of them just cracked up, dying from laughter. “What?” I asked again, feeling a bit embarrassed. “You talk in your sleep!” Harry squealed like a girl, trying to suppress his laughter. I smiled slightly, “What did I say?” Daniel, laughing like the rest of them, squealed, “You were saying ‘That’s my pudding!’ and other weird things like, ‘Josh! That’s my cat! It doesn’t like you, go away!’” They all busted out laughing even harder when Daniel said cat. I knew there was a dirty meaning behind it. My face got red, and I buried my face in my hands. “This is why I can’t fall asleep in front of anyone.” I laughed. The laughter died down a bit, and Henry pulled my hands from my face. “If it makes you feel any better, you look adorable when you sleep, especially when your head’s resting on my shoulder.” The group laughed again. My face turned red, once more and I apologized. “No worries.” He replied. Suddenly, Carter busted into song, “For the rest of your days! It’s our problem free, philosophy! Hakuna Matata!!!!” Everyone laughed, and joined along.

Chapter 9:

We finally arrived at their cabin on the mountain. It was big and looked very fancy. We all rushed inside, to find rooms. Luckily, I got to the house second, right after Henry. Running with my dad, in the past school year had definitely did pay off. I rushed around the house, frantically looking for a good room. I made way to a nice looking room, but Henry was sitting on the bed, singing in triumph, “I got it first, I got it first!” I frowned in disappointment and made way to another nice looking room that had two sets of bunk beds. It was big and very nice looking, so I climbed up to the top of the bunk bed, right by the window. Heather made her way to the room, and smiled. “You got a good room, but we’re going to have to share with Harry and Carter. Those losers didn’t make it in time.” I shrugged. Harry ran in, yelling, “I call being on top!” to Carter. Carter then jogged in. They busted out in an exhausted fit of laughter. They definitely had gutter-minds. Heather and I giggled at their joke, while they climbed into their beds.

Supper time came and Heather’s parents made fancy spaghetti. They brought out special plates, and I was left in surprise by what they had, especially at a cabin. My family would usually just have paper plates. Anyways, we all sat down at the table, say the blessing, and ate in an awkward silence. I seemed to forget my manners at home, because I ate like a pig. My face was a mess, and Heather’s parents left the table. Everyone began to laugh at me. “You are such a messy eater.” Harry teased. I smiled, and grabbed a napkin to wipe off my face.

Chapter 10:

After supper ended, we all began to play truth or dare. It was really fun until my turn came up. Heather was picking a dare for me. This wasn’t going to be good at all. Heather had her way of embarrassing me in front of people, so I sat there, waiting patiently for her to make one up. She suddenly smiled very mischievously and said coolly, “I dare you,” she paused, dramatically, “To go skinny dipping.” Everyone laughed loudly, until she held up a finger, still smiling. “With Harry.” My eyes immediately widened and I turned to look at Harry, who was smiling and laughing so hard. I didn’t want to look like a chicken in front of them all, so I got up and began to walk out of the door. Luckily, it was dark, so no one could really see our bodies. We stripped down to bare skin and jumped into the water. The freezing water engulfed me, and I couldn’t move my body at all. It was like I was frozen. I began to sink, until I felt Harry grab me, and pull me back up. He helped me float at the top of the water. I was about to tell him thanks, until I felt something. “Please tell me that was a fish.” I awkwardly stated. Harry chuckled softly, but I interrupted him with my loud, obnoxious laughing. We both swam there for a few moments, laughing so hard. We heard Heather finally say, “Alright, love birds! It’s time to get out!” The other boys giggled like little girls from where they were standing. Harry and I got out of the water, and got dressed again. Once we got back inside, we finished the game, with everyone forfeiting because the dare’s got weird and boring.

Chapter 11:

We all decided to watch movies. Everyone wanted to watch scary movies but me. “But they’re scary!” I whined, loudly. “That’s the point.” I heard Harry mutter. “I will end up wetting my pants!” I kept complaining. “Shut up, and watch the film!” Heather decided to sit with Charlie on a loveseat couch. She liked him; I knew it from the start. I was stuck to be seated with Harry and Daniel on my sides. Do you know how boys have a habit of putting their arms on the back part of a chair or couch; well they both ended up doing that. The movie started and everyone decided to watch 28 Days Later. It was a pretty good movie, except I was so afraid of zombies. I buried my face in Daniel’s chest, from being afraid, until he fell asleep, during the beginning of the movie. I then turned to Harry, clinging to his body for mental support. Everyone else fell asleep, and we were the only ones awake. My wet hair dampened his clothes, and I apologized. He didn’t mind, instead he rested his hand on my hair, softly playing with it. He ran his fingers through it, to get the knots out, and tried braiding it, and just twisting it in his fingers. For some reason, it felt really good, and it seemed to make me feel drowsy. I took a deep breath, absorbing his scent. He smelt lightly of cologne and some scent I couldn’t decipher. I suddenly thought to myself, “Did I like him? Was I growing feelings for my best friend’s brother?” I laid there, questioning how I felt towards him. I frowned. “No, he was just comforting me, and it was just a friendship. Nothing more, nothing less. He was like a brother.” As he played with my hair, I seemed to be lulled to sleep.

Chapter 12:

The next morning, I woke up in my bed. What the heck? I fell asleep on the couch last night. I shrugged it off, and went straight to the bathroom. I washed my hair off, and brushed my teeth, before going back into my room. I quickly realized that Harry and Carter ended up sleeping in an extra room, downstairs to give Heather and I our privacy. Heather sat up in her bed, and moaned, “Heather, you awake?” I could tell she was tired, her voice expressed it all. I made a small noise, signaling I was, in fact, awake. “Oh, since you were up first, you have to wake up everyone! It’s a family rule!” I rolled my eyes and hopped off the top. I yanked Heather’s covers off and yelled, “WAKE UP!” She laughed and got up, immediately going to the bathroom. I then sprinted to Daniel, Henry, and Charlie’s room and yanked all of their covers off, singing “It’s time to get up, sleeping beauties!” They sleepily looked at me, and got up, rather slowly. I then ran downstairs into the extra rooms.

Carter was snuggled on one side of the bed, like a baby. I went right next to his face and whispered, “Hey Carter. Hey, Carter. Hey, Carter. It’s time to wake up!” while poking his face. Carter slowly got up and advised, “Wake Harry up gently, will you? He’s rather a grouch in the morning. Good luck, love,” before running off into the kitchen with everyone else. I went to Harry’s side of the bed and poked his face. He groaned softly. I then shook his arm lightly. “Wake up.”  I murmured. He muttered something and I began to grow impatient. I grabbed the covers, and ripped them off of him. He suddenly jolted up, and grabbed the covers again. He was shocked, and kind of embarrassed. I then realized that he slept in the nude. I wrapped my hands over my face and ran to Heather.

As I told Heather the story, she couldn’t help but laugh until her sides hurt. “Yeah, my brother has a habit of sleeping naked.” “You could have told me that, earlier!” I whined. She just smiled and laughed.

Breakfast felt extremely awkward. No one really talked, and I couldn't even talk to Harry, let alone look at him. Heather told everyone that her parents planned for everyone to go hiking. Unsurprisingly, they were going. They had their own adult plans. Anyways, we all got dressed. Heather and I wore matching Jean shorts with a nice, slightly tight, white tank top. We then set off on our hiking trip. We were surrounded by trees, but a faint trail was kind of noticeable, so that's how we were instructed.

Chapter 13:

Since just hiking was boring, Heather and I decided to chase each other. She chased me for a long time, but gave up. Instead of walking back to the group, I stayed in the lead, just in case Heather decided to chase me again. I turned around to see her walking by Carter. She really liked him. Everyone knew it. Anyways, I turned back around and kept walking. After a few minutes, Harry caught up to me and said, "Hey, I'm so sorry about this morning." I suppressed myself from giggling. "It's alright; I was just blinded for a few minutes. I didn't know you'd be...” I paused, "yeah, when you were sleeping." Harry smiled for a second and looked away, clearly he was embarrassed.

We began to start up a conversation, and didn't pay attention of where we were walking. He turned to me and asked, "So what’s your whole name?" I smiled and replied, "Brooklyn Marie Davis. What's yours?" i asked, in sheer curiosity. All this time, I didn't know Heather or Harry's last names. It was pitiful. I then heard his deep voice rumble, "Harold Edward Davidson." I snorted in laughter. He faked a frown and playfully told me to shut up. I kept suddenly broke out in extreme laughter. "Harold...” I repeated.

Chapter 14:

After several minutes, we finally realized at we had strayed off the trail and gotten lost. I began to panic and my breathing rapidly quickened. I was scared. I heard Harry yell the group's names. No answer. I felt my eyes begin to water and I fell to my knees. "We're screwed." I muttered, beginning to break down into tears. I felt Harry's large hands comfortingly stroke my back. "Hey, it's gonna be alright. We'll eventually find them." I looked up at him, nodding slowly. We spent about a half hour, screaming and yelling their names. We spent almost the rest of the day trying to find the trail again. Unsuccessfully, we decided to camp by a tree.

For me, this was such a scary experience. It’s worse than being left at Wal-Mart, by your parents. Harry, on the other hand, seemed to take everything under control. He was perfectly calm. The sky was already beginning to dim, and it got a bit chilly. "Do you want my jacket?" he offered. I shook my head, knowing he'd be cold as well. Honestly, I really did want to wear his dark grey hoodie, but I never told him that. Shaking my head, I whimpered, "No, then you'll be cold too." he shrugged and suggested, "Then why don't we huddle together for warmth?" He slyly smiled, and I nodded. I got up and laid right beside him. He was sitting up on a tree, and I was slightly sitting up, slightly lying down. He wrapped his arms around my own, resting his hands on my stomach. I turned to my side, buried my face on his chest, and rested one hand on his stomach. His hand found my hair, and he carefully stroked it, and played with my hair. I then remembered the night we were watching movies together. Was I growing feelings for him? Truthfully, I had no clue. We definitely did grow closer and closer. I suddenly remembered all the times he held me or flirted with me. Why was I asking myself this? I didn't like him that way, we were just good friends. No, I did like him. At that moment, it hit me; I had feelings for my best friend’s brother.

I awoke to the birds singing their beautiful morning songs. I disappointedly sat up, we were still lost. I turned to look at Harry, who was still sound asleep. "Come back to bed, honey." I heard him mumble. I covered my mouth, to stop myself from laughing. I got on my knees and gently poked his face. "Harold! Wake up dear." I said in a hushed voice. He didn't budge at all. I began to carefully stroke his hair, in a motherly way. He shifted his position slightly, and lowered his eyebrows. "Go away." he muttered. I playfully hit him softly, on the shoulder. He then bolted up, wide eyed for a second, before rubbing his tired eyes with his massive hands. He quickly stood up, and helped me to my feet. "We should try to find the cabin." he then said. I nodded and we began to walk in a random direction.

It was silent for several minutes, until I finally broke it by saying; "You have huge hands." he smiled, while turning to me. "Uh, thanks." he muttered awkwardly. His hair dangled in his face for a moment, before he shook it aside with his signature hair flip. He shook it forward twice and brushed it to the side. That way, it made it look cuter. "Well, you know what people say about guys with big hands..." I stated, trying to hold back my laughter, and giving him a wink. He snorted softly, and turned to me, wide eyed. "They play bass!" I finished quickly. He suddenly busted out, laughing. We suddenly found ourselves back at the cabin.

Chapter 15:

We both broke into a run and swung the door open, screaming everyone's names. They all poured out of their rooms, running straight for us. They screamed our names, and we found ourselves in a massive group hug. Heather ran out of the bathroom, just as the group hug broke away. She screeched my name and pretty much tackle hugged me. I hugged her back, tightly, feeling my eyes begin to water. "I was so scared...” I whispered into her ear.

She jumped on me, again, hugging me with her arms, and wrapping her legs around me. “WOMANCE!” I heard Carter scream. We both laughed and she got off of me. “Are you two okay? How are you?” she immediately asked. Before I could speak, Harry said, “We’re fine, Brooklyn though was scared out of her mind.” I slumped my shoulder, “I wasn’t that afraid.” I shot back, over-emphasizing the word, ‘that’. Harry softly laughed and turned to the boys, who were still hugging him. Carter hugged Harry for a long time. You see, Carter and Harry pretended to have this, ‘bromance’, especially since they were best friends. “BROMANCE!” I screamed, while laughing with Heather. Henry, Charlie, and Daniel laughed, while holding their sides. Everyone knew they had a fake little bromance. “Sometimes I question both of your sexualities.” Heather stated, while giggling.

Chapter 16:

That night, we were all watching movies together. Heather decided to sit in between Carter and Charlie, so I decided to sit in between Daniel and Harry. Henry sat on the floor, between my legs. We were watching Season of the Witch. In the beginning, where one of the diseased people jumped up, I screamed and clung to Harry’s side. The boys laughed at my reaction and I turned away, blushing.

After watching about half the movie, and playing with Henry’s hair, I heard my phone begin to ring. I quickly yanked it out of my pocket and whispered, “Hello?” A familiar voice filled my ears, “Hey Brooklyn.” I smiled slightly, “Oh hey there Josh.” I replied. “What’s up?” “Nothing really, watching a movie with some people.” “It sounds like fun. With who?” “Heather, Daniel, Henry, Carter, Charlie, and Harry.” I sort of said Harry, more warmly than I intended. I heard Josh hesitate. “Who are the boys?” “None of your business, Josh.” I teased, warmly. I felt Harry’s gaze on me, “Who is that?” he questioned, innocently. “My other friend, Josh.” I mumbled, holding a hand over the speaking piece of my phone.

Josh and I continued to talk for another minute until he, for some unknown reason, began to grow angry. “So, are you free tomorrow?” He suddenly asked. “Nope, I’m on vacation with Heather’s family and friends.” “What about this weekend.” I think Harry heard him say that, because he straightened up and quickly said, “You’re busy this weekend.” I smiled slightly and asked what I was doing. “Tell him that you’re going out on a date with me.” I laughed, but covered my mouth. “Yeah, I am.” Harry took my phone and said, “She’s taken by me!” I sat there, holding my sides, and laughing. Daniel took my phone and said, “She’s my lady!” Henry stole the phone and said into it, “Woah guys, she’s mine.” After Henry, Carter stole the phone and said, “Lady Brooklyn is my territory!” rather loudly. Charlie took the phone and said, “Brook is my babe!” Finally, Heather took the phone and said, “Don’t mind those idiots, she’s free this weekend.” She tossed my phone back at me, and I caught it in one hand. “Josh?” I asked, hoping he didn’t hang up. “Great. Movies this weekend, 8 o’clock, alright?” He hung up quickly and I turned to the boys who were already oooh’ing and saying in a mushy tone, “Sounds like someone’s got a date!” I rolled my eyes and we continued to watch the movie until we all went to bed.

Chapter 17:

The weekend rolled by, faster than I intended.  I liked being on vacation with Heather’s family and the boys. I had to admit, I was kind of sad it ended. Yet, I was still excited for my date with Josh. The special night rolled its way into the present, and I dolled myself up. I straightened my hair and wore Capri pants with a red v-neck shirt. My mom drove me to the movie theaters and she told me not to kiss him or do anything bad. I agreed not to, and told her if Josh tried to do anything, I’d tell him to stop. Convinced, she finally let me out of the car.

As I walked into the movie theater, I saw Josh standing, waiting for me. We bought our tickets and some popcorn before walking in. I had no clue what movie we were going to watch. When we sat down, he automatically put his arm around me. Oh God… I thought to myself. I already knew this was going to be a crappy date. The movie started, and he kept trying to cuddle me. I then realized he picked a horror film. He picked it, just so he could have the chance to cuddle me. That is so sad. I couldn’t help but think for most of the film. After several attempts to flirt, Josh leaned in, when I was focused on the movie. I knew he was about to kiss me, so I took a handful of popcorn and shoved it into my mouth, turning to him. Disappointment filled his eyes, and he sat back down, normally, in his seat. I quickly pulled out my phone, and texted Harry.

To: Harold (:

I need help…

I set my phone to my side, and to its lowest brightness setting, so Josh wouldn’t see it. After about a minute, he replied saying:

From: Harold (:

With what? The date?


To: Harold (:

The date sucks…

After I sent that message, I didn’t get a reply for a while. Sooner or later, I heard someone on the row behind me. Actually, it wasn’t just one person, several people. Silent whispers filled the theater, until, finally, they died down. I felt my phone vibrate, finally.

From: Harold (:

Your prince charming has arrived.

Suddenly I got another text from Carter, saying:

From: Carpenter! :D

Turn around, love.

I turned around from my seat, to recognize five teenage boys’ faces. They all cheekily smiled and waved innocently at me. A wide smile filled my face and I waved back. I turned back around in my seat. Josh looked at me, questioningly. “Who are they?” he whispered, hostility ringing in his voice. I shrugged, “I have no clue…” I innocently lied. I heard Charlie snort from behind us. After about five minutes, Josh leaned over to me, trying to kiss me. This time, I turned to him, wide eyed. Before I knew it, a piece of popcorn flew right at his face. I covered my mouth, to stop myself from laughing. Josh looked at me confused. “Sorry, I was aiming at someone else.” I heard Daniel’s voice say. While snorting, and trying to hold back my laughter, I quickly pulled out my phone and texted Daniel.

To: Danimal(:

Perfect timing. <3

The movie finished before we knew it, and Josh walked me to the front. He turned to me, and leaned forward to kiss me. Oh Lord, boys please help me, I thought to myself. Suddenly I heard screaming. The boys formed a big group and ran right into Josh and I. Josh had enough, I could feel it. “You know what? Whatever.” He angrily whispered. He gave me a quick hug and turned away.

The boys somehow disappeared and I stood there, awkwardly, with Josh. A car suddenly pulled over in front of us. Carter was driving, since he already had his driver’s license. He was the oldest of the boys, yet he was the most immature. Anyways, Harry opened his door, pulling out a wad of cash. “Get in. This should be enough for tonight, hoe.” was all he said, trying to sound bitter and mean. I tried to suppress my laughter, and I took the money and went into the car. As Harry closed the door, I looked back at Josh, who had his mouth hanging low. After the door closed, we all busted out in laughter. The date went by pretty well, but only because of the boys.

Chapter 18:

The following week, Heather invited me and a few other’s to a summer sleepover/pool party. I had no clue who was being invited, but I assumed it was people I was also friends with. The day of the party finally came and I knew everyone there. I looked around the yard, recognizing faces; Rachel, Bailey, and the twins, Mary and Amber. Mary and Amber looked exactly alike, they had thin blonde hair, but the only way you could pretty much tell them apart, was that Mary had shorter hair then Amber. Amber’s hair went down to the bottom of her chest, whilst Mary’s went to her shoulders. They had brilliant blue eyes and Mary acted a bit more tomboy-ish, while Amber acted more girly. Mary wore a loose light blue shirt with Capri’s, while her sister wore a matching pink shirt with darker shorts. Bailey had dark soft skin, short brown hair, and amazing chocolaty brown eyes. She wore a pink tank top with black shorts. Rachel was another one of my good friends. She had perfectly straight light brown hair and the prettiest blue eyes I’ve ever seen. She was wearing a cute striped red shirt with cute jean shorts. She had a soft voice, but she was definitely one of my best friends who I always texted.

After about ten minutes of introducing everyone to the guys, the door swung open. “You guys, this is Jay. He’s from our school.” Carter introduced, patting this tan, fit, tall, boy with sort of straight hair. He was cute, I couldn’t lie. I turned to look at the other girls’ expressions. Rachel’s eyes were lit, and she was standing straight. I tried to hold in my laughter, while walking over to her. “Sounds like you like someone!” I cooed into her ear. Rachel turned to me, blushing.

Chapter 19:

About an hour into the party, everyone was having a blast, throwing each other into the pool, playing games, and even flirting with others. Rachel and Jay really got it on; they were instantly flirting the first ten minutes he got here.

While I was busy watching everyone else, I felt someone’s arms wrap around my belly, picking me up as if I weighed nothing. I flailed wildly in the arms of whoever it was. I craned my neck to see Curly Head giving me a cheeky smile. “Harry, put me down, right now!” I pouted. He smiled slyly and nodded slowly. With that, he threw me right into the pool. I surfaced the water, yelling his name. He retreated to the other boys.

Another hour passed, and I took another look around. Mary was flirting with Daniel, while her sister, Amber, was flirting with Henry. Bailey had her eyes on Carter. It was the cutest thing ever. Heather, of course, was flirting with Charlie. Harry stuck by my side, like a little puppy, for most of the party. He was so adorable. At one point, I caught myself checking him out. It was pathetic. He had abs, but not the disgustingly muscular kind, the hot kind.

We all went inside to get dried off and eat, later. Someone came up with the idea to play spin the bottle. Everyone was up for it, except Mary and Amber. Their parents arrived there, wanting to take them home. Unable to ignore their parents, they went home. We were down to ten people: Harry, Daniel, Henry, Charlie, Carter, Heather, Bailey, Jay, Rachel, and me. We got a bottle and began to play. All the girls had a certain person in mind they wanted to kiss. Bailey was up first, and her wish came true. The bottle landed on Carter. “Wooo! Go Carter!” I heard one of the boys scream. Carter, smiling, leaned over and planted a kiss on Bailey’s lips. I had never seen her happier than this, she seemed to be radiating happiness. Rachel went next. The bottle landed on her lover, Jay. Her eyes sparkled with joy. Rachel leaned over, just like Carter had, and kissed Jay right on his lips. They both seemed to enjoy it. After Rachel, it was Charlie’s turn. He spun the bottle, and it landed on Heather. Happiness sparked in her eyes and they quickly kissed. Then, it was Daniel’s turn. He spun the bottle and it landed on Henry. The group roared with laughter. Daniel shrugged and kissed Henry right on the lips. More laughter exploded from everyone until their stomachs couldn’t handle it anymore.

Before I knew it, it was Harry’s turn. Hope brightened in my eyes, and I sat up straighter. He spun the bottle, and it felt like an eternity for it to stop spinning. Please land on me, please land on me. I prayed. The bottle landed right on the corner of my leg. Thank the Lord. I saw Harry already giving me his cheeky smile. He leaned towards me, puckering his lips. They looked so perfect, and soft. I found myself leaning forward towards him too, until our lips met. We kissed for at least 5 seconds, before Heather ripped us apart saying, “Enough you guys, no need to be getting carried away.” Blushing, I turned away, giggling.

Chapter 20:

The game ended sooner than everyone expected and everyone pretty much went home but the boys and I. Heather and I had a girl discussion, which was great, until she brought up about her brother and my kiss. “So, you like my brother.” She started, awkwardly. “What? Who told you that?” “Everyone knows it, Brooklyn.” “Well too bad I don’t.” “Yeah you do, don’t lie to yourself. We all saw how that kiss went.” I straightened up a little bit. “It was just a game, besides; everyone saw how you reacted when Charlie got to kiss you.” “Whatever.”

After that awkward conversation, the boys, Heather, and I watched another movie. This time, it was some random movie we didn’t pay attention to after the first ten minutes. Instead, we all began to talk about random things. “I’ve always wanted to be picked up and carried everywhere.” Heather confessed. The boys turned to me, asking for a confession. “Umm, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher when I got older?” I stupidly said. The boys slightly laughed, “Come on, you can think of something better then that!” “Fine, I’ve always wanted to have a romance like they do in chick flicks.” The boys stayed quiet for a few moments for a few moments, before turning to Harry. I heard Charlie whisper, “Better keep than in mind, lad.” The boys laughed for a few moments before confessing themselves. Charlie said, “I’ve always wanted the band to become famous one day.” Daniel said, “I have a habit of looking at myself in mirrors.” Henry confessed, “I sometimes straighten my hair.” Carter then said, “Once I date a girl, I’ll try to find an excuse to kiss her every five minutes.” Harry’s voice then rang in my ears, “Umm, I am a guy.”  He said, sounding even more stupid than I had. “Come on, Harry.” I heard Daniel say. “Um, well I’ve always wanted to kiss a girl in the rain.” Harry then began to blush, adorably. The boys erupted out ohh’s, mocking him. “Come on, something else, now.” I heard Daniel say. “Uh, well I guess I hate roller coasters.” I chuckled for a second. “Seriously?” I choked. He nodded severely. “I guess we’ll all just have to go to a theme park.” I smiled.

Ironically, Heather’s parent’s agreed to let the boys, Heather, and I go to a theme park. It was about 3 hours away from their house, and Carter offered to drive, since he already had his permit. The car ride, of course, was amazingly fun, and I sat next to Henry. He had his arm around my chair, and we talked the entire ride. About after 2 hours of driving I received a text from Harry.

From: Harold (:

He stole my seat...):


To: Harold (:

Sit with me on the way back home? (: <3


From: Harold (:

Of course. <3

I was left with a smile on my face. While the boys were busy acting crazy in the front, Henry and I had a serious conversation in the back. Not completely serious, but serious enough where we didn’t crack as much jokes as we usually would. We had sort of a brother-sister moment. “Henry, can I talk to you about something?” Henry looked at me, curiosity swimming in his eyes. “What is it, Brooklyn?” “Well,” I started off, pausing. “Never mind, it’s stupid.” Henry looked at me, concerned. “Harry.” He whispered, half-smiling.

I stared at him in disbelief. “H-how did you guess?” I managed to choke out. “It’s obvious.” He stated. “But- but…” I began. “Brooklyn, listen. We all know you like Harry, and honestly, we think he fancies you too. Today, to be sure, go on as many rides as you can with him. If you manage to get him on a roller coaster, then we’ll know how he truly feels about you.” I felt my face burning, and getting red. Don’t blush, don’t blush, and don’t blush. I constantly reminded myself. Too late.

Chapter 21:

We finally got to the theme park and we separated into groups. Henry, Carter, and Daniel got into a group, while Heather and Charlie got into a pair. Harry ran and grabbed my hand, yelling, “I CLAIM LADY BROOKLYN!” He picked me up in his arms, bridal-style, and carried me to the ticket booth. Everyone else caught up and we all paid for wristbands to enter.

After we entered the theme park, we realized it wasn’t as full as we thought it would be. Harry took me by my hand and dragged me to a kiddie ride. I laughed at him, “You aren’t seriously going to make me ride this, are you?” He smiled and nodded rapidly. After that boring ride, he dragged me to several other kiddie rides.

“Harry, dear, can we ride something more… our age?” He frowned for a moment, knowing what I was implying. I took a hold of his massive hands and pulled him to a rollercoaster. It wasn’t as big as the other ones, but it was decent sized. Harry stared up at it, clearly afraid. “Come on, it’ll be fun!” I urged. He hesitated before slowly nodding. We waited in line for about ten minutes, before getting in the rollercoaster. I wrapped my arms around him, he still seemed petrified. Harry just stared ahead, breathing rapidly. I grabbed his face, tenderly and turned it so he’d face me. I just stared into his amazing blue green eyes for a moment, before planting a soft kiss on his perfect lips.

Off topic, but I also loved it when guys have the ‘perfect lips’. In my perspective, I think when a guy has the ‘perfect lips’, his bottom lips is bigger than his top, but his top lip is still visible, and normal sized. The top lip was curved inward at the middle, perfectly. For some reason, this just appealed greatly to me. It was a strange fetish of mine.

He smiled slightly, looking a bit more relieved. “When you get to the top and drop, just scream, it really helps.” I advised. He nodded quickly and we felt the rollercoaster lunge forward. I squealed slightly, and hugged Harry tighter. Before we knew it, we were at the top of the hill. The rollercoaster slowly began to fall. I began to scream my head off. While doing so, I turned to look at Harry, who was looking sick. I playfully nudged him and said, “Scream!” He nodded and did so. His scream was more like a soft yell. His deep voice made it hard for him to scream.

After the ride, he seemed more excited. I felt my butt vibrate, and I pulled out my phone. Henry was calling me. “Hello?” “Hey, meet us at the big rollercoaster, and bring Harry. Blindfold him.” That’s all Henry said before hanging up. “Pushy much?” I whispered, bitterly. I walked up to Harry, got on my tip toes to cover his eyes, and lead him to the rollercoaster. I saw Henry, Daniel, Charlie, Heather, and Carter already waiting for me. “Where are we going, dear?” I heard him say. I shushed him and lead him further until we reached the ride. Still blindfolded, I lead him onto the rollercoaster. As the bar was lowered onto our thighs, my hands flew off of his face. Realizing what ride he was on, Harry began to freak out. I wrapped my arms around him, “Oh hush, you’ll live.” I said, jokingly. He half-smiled, still feeling uncomfortable.

Chapter 22:

The rollercoaster jerked forward, just like the last one. This ride was extremely scary, I felt as if I was going to fly out, yet I still kept screaming. When the ride ended, Harry ran off, hugging Carter. He ignored me for about ten minutes before finally talking to me again. “You know I don’t like roller coasters.” He angrily said. “Henry told me to.” I said, raising my hands. Harry rolled his eyes and continued to ignore me. When we all sat down to eat, I pulled out my phone and texted him:


To: Harold (:

You know you can’t ignore me all day…


From: Harold (:

Yea I can.

Starting to grow a bit angry with Harry, I decided to talk to Daniel. We were flinging food at each other and laughing until Heather decided to run off with Charlie, somewhere. “They dig each other.” I muttered at them. They nodded in agreement and finished their food.

The sky was beginning to grow dark, and everyone wanted to ride the Ferris wheel. They all partnered up, and I was stuck with Harry. We boarded the compartment together and sat about a foot apart. It felt awkward as it started. “Look,” I began, sighing. “I didn’t mean to make you mad. It was a joke Henry and I wanted to pull. I didn’t think it’d go this far.” Harry seemed to have sat up. He slid right next to me, and put his arm around me. “That’s what I’ve been waiting for to hear.” I rolled my eyes at him as he gave me a quick peck at the cheek. “You’re such a cheeky boy.” I laughed. Suddenly, we found ourselves at the top of the Ferris wheel. It had stopped with us at the tip top. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” I whispered, admiring the view. The sun was barely up, creating a beautiful horizon. “Yes you are.” I heard him mutter. I turned to him, snorting. “That was so corny.” I laughed. He gave me one of his cheeky grins and we sat there, admiring the view, until the Ferris wheel began to move again.

That night, on the ride home, I fell asleep on his shoulder, to him playing with my hair. This day went by perfectly, minus the part where he was ignoring me.

I wouldn’t say Harry and I were dating; we were more like ‘talking’. If you don’t know what talking is, it’s when two people are not exclusive with each other nor have established what they are as a couple, but have some sort of relationship. It was a pretty good relationship, but I admit; I wanted to be more than friends, do more than just ‘talking’. I wanted to be Harold Edward Davidson’s girlfriend.

Chapter 23:

I thought I was making great progress until the middle of the summer. Harry slowly began to stop talking to me. He still did, just not as much as he did before. It was the 20th of June and I was hanging at Heather’s house with the boys. Everyone but Harry was there. “Where Harry?” I questioned the band. The boys all looked at me, not knowing how to reply. “He’s out, but he’ll be back soon.” Henry quickly said. I looked at them suspiciously. Something was up, and I was going to get to the bottom of it.

After about half an hour of hanging with everyone, Harry walked in the door. A tall, too-skinny, pretty faced, long-brunette-haired, tan girl followed him in. I couldn’t help it, but I immediately felt jealous. My face burned with envy, and the girl’s eyes flashed to mine. I eyed her brown eyes down, until she looked away, clearly feeling uncomfortable. “Everyone, this is Vanessa.” “HARRY’S GOT A GIRLFRIEND!” Henry screamed. Harry slightly laughed, guiding Vanessa to his room. “What do you think they’re going to do in there?” Heather giggled at me, as she leaned over. I shrugged, still angry. “Who knows?” I quickly muttered, trying to hide my jealousy. She was definitely pretty, and I knew why Harry liked her. I wondered if she had a nice personality, or if it was just an act. I was in deep thought about this girl for several weeks.

Don’t get me wrong, I usually don’t judge people before I get to know them. But she was different. She affected my relationship, or what I had of a relationship, with Harry. I guess this is why I didn’t really like her from the start. After a few weeks, I began to notice her giving me dirty looks. Heather and the rest of the boys did too, all except Harry. He was too ‘in love’ with this fake Barbie. I had a high tolerance for her looks until one day when she gave me such a nasty look. Her nose scrunched up in disgust and she cocked her eyebrows. I had enough.

I pushed myself up, out of the couch and walked right up to her. Vanessa looked a bit surprised at first. Luckily, Harry wasn’t there to protect her. I looked her up and down; she was wearing booty shorts, brown boots, and a very low tank top. Too bad she didn’t have anything to fill in the tank top. Her long black hair fell to her waist, and her face was caked with makeup. “Hi.” I mused warmly. She frowned, “Oh hi.” Vanessa mumbled, inspecting her manicured nails. “We probably have gotten off to a wrong start. I’m Brooklyn. Brook, for short.” I stuck out my hand, as if I was going to shake her hand. Vanessa’s eyes flashed and she slapped my hand away. “Don’t get near me.” She hissed, bitterly. I widened my eyes a little bit, taken aback. “Harry’s mine, and you can’t have him, little girl.” She mocked. I managed to choke out, “Excuse me?” You placed a hand on her hip, “You heard me. Harry is my boyfriend, and I think you should keep your distance. You shouldn’t even bother coming to this place.” “Who do you think you are, randomly popping up in my life, telling me that I can’t be friends with my best friend’s brother?” Vanessa hesitated for a comeback. “All I’m saying is that you should watch your back, Davis.” “Do not call me by my last name.” I hissed, angrily. I felt like tackling this s**t to the ground, and beating her until she couldn’t move.

Suddenly, Harry walked into the room. “What’s going on, ladies?” He casually asked. He seemed to have noticed my burning glare aimed straight at his fake little girlfriend. Vanessa smirked and leaned over to Harry, beginning to make out with him. I knew what she was doing. She was trying to make me jealous! Honestly, it worked, but I couldn’t let her know that. Be strong, Brooklyn. I kept telling myself. With that, I stormed off into Heather’s room. Heather looked a bit surprised to see me so angry. “What’s happening?” she questioned, concerned. I told her what happened.

“So… do you?” “Do I, what?” “Do you like my brother?” I paused, not knowing if I should tell her. “No, of course not. He has a girlfriend. Why would I?” Heather slowly nodded. That weekend, I spent the night at Rachel’s house. All night, I was ranting to her about how much I hated Vanessa. I suddenly realized that Rachel probably had enough. “I’m so sorry for ranting about her, Rachel.” I apologized. Rachel looked up at me, her eyes bright, “It’s perfectly fine! Guess what?” she pretty much purred. I asked her what and she said, so happily. “I’m dating Jay, remember him from the party?” My jaw hung low. Jay was adorable, and they were such a cute couple, although he was much taller than her. My eyes sparkled in admiration. “You guys are SO adorable!” I emphasized ‘so’, dramatically. For the rest of the night we gossiped about boys and girl things.

Chapter 24:

Ever since my encounter with Vanessa, I’ve tried to go to Heather’s house less. But one day, I found myself there, hanging with Heather. Vanessa couldn’t stop me from visiting my best friend. To my surprise, Harry was alone that Saturday. Heather went to use the restroom, and we were awkwardly sitting on the couches. “So, how’s Vanessa?” I awkwardly began. “She’s good, I guess.” I nodded, slowly. Suddenly, I couldn’t take it anymore. I stood up, saying, “Harry, why? You lead me on, and dropped me as if I were nothing. We were pretty much talking, and I thought we had something, and then you went and found a girlfriend. Which, by the way, is a total jerk? Do you remember last week, when we were standing by each other? Yeah, she was telling me to back off, to stay away from you, and a bunch of other crap.” I went on and on for several minutes. Harry just stared at me, surprised. I don’t know why I said all that to him; I just had to let it out. “Harry, why don’t you realize that I think I like you?”

I finished and widened by eyes, realizing what I had said. I mouthed a curse word and shut my mouth. I sensed him being shocked as well. I quickly ran outside, and back to my own house. I just screwed myself over.

(Heather’s POV)

It’s been almost a week since Brooklyn has been to my house. What has been wrong with her lately? She’s been acting awfully strange. I was so bored without her, so I went to her house and dragged her back to mine. Once we got inside, she ran straight for my room. When I walked in I said, “Brooklyn, what’s up with you? You’ve been acting strange lately.” She couldn’t look at me; she kept staring at her hands. Clearly, she was thinking if she wanted to tell me or not. “Heather…” I heard her American-accent-filled voice say. Brooklyn ran her hand right through her hair, ruining her perfect side part.

“I lieskfaemyobroakfjaoweer…” She mumbled. I couldn’t make out what she had said. “What? I didn’t quiet catch what you said.” I commented. Brooklyn then got up, took me by my shoulders and stared right into my eyes with her own. I was jealous of her eyes; they were a chocolaty brown that could warm up anyone’s day. “I have feelings for your brother.” She whispered. I suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable. “W-what? Harry?” I managed to choke out, under shock. She liked my brother! My brother! Why Harry? All Brooklyn did was nod very slowly. She seemed to have regretted feeling that way. Brooklyn turned away, sitting back on my bed. “You’re acting like you regret feeling that way towards him.” I commented. Brooklyn’s head snapped up, looking directly at me. “It’s because he has a girlfriend! A mean, s****y, fake, girlfriend…” she retorted. I was caught off guard by how angry she sounded. I suddenly realized how right she was. Vanessa was only nice when Harry was around. But when he wasn’t and it was just me and her, she would either ignore me or make rude comments.

Brooklyn began to tell me what she had told Harry last week. I kept thinking about the fact of how my best friend has feelings for my brother. Then it hit me; Brooklyn was such a better person than Vanessa. They would be a better couple then Vanessa and Harry would ever be. I suddenly felt bad for Brook. She embarrassed herself in front of my brother. I grew angry at Harry for not realizing how great Brooklyn is, instead of Vanessa. “Brooklyn?” I interrupted. She looked up at me with her innocent eyes. “Don’t worry about a thing; I have this covered.” Question danced in her eyes, but she just sat there, shrugging. “Oh and by the way, you and Harry would be a much better couple then Vanessa and Harry would ever be.”  I commented, winking at her. Her eyes lit up and a smile grew on her face.

Later that night, after Brooklyn left, I went into Harry’s room to have a talk with him. Carter surprisingly wasn’t in there. Only Harry was in there, sitting on his bed, listening to music. “Harry?” I asked, knocking on the door softly. He looked up at me, curiosity in his eyes. “What’s up?” “Can we talk, Haz?” He nodded slowly, questioning my suspicion. “It’s about Vanessa.” I started. His eyes darkened a little bit. “What about her?” “She’s a s**t.” “Heather!” I felt him growing angry. “I’m sorry, Haz, but it’s true. She’s a fake and she is so mean when you’re not around. You can ask Brooklyn and me. I don’t think she likes us.” “Of course she does!” “That’s what she tells you, but when you’re not around she gives us dirty looks, and criticizes us. Haz, I can’t stand her.” It seemed like Harry wasn’t convinced with what I said. “And Brooklyn,” I mentioned. “She likes you. A lot. But she feels like nothing now, since you dropped her.” Harry couldn’t look at me anymore. I knew he felt bad.

Harry and I talked for about an hour longer, before Carter came into the room. “What’s goin’ onnnn!” he sang happily. Harry and I both looked up at him, disappointed he interrupted our talk. I got up, and said, “Think about it, Haz,” before walking out of the room.

Chapter 25:

About a week had past, and I was getting worried. Harry still wasn’t talking to me. But what was strange, was that he was locked up in his room, not even bothering to see his girlfriend. Something was wrong, and I wanted to get to the bottom of it.

Harry’s POV:

Every day for the past week, I just stayed in my room, thinking about what I should do. It had only occurred to me today to see if this was true. This, meaning that is Vanessa actually was a s**t and if she was cheating on me. I slipped on a shirt, and checked Facebook, where Vanessa would always post where she’s at. Her recent post, which was posted five minutes ago, had said:

Hanqin’ wit some peeps, bowlin’! Gotta get my swaq on! Gawd, ii love mi bbz.

She had such horrible grammar. I grabbed Carter and got him to drive me to the bowling alley. “You mind staying in the car?” I asked my best friend. He shrugged, “Don’t matter, and just hurry back, love.” I laughed slightly for his nick name for me. With that, I casually walked into the bowling alley, my eyes searching for my girlfriend. I walked to each lane, looking for her, until I finally spotted her. She was sitting on another guy’s lap, pretty much sucking his teeth out. I scrunched my nose in disgust and walked right up to her. “Cheater!” I shouted. Her eyes looked as if they were about to fall out. “Harry! This isn’t what it looks like!” she squealed. I turned around and walked straight for the car. I heard her heels following after me, rapidly. I didn’t bother to turn around. My anger built inside of me, and I felt like ripping her head off of her twig body. I finally made it to the car, immediately slamming the door. She ran up to the car, fake crying. She banged on the window with her hands, and I told Carter to drive home. When we finally got home, little did we realize, Vanessa was right behind us. She followed me inside the house, screaming, and crying. “But Harry, he came onto me!” she screamed. Tears were streaming down her face and I suddenly felt bad. She was blackmailing me with her tears.

“You were cheating on me!” I heard a slight gasp from the couch. I turned my head to see Heather and Brooklyn huddled up together on the couch, watching us with wide eyes. I snapped my attention back at Vanessa when she grabbed my face, in an attempt to try to kiss me. I pushed her away. “Vanessa, no! We’re done. I have feelings for someone else. And, Heather was right, you are a s**t.” I saw Vanessa eyes darken. “Harry!” she screeched. She then turned to Brooklyn and Heather. “You little b******s!” she hissed through her gritted teeth. I grabbed her by the shoulder and said, “Vanessa, I think you should leave.” Vanessa gasped. “But Harry,” she started. I shook my head and told her to get out again. After she left, I went back into my room. I sat on my bed, and ran my fingers through my hair. So much drama and I hated it. The girls were right about her.

Brooklyn’s POV:

            “Oh. My. God.” Heather breathed, utterly shocked. We both ran to Harry’s room, to try to comfort him. I tried my best to not think about how I was his second choice. Heather ran her hand up and down his back. I wrapped my arms around his waist. “Harry, you’re better off without her.” Heather cooed. “She didn’t deserve a girl like you.” I whispered into his ear. It was as if Harry didn’t hear any of us, because we did that for several hours, and he didn’t even speak or move. He just sat at the end of the bed, his fingers in his hair, and him staring at the ground.

            After a few hours of that, Carter entered the room. He gave us a looking telling us; I’ve got this. We both nodded and left the room. Carter took Heather’s spot and patted his back softly, beginning to talk. Before we shut the door, I heard Carter chime, “So who is the ‘special girl’.” Finally, Heather and I shut the door, and I acted like I didn’t hear Carter.

Chapter 26:

            A few days had passed by and Harry and my friendship had returned. I was overjoyed but I couldn’t help but think that I was his second choice, or his fallback girl. I slowly began to notice that he was flirting with me again. It felt great to be back to the days, but I still had the same thought of being a second choice, every time he did flirt with me.

            On a Monday night, Heather and I were curled up together on the couch, watching our favorite TV show. Daniel ran into the room, jumping right beside me. “Watcha two pretty ladies doing?” he mused. Before we had a chance to reply, Henry ran in screaming, and jumping right beside Heather. Just then, did Charlie jogging in and jumping right in front of us. Carter then ran in the room, yelling, “TROLL IN THE DUNGEON!” Heather and I laughed uncontrollably until Harry came in the room. “Who ate my last cookie?” He pouted, with his bottom lip sticking out. He looked just like a little kid, and I laughed at him. Harry suddenly smiled and charged for us, jumping right on top of us. Heather and I screamed playfully and tried to nudge the boys off of us.

            We played around, tossing each other around, and annoying each other for most of the day. Night time blew its way here, and everyone was outside, lying in the grass, and looking at the stars. After about a while, Harry turned to me, giving me a cheeky grin. “Brooklyn, will you go- “he began. I shushed him and interrupted him by saying, “Harry, I’m not going to be a second choice. You have to make an effort to show me that I’m not, and then I will consider your question.” His green-blue eyes shifted away from me, while he slowly nodded.

Chapter 27:

            I didn’t expect Harry to come up with something the very next day but he did. I was lying in bed, trying to get the energy to get out of bed. Finally, when I did manage to get out of bed, I primped myself ready to go to Heather’s house. I had a habit of going there. I just loved her house so much, and everyone there. As I walked out of the door to my house, I noticed something right on the porch, right before stepping on it. I bent down and picked it up. What I held in my hands, was a bundle of beautiful, bright flowers. I widened my eyes. Who in the world would get me flowers? Let alone, leave it on my porch. I suddenly noticed there was a small card attached to them. I opened it up to reveal messy cursive writing that read:

Step One: Flowers

See you soon, love.

I smiled in joy, immediately knowing who sent it. It was sweet of him, but it wasn’t going to get him off the hook so easily. I ran inside and put them in my room. I then proceeded to go to Heather’s house, more eagerly than I had earlier this morning. When I got there, Heather smiled, and I assumed she already knew what happened. We went for a quick swim until we went back inside and watched some TV. “Did you like the flowers?” I heard a familiar voice say, as fingers slid over my eyes, blinding me.

I turned around, pulling the fingers off of my eyes. I turned around to recognize a familiar cheeky face smiling right at me. “Thanks, but you’re not off the hook, yet.” Disappointment filled his eyes, but it quickly disappeared. “No worries, I have other things planned.” He hinted, giving me a wink and walking off. “Other things?” I whispered. He actually wanted to get me back. After several hours of hanging with Heather, I finally went home. My mother was already waiting for me when I came inside. “What’s this?” she asked, tossing the flowers Harry had gotten me on the floor.

I squealed, quickly picking them up. “You didn’t need to throw them on the ground!” I protested. She gave me a glare and said, “Answer me.” “A friend gave it to me.” I noticed her raising one eyebrow. “Oh really?” she laughed. “Then what’s this?” She handed me the little note attached to it. “See you soon, love?” she recited. I grew a little bit angry at her. “Mom, it’s nothing. I was mad at someone, and he’s just trying to regain our friendship. It’s no big of a deal, and he always calls everyone little nicknames, like love or babe or dear.” Looking a little skeptical, she let me off the hook. I ran to my room, clenching the flowers in my hand. He was so sweet.

The next day, I rushed to their house, eager to see what Harry had planned. To my disappointment, he hadn’t gotten me anything. I shrugged it off. He’ll think of something.

Chapter 28:

            A few days had passed and Harry had finally gotten me something else. I was so happy to find a note on my door. I opened the folded paper gently and read:

Step 2: Write her a poem:

With the pieces of my wounded heart

I fly to the safety of your arms

With the tranquility of a flowing river

I listen to your steady breath

With the passion of a pianist

I take in your comforting words.

No, I am not ready to share the love

That has always illuminated from the adoration in your eyes,

The patience of your voice,

The gentleness of your caress

But one day, when my vibrant soul returns with open arms

And my love is longing to spread its wings,

I fully trust that you will await me

My princess, my savior, my rock, my shoulder.


Please wait, just a little longer

My heart is torn,

But your shining love is stitching it back together

My mind is tormented with misery,

But your caring words ease it

My body is desperate for the touch I long,

But your gentle hands hold me

And throughout all this blinding pain and misery,

I bask in your glowing love.


Despite my futile attempts to end, in you there is hope.

In you is the future of my love

In you is the light of my soul

In you is the key to my caged heart, oh my future love.

~See you in a minute, Brooklyn <3~

                   I couldn’t help but smile in admiration. “Did he really write that?” I quietly whispered to myself. I ran back inside my house and put the poem in my pillow case, just in case my mother went snooping in my room. I quickly ran back outside, going to straight to Heather’s house. To my surprise, Harry and the boys weren’t there. “They went out somewhere, I think for a drive to the store.” Heather shrugged. I shifted my position, in disappointment. Harry was making great progress at making me fall for him again.

Chapter 29:

               I only thought Harry was getting me items, until the very next day I got the poem. Heather had gone to my house at about two in the afternoon. My mother let them in and I woke up to her cheeky face staring right at me. I moaned loudly and covered my face with my blanket. “Go away!” I muttered, half-asleep. She giggled quietly and yanked the covers off. I had forgotten I was in my duck pants, and quickly reached for the blankets. “What do you want?” I yelled, pulling the blanket back over my head. “Get up, idiot! I’m here to help you get up! We only have three hours, and you’re still half asleep!” she ordered. I suddenly shot up in bed. “Say what? Get ready for what?” I questioned, knowing something was up. Heather smiled suspiciously, and yanked me out of bed, squealing, “You’ll see, sooner or later!”

               I waited in room, as she ran off to talk to my mother for a minute. I heard my mother let out a loud awwww in admiration and say, “How adorable is that?” I cautiously wondered what was going on, until Heather walked into my room again, closing the door. “So, we need to pick something for you to wear.” She pretty much purred, clapping her hands together. Curiosity nipped at my brain several times when Heather was digging through my closet and drawer’s looking for ‘the perfect outfit’. After about ten minutes of searching, she screamed, “It’s perfect!” yanking out a flowery-patterned, flowy, ruffled-at-the-shoulders dress that was hanging in the back of my closet. I stared at the dress for a moment, “Oh, I forgot I had that dress.” I muttered. Heather squealed and made me put it on.

               After getting the dress on, Heather took my hand and pulled me into the bathroom. “Now it’s time to do your hair!” she sung happily. Heather took out the curler in my bathroom drawer. I shook my head, chuckling. “Heather, my hair doesn’t curl.” I advised. Heather shook her head, laughing, just as I did. “Do not underestimate my skills, Brooklyn Davis!” she yelled, and told me to close my eyes. I had my eyes closed for about twenty minutes. My neck was killing me after Heather sprayed hairspray in my hair and killed my hair with the curler. I never really did like curling my hair or straightening my hair, unless it was for special occasions. It just seemed like too much of a hassle. After Heather finished, she squealed in admiration and told me to open my eyes. My eyes flashed open and I turned to look at myself in the mirror. It surprisingly looked amazing! “How in the hell?” I muttered in astonishment. “I told you.” She gloated. After that, she quickly did my makeup.

               Heather then proceeded to shove me outside. I quickly slipped on my sandals that matched the dress, and saw Carter’s car outside. Carter was in the driver’s seat, waiting for me. This was all planned. I got into Carter’s car and Heather put a blindfold on me. “What’s this for?” I asked, confused. “So it’ll be a surprise!” she cheered. I felt the car moving for about five minutes before it finally stopped. She took off the blindfold, gently and I looked around. “The movie theaters?” I asked.

               I heard a soft tap at the window beside me, and turned my head to see who it was. I then recognized a familiar face with a cheeky smile, curly hair, and pretty blue-green eyes. I smiled shyly, and opened the door. “Would a fine misses, like yourself enjoy viewing a film this fine evening?” I heard his voice mumbled. I returned his smile with one of my own and he bowed for me. I gave him a little curtsey, lifting one side of my dress a little bit. His cheeky smile remained on his face and he reached for my hand. “Let’s go.” He said. I pulled my hand away and began walking. I gave him a weird look and he walked beside me, giving me a pouty face. I rolled my eyes and smiled. Giving in, I let him hold my hand. I entangled my fingers in his massive ones and we walked to the theaters.

               He had paid for my ticket and gotten me some popcorn. We found ourselves some seats and I realized he had chosen a horror movie, just like Josh. But this time, it was different. I felt differently with Harry then I had about Josh. It was something about Harry that just constantly left a smile on my face- something Josh only sometimes did. A few minutes passed, and Harry faked a yawn, slowly stretching his arm around me. I struggled to hold in my laughter, and ended up snorting. “Seriously?” I managed to whisper. He gave me a cheeky grin, flashing all of his perfectly straight teeth, and recovering his cute dimples. I curled the ends of my lips and turned my attention back to the screen.

               For some reason, I suddenly zoned out- not realizing what parts happened in the movies, and thought about Josh, about the moments we’ve had together. Flashbacks from the Christmas time flashed through my mind. I couldn’t help it, I had to admit- I missed those moments I had with him, when he would be so sweet. I quickly shook away the thoughts and focused on Harry. He was such a sweetheart, he was charming, and he was just amazing. No true words could really describe him. Yet, I still wanted him to gain my trust and our friendship back. I really enjoyed the things he was doing to regain it. I loved how he took effort to do this.

               Suddenly, my attention snapped back to reality and the scary parts of the movie were just happening. I got both of my legs up on the seat, and cuddled Harry for comfort. He wrapped both of his arms around me and I felt so safe in his arms. A scene where something popped out right in the screen, screaming, came up and I dug my face into Harry’s chest. His scent filled my nostrils and I couldn’t help but feel a bit mesmerized by how great he smelt. I then peeked at the screen again. This movie was actually pretty creepy, and sooner or later it ended.

               The ride back home was pretty nice. Harry held my hand in the car, until I felt mine get sweaty. Once we got back to my front porch, I took both of my hands in his and stared at me. I had to look up at him, due to his height. He looked at me, straight in the eyes, and I looked into his beautiful blue-green irises. He suddenly leaned forward as if he were going to kiss me. I slowly shut my eyes, puckering my lips. I suddenly felt a light peck on my hand, and my eyes flashed open, in embarrassment. He gave me another one of his cheeky grins and bowed saying, “Goodnight my fair maiden, until we see each other again!” I blushed and went inside. I then realized; I was definitely falling for him again.

Chapter 30:

               Going to the movies with him was amazing, and I felt amazing after that. A week passed, and I hadn’t even realized it. I waited to see what my curly-haired prince charming had planned for me next. I then discovered what he had planned, the night he came over. My parents had planned him over for dinner, along with Heather. The first few minutes felt awkward, as I felt my father staring Harry down at the dinner table. I kept my eyes on my plate for the first few minutes. As the minutes passed by, Harry turned his charm on and my parent’s quickly began to like him. I could tell by the way they were talking to him. No more silences filled the room after that.       I went to put my dishes up, and I immediately heard whispers erupt from the dinner table. Curiosity nipped at my ankles.

Heather’s POV:

               Harry turned to Brooklyn’s parents seriously. “Mister and Misses Davis, I have to ask you something.” They nodded their heads, curiously. I gulped, nervous of their reaction. “Lately, Brooklyn has been at my house a lot, and I think I’ve grown fond of her. Actually, I think I’ve grown feelings for her. But, after a few events, some trust between us was lost, and she told me somehow I had to regain it all.” Harry broke off, and Brooklyn’s parents just stared at him. I couldn’t decipher what their emotions were- probably shocked. He then began to speak again. “So I’ve come to ask for your permission to-“he stopped. Brooklyn walked back into the room. I quickly got up, and walked to her. I grabbed her by her wrist so my brother could finish. I dragged her into her room and was suddenly asked a load of questions. “What was he talking about? Was he talking about me? Heather! What was he saying?” I shushed her and told her I couldn’t tell. After about ten minutes, Harry knocked at the door, his normal cheeky grin planted on his face. I smiled and knew what happened. After about another hour of talking to Brooklyn’s family, we finally went home. Harry left a note on Brooklyn’s door saying:

Step 4: Eat Dinner with her family.

Chapter 31:

               I kept wondering what they were talking about, but I kept everything Harry gave me in a box under my bed. I admired everything he gave me. The following week, Harry came to my house, in his normal colorful skinny jeans, and a nice-fitted Abercrombie shirt. He looked so cute. I got into Carter’s car with him and Harry and he drove us to a park. The park was filled with people of all ages. Harry opened my door for me and went to the trunk. He grabbed a blanket and a basket. I cocked my head in confusion. “What’s all this for?” I giggled. He shrugged, innocently. His hand found mine and we walked to a shady part under a tree. He suddenly laid the blanket down and put the basket down. I suddenly realized what he was doing. “A picnic?” I breathed. He smiled and nodded. He was so adorable when he smiled. He got out all the food and arranged them in a neat order. He was such a neat freak. He made me a cute little sandwich, cut into four squares, before making one for himself.

               We were eating pleasantly, and having a good laugh, before about 3 teenage girls, closer to his age, walked up to him squealing with little notebooks on their chest. “Harry Davidson?” She squealed in unison. I stared up at them in confusion. He looked up at them too and rolled his eyes, nodding his head. “Can we have your autograph?” one yelled. I covered one of my ears with a finger. “Could you stop with the squealing?” I commented. Two of the girls shot me a glare full of hatred. I widened my eyes. Harry took the notebooks and quickly scribbled his name. One of the girls winked at him and tossed a sheet of folded paper at him. “Call me” she whispered before all three ran off.

               I snorted and said, “What was all that about?” He looked away. “Eh nothing.” “No, tell me.” “Just fans.” He quickly said. I grabbed his hand, giving it a soft squeeze. “Harry, you can tell me. Trust me.” He shrugged. “Well before we moved here, the boys and I auditioned for this thing where if you win, you can get signed for a record and stuff. I don’t think you’d get it, but yeah we figured that we should at least try. There’s a 2 month break for the show, but the boys and I will be going back on it next week. It’s called, ‘Have you got it?’” I slumped down, in disappointment. “How long are you going to be gone?” I said, trying to hide my disappointment. “Well the competition ends about in a month. But we can come home to visit on weekends, or family and few friends can visit us at the place we’re staying at after practice.” “Why didn’t you tell me this before?” I looked at him in the eyes. For some reason he couldn’t look back. “I didn’t know how to tell you. I thought you’d get mad.” I smiled warmly, “Of course I wouldn’t get mad, stupid.” I lightly teased. “I’m so happy for you, and whatever you do, I’m behind you, in full support. The weekends are enough for me.” Harry then looked back at me, giving me his cheeky grin. We finished our picnic and went back home.

Chapter 32:

            I was definitely disappointed that Harry and the boys would be gone for a month. Before we knew it, the boys had already left to the place. Apparently the competition was called the “Have you got it?” Honestly, I thought the name was stupid, but the boys enjoyed playing on it, so I didn’t say anything. Every Friday, there would be a big competition and someone or group would get eliminated off. So each Friday of the remaining weeks, Heather and I would be cuddled by the TV, praying they wouldn’t be eliminated.

            A month passed very quickly and guess who won the competition? The boys! I was never so happy for them. They all came home screaming and yelling out of pure joy and pride. Carter walked in the door with his bags, and I gave him a big him. He rubbed my back with his free hand and made way to his room. Daniel then came in, “Daniel!” I squealed. I hugged his softly, and he hugged me back. I hugged the rest of the boys until Harry walked in. My eyes immediately brightened, and I pretty much jumped on top of him, squealing, “Harry!” He laughed and set his bags down and hugged me back for several minutes. I got off of him and stared at him, “You guys won!” I finally said. He gave me a cheeky grin and said, “Yeah! You should have seen the boys back stage! They were in tears.” I laughed and hugged him again, helping him put his bags in his room.

            That night, we all talked about the competition and how their record would be. The boys said that they would go into a studio to record a few songs for the next few days. They were going to be gone again. Great.

            A week had passed since the boys got back. They were so busy now, they were only sometimes in the house. I began to think about Harry more. Did he still feel the same about me? Did he forget about the steps he was doing? The negatives kept appearing in my head, and wouldn’t go away when I tried to shake them away.

            One night, after I got out of the shower, I went in my room to find a box on my bed. Excitedly, I ran over to it and opened it up. I saw a beautiful short, dress in it along with a note:

Step 5: Get her a dress

I smiled and held the dress onto my chest. I quickly put it on and looked in a mirror. It had cute ruffles that went up to the chest part. I suddenly heard the doorbell ring. As I ran to get it, my mom saw me. “Where did you get that from?” she asked. “Harry.” I giggled. She gave me a look. “Alright, have fun!” she cheered. I tilted my head, obviously confused. Before I got to ask, I remembered someone was at the door. I opened it to see the familiar cheeky faced boy I had fallen for. “Here to pick you up, love.” I heard his voice say. I smiled and said, “Where might I ask?” “Dinner of course! Didn’t your mother tell you?” I shook my head. He suddenly picked me up and put me in the car.

            We went into a nice looking restaurant and found a table for two. I stared at Harry in admiration. He was such a gentleman. “You know, I thought you forgot about the steps.” I commented, resting my head on my hands. He frowned for a second, “I’m sorry, I’ve been so busy lately. I’ve tried asking if we could take some time off, but they refused.” “Well you guys are getting famous now, so it’s bound to happen.” I said bitterly, looking away. He took me by my chin and pulled me to look straight into his eyes. “No matter what happens, you’ll always be mine.” He said, and I couldn’t help but begin to blush.

            The rest of the night went really well. We had hilarious conversations. He took me home, and once again we found ourselves on my front porch. He held both of my hands in his and leaned forward. This time I opened my eyes, just in case if he kissed my hand again. Surprisingly, he kissed me tenderly on my cheek and pulled away. My mouth hung low, and I just stared at him, trying to hide my face. I knew I was blushing; my face was red and it was hot. We said goodnight and I went to my room, immediately screaming into my pillow, out of happiness. Tonight was such a good night.

Chapter 33:

            The boys recorded for most of the week, and Harry had given me one of his hoodies to keep to remind me of him, when I missed him. When I did miss him, I would cuddle it and sniff it sometimes. It still smelt like him. Luckily, they were all free on weekends, so I got to hang out with my boys then. At one point, I realized that the boys had kicked the famous boy band, One Direction out of the lead and placed themselves at the top popular list of bands. I was so proud of them. Their fame had come so fast, and I didn’t really like it. Girls screaming their names, especially Harry’s. What I found to be super ironic was that my Harry’s name was Harry, while Harry Styles’ name was Harry as well. They both had five members in their band too! Some girls thought they were copying One Direction, but they didn’t. They weren’t put together to save themselves from the competition, they all auditioned together as a group from the start.

            One day, horrible news reached me. I found myself in Harry’s arms, crying. Earlier that day, Harry had taken me by the arms and told me something bad. “Brooklyn, I have something to tell you.” I heard his accent-filled voice say. He led me to the couch and I listened. “So the management told us that they were planning on making us go on tour. I told them I didn’t want to leave you, but they said we’d be back in a year. I stared at him in disbelief. Millions of girls would be screaming his name, wanting him. I didn’t like the idea at all but I just smiled at him and hugged him. “You’ll have fun, trust me.” I commented, trying to sound happy. He hugged me back, but then I broke down. “I don’t want you to go! Those girls will be flirting with you, nonstop. It’s not fair.” Harry just hugged me for several hours while I cried. I just didn’t want him to go “Hey, I’ll be back before you know it.” He mumbled, taking me by my chin. I smiled and hugged him tightly.

            The next week I found a hoodie on my bed, with a note that said:

Step 7: Give her one of your hoodies.

It was his favorite purple ones. I smiled in admiration. Why would he give me his favorite hoodie? I suddenly felt bad. These things didn’t really mean as much anymore. I don’t know why. The news about the tour probably just got to me. He’ll be back before I even know it.

            The week before he left for the tour, he came to my house, something hiding in his jacket. My parent’s let him in and he came to my room, where I was reading a book on my bed. He walked in, with his normal cheeky smile on his face. He tossed a colorful index card to me. I opened it up and read:

Step 8: Get her a…

I looked at him, “Get a what?” Confusion bounced in my eyes. He smiled even larger and pulled something out of his jacket. I then heard a soft, cute meow. I widened my eyes, and he placed himself right next to me on my bed, nudging an adorable, silver tabby on my lap. “I got you a p***y.” I closed my book gently, and placed it to the side. I turned back to the cat and stared at it in admiration. “Harry, it’s either a p***y cat or a kitten.” I corrected him. “I meant to say it that way.” He retorted softly. I smiled at him and turned back to the kitten. You know how people have this habit of making aww’s and little ohh’s when they’re looking or by something adorable? Yeah, that was a horrible habit of mine. “He’s so cute!” I squealed. Harry just smiled as I played with the kitten. The kitten curled itself on my lap and stared up at me with the cutest blue-green eyes. “Its eyes are just like yours!” I commented. He nodded. “It’s a boy, because the girl p*****s are harder to take care of.” He finally said.

            After about a half hour of playing with the kitten with him, I turned to Harry, my eyes still bright with excitement. “I’ll name him Harry, after his father. This is our child.” He widened his eyes playfully, “We had a kitten together? How does that work?” I laughed and gently stroked the kitten. I got up and walked over to Harry. I pulled him into a tight hug, whispering, “Thank you so much, Harry. I love him.” Harry then took my hand, “Where are we going now?” I asked, laughing. “My house!” he cheered. I let go of his hand, ran and got kitten Harry and ran back to my Harry. This is going to be hard to address one of them, if they’re in the same room. We got to Harry’s house and he led me into his garage. He sat me down on a chair and turned off the lights.

The lights turned back on and the boys and Harry were arranged in a line, microphones in front of all of them. Charlie had a guitar in front of him. Then they began to play. I then realized that this was the first time I was really going to hear them singing in person. Henry’s voice then ran through my ears, “Girl I see it in your eyes, you’re disappointed. ‘Cause I’m the foolish one you anointed, with your heart. I tore it apart, and girl what a mess I made upon your innocence and no woman in the world deserves this. But here I am, asking you for once more chance.” I then realized what song they were singing. “Gotta be you, by One Direction!” I whispered. The lyrics were fit perfectly for the situation. I then heard Harry’s voice. “Can we fall one more time? Stop the tape, and rewind. Oh and if you walk away I know I’ll faint ‘cause there’s nobody else.” The boys suddenly sang together, perfectly. “It’s gotta be youuuu!” They sounded pretty similar to One Direction, but in my perspective, they sounded better. I smiled the entire song, stroking kitten Harry. Once the song ended, I hugged all of the boys. “That was amazing!” As I hugged Harry, he whispered, “Step nine: Sing to her.” I smiled at him and hugged him tighter. “How long is this going to go on?” I asked. “You do have a tour coming up soon, so you won’t be able to do anything else, really.” I whispered. He shrugged, “I have an idea.” He then walked off. I went back home to ask my parents if I could keep kitten Harry.

Chapter 34:

            One afternoon, I found myself grumpy as crap and in pain. I had the worst period cramps you could ever imagine. I lay in my bed for most of the day, in his purple hoodie and in my long, warm, pants with ducks printed on them, just worrying about my cramps. My parents and my sister had left to go to our friend’s house for most of the night. It was Mrs. Eliza’s house, and usually when my family goes there, they stay there until about midnight. Perfect. I get to stay home alone in pain all day.   Now doesn’t sound wonderful? Anyways, I texted my friends, complaining most of the time. I knew they didn’t want to hear it, but I couldn’t stop complaining. I suddenly saw a text from someone that caught my eye.

From: Harold (:

Hey love, why won’t you come over today?

I held my hand over my stomach as I felt a sharp pain jab into my abdomen. I tried to respond quickly.


To: Harold (:

I didn’t want to, alright?

I know. It sounded harsh, but that was the first thing that came to my mind. I didn’t mean to be rude to him. But when I was on my period, I had my moments where I was super mean, when I didn’t mean to be like that. It took him a while to respond and I knew that he was taken aback by my response. I suddenly began to feel bad.

From: Harold (:

Period pains…?

I felt another sharp pain in my lower abdomen and gritted my teeth.

To: Harold (:


He didn’t respond for about an hour, and I thought he didn’t want to talk to be because I was on my period. I remained in my bed for a while, disappointed and in pain.

            I suddenly heard the doorbell echo throughout the house. I got up, groaning. Who could possibly be here? I opened the door to reveal a familiar figure, holding a few blankets, a pillow, and a few bags.

            “Harry? What are you doing here?” I asked, looking up at him. I felt another sharp stab in my side and held my hand there. Harry gave me a concerned look, which turned into a cheeky grin. He walked in and placed the stuff down. From the looks of the sky outside, it looked like it was about six in the evening. “I’m here to make you feel better.” He cooed, closing the door behind him. I just stared at him. Why would he want to deal with a woman bleeding and grouchy? I shrugged and followed him.

            Harry pulled out bags of food and chocolate from the larger bag. I just stared. Why was he doing this? He looked up and made me sit down on the couch. “You get comfortable, and let me handle everything.” I began to relax and I rested my legs on the table in front of the couch. Harry played a CD on the TV. I quickly realized that he had chosen The Notebook. I giggled and shook with excitement. I hadn’t seen this in a while. He opened the bags and placed them all over the table. He opened a small tub of chocolate ice cream, got a spoon, and set it on my lap. He opened a box of chocolates and set them beside me. The movie then began to start after the previews and he put his arm around me. I turned to him, scoffing, “Are you trying to make me fat?” He frowned, “I thought these were comforting foods?” he commented, bluntly. I smiled and kissed him right on the cheek. “I was kidding, it’s perfect.”

            During the movie, he kept trying to get me to cuddle him closer. I did, because it was comfortable. I finished the tub of ice cream halfway through the movie and moved to the chocolates, which I finished after the movie ended. But during the scene where her parents said she couldn’t date him, I suddenly got angry and threw a piece of chocolate at the screen. “Idiot parents!” I screamed, my mouth was filled with chocolates. Harry turned to me, laughing. “You’re so adorable when you eat.” He whispered. I turned to him, still a bit angry. “Shut up, I look like a pig.” I softly hit his chest and sat up for a few minutes. I realized my position was uncomfortable and lay back down on his chest. His arm around my shoulder and I felt his thumb softly stroke it. It tickled, yet I kind of liked it. I turned to his hand, then at his face and commented, “You have soft hands.” He gave me a cheeky grin and we finished the movie.

            We then continued to watch another movie. He chose to watch The Titanic. I loved this movie so much. We both finished most of the food, by the time it was about a quarter over. The scene where Rose and Jack got it on came up and I covered my face. I still had my innocence and scenes like this usually made me feel awkward. I felt Harry staring at me, so I peeked at him from behind my hands. He looked like he was thinking because his lips were relaxed and his eyebrows were moved inwards, as if he were angry or narrowing his eyes at the sun. I stared at him, my brown eyes glittering with curiosity. He leaned forward and I immediately knew he was about to kiss me. My eyes grew wide, and his slowly closed as he still leaned forward. I noticed his lips were puckered and I puckered mine, shutting me eyes.

            Right before our lips came in contact, I heard a loud ring. It was the phone. I widened my eyes and got up, running to the phone. “Hello.” I hissed into the phone, annoyed that our kiss was interrupted. I suddenly heard my mother’s voice through the ear part. “Brooklyn? How are you? Are you feeling better?” I straightened up and made my voice sound happier. “It still hurts, but I’m fine. You guys go party it up at Eliza’s. I’ll be fine.” “You sure? No, we’re coming home now? I’m worried.”  I suddenly got the chills running up my spine. She couldn’t come home now! Harry was still here! “Mom, it’s fine, seriously. I just took some medicine; I’m good for the night. You don’t have to come home right now.” I heard her hesitate. “Brooklyn? Is someone over there?” I paused, not knowing if I should lie. “No, what makes you think that?” “I don’t know I’m just suspicious.” “Mother, if I had a guy over here, I’d probably scare him away with the way I’m feeling. I feel like freaking Godzilla on steroids.” I heard my mom pause, then let out an exasperated sigh. “Fine, we’ll be home at midnight.” “Yes ma’am. Have fun! Don’t get too drunk!” I heard her hand up and I ran back to the couch. I realized Harry wasn’t there. “Harry?” I said, quietly, getting kind of scared. I looked around, wide eyed. I suddenly heard a loud BOO! And felt arms wrap around my eyes. I squealed and turned around. “You idiot! You scared me!” Harry smiled, cheekily. “That was the point.” We got back into the position we were in before the phone rang; my head on his chest, and his arm around me.

            We continued to watch the movie and the scene where Rose was holding Jack’s hand, when he was in the water, and she was floating on something. I think it was a painting. I turned to him, saying, “Harry, what if one day we were on a cruise and that happened? Would you give up your spot on the painting for me?” He looked at me. “No.” he said, laughing. I glared at him. I felt myself beginning to grow angry, and I tried calming myself. Darn mood swings. “Why not?” I asked, innocently. He looked at the TV. “Because it would be able to have both of us on it! Look! They both can fit on it, but he just gave up his life!” I gave him an are you kidding me kind of look. “Harry, it couldn’t hold both of their weight. That’s why he gave it up for her.” Harry shrugged. “Oh. Then of course I would give up my place.” I smiled in triumph.

            After the movie ended, we cleaned up the mess we made in the living room and moved to the kitchen. There, we tried making cookies together. I got out some flour, brown sugar, butter, salt, vanilla extract and water, while he stood there being all tall. Once I finished getting them all out, we began to mix the ingredients together. We finally made a reasonably enough amount of dough for the cookies and tried putting flour on it to prevent it from sticking.

I was busy trying to mold my cookie into a shape, when I suddenly felt something powdery hit my face. I closed my eyes, gasping. “Harry!” I squealed, realizing he threw flour right at my face. He gave me a cheeky smile, and I grabbed a handful of flour and chunked it right back at him. He tried covering himself, but it got all in his face. I opened my mouth, laughing so hard, making my sides hurt. We suddenly found ourselves in a flour-throwing war. The kitchen was a mess and I knew I was going to get in big trouble. Harry was chasing me around the kitchen, trying to rub some of the dough on my face. He caught up to me and grabbed my waist, pulling me close to him. His facial expression changed from laughing to all serious, with a tiny smirk on his face. I stared up at him, wondering if he was going to kiss me. I slowly ran my hand into his large hands and grabbed the dough, he didn’t seem to notice. I leaned forward, as if I were going to kiss him. I noticed he leaned forward too, about to shut his eyes. I then leaned back and rubbed the dough in his face. He laughed and the chase began all over again. This time, we were running around the house, and I saw him trip several times. While laughing, I thought I lost him when I turned a corner, and found myself back at the kitchen.

I looked around, suspiciously, hoping he wasn’t watching me. I felt a soft poke on my shoulder and I whirled around and ran smack into Harry’s chest. My nose went numb and felt tingly. I held a hand over it and stared up at him. “Ow.” I giggled, trying to hide the slight pain. He pulled me into a hug and lifted my chin up. I stared up at his flour-coated face. I couldn’t help but snort and laugh. He laughed at my face and somehow we managed to stop laughing and go into a serious moment.

We were staring into each other’s eyes and I lifted my hand, wiping the flour from his face, gently. He softly brushed the flour from lips and leaned forward, holding my head in his hands. My eyes fluttered shut and his gradually closed. Please don’t let there be any interruptions. I prayed to myself. I then felt his soft lips, just as I had the day we played spin the bottle. We kissed for a few moments, passionately. I felt like as if I were flying, or if I was in heaven. We then broke away from each other, resting our foreheads on each other’s and smiling. I wiped away a pattern into the flour on his face. We then began to make shapes into the dough we made. I made a heart, and a few other shapes. I looked over at Harry’s cookie sheet and saw he had a few people and a large heart. I then saw him working on one. “What’s that?” I asked. He held it up, showing me. I rolled my eyes once I realized he shaped a dick with the dough. He made the pointy part long, and said, “That’s my dick,” proudly. I laughed and I broke it off, making it much smaller. “Now it’s your dick.” I teased, giggling. Harry shot me a pouty look and clumped the dough back together, trying to make it again. Once we finished, we put the cookies in the oven.

We cleaned up the large mess we made in the kitchen and laid on my bed. Kitten Harry jumped on up the bed, purring, and cuddling up between Harry and I. “I think he’s jealous.” Harry whispered, smiling. I stared at kitten Harry, admiringly. I stroked kitten Harry gently and cuddled back up with Harry. We talked for a while before I heard the oven beep. I took out the cookies and placed them on the counter to cool down. I then ran back to my room and cuddled with Harry again.

I suddenly felt a nasty, harsh pain in my lower stomach. I curled up into a ball, shutting me eyes and groaning loudly. Harry got on his knees right next to me, stroking my back. “Are you alright, love?” I heard his accent-filled voice say. I shook my head slowly. “Why must they hurt so badly?” I whimpered, my voice shaking. He suddenly pulled me out of my ball and laid me between his legs, so my head rested on his stomach. He then put his hand on my stomach and rubbed it slowly. Somehow it relaxed my stomach, and made it feel better. His hand was warm; I felt it through my shirt. My shirt kept folding and messing up the way he rubbed it, so he pushed it up, slightly, only revealing my stomach, nothing more. He continued to rub it, comfortingly and I stared up at him, admiringly. I think he noticed me staring at him, because he then began to play with my hair- which he knew I loved. My eyes grew heavy from becoming drowsy and I soon fell asleep.

My eyes flashed open. I got up and checked the clock. 8:04AM. I felt something heavy over my waist and I turned around to see what it was. My eyes widened as I saw Harry sleeping. I shot straight up in alarm. He fell asleep here? Did my parents see? I suddenly heard the door chime go off. Crap. They’re home. I heard my mother’s voice sing, “Brooklyn! We’re home!” I heard her footsteps nearing me door and I stared at Harry in alarm. What was I going to do? I can’t just let her see that I slept with him! Not that way, but like actual sleeping! I then pushed Harry off the bed. I heard him hit the floor and I knew he had woken up. I half whispered, half hissed, “Harry, my parents are home, hide under the bed!” I saw him stare up at me, tiredly. His eyes suddenly widened and he obeyed just as my mom opened up the door. I quickly laid my head down, as if I were still asleep. “Brooklyn! Are you talking to someone?” I slowly got up, half-way closing my eyes and acting tired. “What?” I groaned, acting drowsy. My mom nodded slowly. “Were you talking to someone?” she repeated. I stared at her for a moment, still acting like I was tired. “No. I must’ve been talking in my sleep.” I mumbled, falling back down on my pillow, as if I were going to fall back asleep. I heard her shut the door and go back to her room.

I suddenly fell to the floor and looked under the bed. I saw a pair of eyes glowing from under the bed. “Is she gone?” I heard him whisper. I nodded and helped him out. He stood up, brushing off his clothes. “How am I going to get out?” he asked, slowly. I shrugged and thought for a second. I suddenly straightened up. “My window screen is loose; you can sneak out of there.” I opened the window and removed the screen. “See?” I said, happily. He nodded and jumped out, onto the grass. I placed my head on my hands, and rested my elbows on the window. I stared at him in adoration. He turned around and looked at me with his bright blue-green eyes. My window was kind of tall I guess, because our heads were at the same level, and I was shorter than him, by about half a foot.

He grabbed my hands and held them in his. Our faces were a few inches apart and I whispered, “Thanks for making me feel better for last night.” He nodded and kissed my cheek before walking home. I watched him for a few moments before shutting the window just in time. My sister walked in through my door and we had a talk about some problems she had. I then texted Harry. My sister peeked over and read over my shoulder.

To: Harold (:

Last night was fun. ;) We should do it again sometime.

I heard her gasp and hold her hand over her mouth. “Brooklyn, you s**t!” I heard her whisper. I rolled my eyes, trying to stop myself from laughing. “I only said that, so you would stop reading over my shoulder, idiot!” I retorted, becoming angry. She calmed down and we talked for a little longer. I suddenly got a text from Harry, not letting my sister see it.

From: Harold (:

Of course we are. Once I get back from tour, it’ll only be you, me, the boys, and Heather. But really only you and I. <3

I smiled, happily and held my phone up to me chest warmly. I think I was falling for Harry, but I didn’t regret it. He was such a gentleman and I didn’t want him to leave for his tour with the boys.

Chapter 35:

            The boys’ last day suddenly came and I found myself in tears. I kept hugging them, telling them how I’d miss them so much. “Brooklyn, we’ll call and Skype every so often!” Charlie comforted me. The sad part was, I couldn’t find Harry anywhere that day. I didn’t even get to say good bye. The end of the day made its way, and I had to go home.

            Later that night, I got into my gym shorts and Harry’s purple hoodie. It still smelt like him, luckily. I was going to need that scent to keep me sane while they’re on tour. I lay in bed, my nightlight on, and I was reading the same book I was reading when Harry got me kitten Harry. Suddenly, kitten Harry jumped onto the bed, and snuggled up right next to me, purring. I pet him gently, smiling. I then looked at his collar that read, “Harry Davis-Davidson, Child of Harold Davidson and Brooklyn Davis.” I then smiled, and remembered how Harry had made the tag; he had messed up so many times on it. I gave kitten Harry a quick pet again before returning to my book.

            It was about midnight, and everyone in my house was asleep. I wasn’t tired at all, so I kept reading. I suddenly heard a tap at my window. I set my book down. Kitten Harry stared at the window with his cute blue-green eyes, wide. I shrugged and continued to read. I then heard another tap, followed by another. I got up and opened the blinds, looking through the window. Then I heard another tap as a tiny rock hit the window. I jumped back, silently squealing. I opened the window and moved the screen thing. It was always loose, so if I wanted to sneak out, I could. I then heard a familiar voice say, “Brooklyn?” I suddenly got excited, recognizing a cheeky grin in the moonlight. His silhouette stood there perfectly. “Harry?” I whispered back. “Come on down! I’ve got to show you something!” he whispered back. I shook my head. “I can’t! The doors in my house sound off a chime, and it will wake up my family!” “Then jump out of the window! I’ll catch you!” I laughed quietly. “I’m not that far from the ground, Harry. What if I get caught? “Brooklyn, this is our last night together before I have to go on tour.”I heard him finally plead. I rolled my eyes, slightly grinning. “I’ll try, but if I get caught, it’s your fault.” I teased, before sliding my way out of the window. I heard kitten Harry mew for me. I shushed him and jumped out, onto the cold grass. Harry ran to me, hugging me. I smiled, “So where are you taking me, my prince?” He smiled and leaned down and picked me up, bridal-style. I squealed silently and stared at him. “Close your eyes.” He whispered into my ear. I did so and he said, “No peeking.”

 After about five minutes of walking, he finally set me down. I opened my eyes to recognize our neighborhood playground, and the bridge off to the side. He had arranged candles on the bridge, and around the playground. My eyes widened in shock and I covered my mouth with my hands. “Harry,” I broke off, still astonished by what he did. “It’s beautiful!” I finally finished. He smiled, and grabbed my hand. We ran onto the playground, and he pushed me on the swing set, and after, I did the same for him. We spent a while, just playing on the playground. We went down the slides together, swung on the monkey bars, and a whole bunch of other things. I felt like such a little kid with him. We played tag and a few other kid games, before he finally took me by my hand and we walked around.

We stopped in the middle of the bridge and he turned to me, both of my hands in his. He broke away and bowed, “Would my princess care to have this dance?” I looked around, laughing. “But there’s no music.” I snorted. He rolled his eyes and grabbed me by my waist and pulled me close to him, until our stomachs and chests met. I wrapped my arms around his neck comfortably. I was surprised I managed to wrap them around his neck, due to his height. We stood there, swaying to no music and smiling and talking. I stared up into his beautiful blue-green eyes and millions of thoughts were swarming through my mind. I wanted to be in this moment for the rest of my life, just freeze this moment, and never live out of it. “Brooklyn, I have a confession.” I nodded, acknowledging that I was listening. “I think I love you.” He breathed. Whoa! He LOVES me? I didn’t think this moment would ever come. What do I say to him? How do I respond? What if he’s kidding?

I said the only thing I thought was best to say, “I love you too, Harold.” Just then, we heard a crack of thunder. I grabbed his arm, tightly, clearly afraid. “Don’t tell me you’re afraid of thunder and rain?” His accent filled my ears. I shook my head, sticking out my bottom lip in a pouty way. “No, I’m just afraid of thunder.” “Not lightning?” “It’s just light; the sound is what scares me.” Suddenly a flash of lightning lit up the sky for a second, and a crack of thunder followed. I pulled myself closer to Harry, beginning to breathe faster. Then it began to rain. Little sprinkles turned into raindrops; which turned into heavy rain. Before we knew it, we were soaked. The candles were put out because of the rain. I tried to go for cover, but Harry grabbed me. “Why don’t you just enjoy the rain?” he laughed loudly. I shook my head. “But I’m soaked!” I whined. “You’re already wet, why bother going for cover?” he laughed and picked me up, swinging me around. I giggled uncontrollably, and held onto him. He then yelled, “On the bright side, I got you wet!” he said, giving me a wink.

He suddenly stopped and stared at me, seriously. “We should kiss to break the intensity.” I mumbled, trying to mock his deep voice. He didn’t respond, he just kept staring at me. My smile disappeared and I wondered what he was thinking. Then I remembered that night after the party, when we were saying our confessions. I had a quick flashback.

“Come on, Harry.” I heard Daniel say. “Um, well I’ve always wanted to kiss a girl in the rain.” Harry then began to blush, adorably. The boys erupted out ohh’s, mocking him.

            I suddenly snapped back to reality. Harry kept staring at me, until he finally leaned forward, slowly shutting his eyes, and puckering his perfect lips. I slowly shut my eyes as well and puckered my lips. It took a moment before our lips finally met. His soft lips felt amazing against mine, and Harry picked me up and passionately kissed me. We kissed for a while, ignoring the rain. I felt as if I were in heaven. He playfully and softly bit my lip as we kissed. Suddenly, the rain eased down to a stop and we broke away. I smiled at him, who was already giving me his cheeky grin. I then heard him whisper, “Step ten, kiss her in the rain.”

            Harry walked me back home and helped me through the window. My hair was still dripping wet, and my clothes were too. I stared at Harry from my window; he stood right in front of me, still smiling. “I’m going to miss you so much.” He finally whispered. I leaned in, and gave him a long, tight hug. After we broke away, he rested his forehead on mine, and stared into my eyes; just as I did with him. His curly hair tickled my face, and he leaned forward, slowly pecking my lips. “The tour will be over before you know it.” I shrugged. “But a year is a long time.” He sighed and looked away. “Brooklyn?” I heard him say. I loved the way he said my name. I looked at him. “Go out with me.” He demanded. I laughed at him being so straight-forward. I kissed his soft lips again and nodded, saying, “Of course.” He winked and walked off. I was definitely going to miss him so much.

Chapter 36:

            That night would’ve been perfect, if I hadn’t gotten caught. Once I got back inside, I shut the window, and got a towel to dry myself off. Once I walked back into my room, my mother was sitting on my bed, petting kitten Harry. “Where did you go?” she demanded. I widened my eyes for a second, “Out.” I replied, coolly. She shook her head. “With Harry?” she asked. I nodded, slowly. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Her dark brown eyes, flashed with anger. I suddenly felt afraid of her. “Everyone was asleep, and I figured that I would be back before you all woke up.” My mom shushed me before I could carry on. “So you decide to sneak out of the house, and come home at 3 in the morning?” her voice was raising in anger. “Mom, its Harry and the boys’ last day spending with me before they leave on tour, and I didn’t get to see him at all earlier.” She still was angry. “I’m very disappointed in you, Brooklyn.” She paused.

“You’re banned from seeing Harry anymore.” My mouth hung open in shock. No. “But mom!” I shrieked. She angrily glared at me. “Until you gain back your responsibility, you’re not allowed to talk to him, see him, or even date him.” I glared at her, in pure hatred. “You’re just angry you were never in love with anyone like this!” I yelled at her. Her eyes grew round in shock. “Excuse me? What about your father?” she hissed. “You have no idea how Harry and I feel about each other.” I growled at her. She shook her head. “Go to bed. We’ll talk about this in the morning.” She walked out of my room and I angrily got into bed, beginning to cry. She wasn’t going to stop me from getting to Harry.

In the morning, she talked to me for hours. We argued an awful lot, and my dad broke it up, sending me to my room. My mother had deleted his number from my phone. She made me so mad that day. Harry and I still talked, on the computer for about two months, until one day. It was our last Skype call, and he looked at me seriously. “I hate the management.” I heard him say. “Why?” I asked quietly. He paused, thinking if he should tell me or not. Curiosity nibbled at me, painfully. “Brooklyn, I’m so sorry,” he began. I knew it was going to be bad. “They said we were allowed to date anyone unless they were famous.” I sat there, just staring at him, completely shocked. Water began building up in my eyes. It suddenly felt awkward. “I hate them.” I heard him repeat. I shook my head, “Its fine. You go on and have fun with your career. You know I’m always behind you, and will always be a fan.” He slightly smiled before saying, “I’ve got to go. We have to get ready for a concert. I’m sorry, Brooklyn.” I logged off and shut my laptop, slowly. My heart felt as if it was torn and ripped into billions of pieces. Why did my heart actually feel like it was in pain, when it was just something I was emotionally going through? Then the tears broke out, nonstop. I hugged his hoodie and kitten Harry for hours.

I cried for hours, for days, for weeks. I stayed in my room for most of the time, and before I knew it, school started again. I hid my sadness almost all the time, until I got home.

Chapter 37:

            Around a year or 2 had passed since Harry and I had split up. I had just turned 17 years old. I was a lot better. I had made loads of friend, and I had found myself a boyfriend. His name was Josh. Yep, the same Josh I was with back then, before I met Harry. Kitten Harry had grown older and was much bigger, yet he was still adorable. Josh didn’t like kitten Harry at all, because he knew Harry gave it to me, a while back. My communication with the boys slowly died down, except with Carter. I still talked to him about everything. He was one of my best friend’s. The boys were really successful now. They all had beautiful girlfriends, but for some reason, Harry didn’t seem all that happy.

            Anyways, one day, Heather and I were hanging together in her living room. I had moved in with Heather and her aunt in a new house. It was big, and her aunt was away on a year-business trip, yet out parents didn’t know that. We were chilling and on the computers, boringly. She had missed her brother a lot, but she learned to cope with it. She suddenly froze and squealed, “OH. MY. GOD. BROOKLYN!” I turned to her, in confusion. “What is it?” She turned the computer to me. I then read a tweet Harry had tweeted. “Going back home to see family and friends. Xx” Heather seemed so excited. I shrugged, but deep inside I knew I was excited to see him again.

            I had no clue what day Harry would be coming, but Heather did, and she never told me. So one day, I was lying, upside down, on the couch, watching TV in gym shorts and a low tank top. I’ve definitely grown a little taller than 3 years ago, and more of a womanly figure- if that’s not awkward to say. I was busy shoving popcorn in my mouth, until I heard the doorbell ring. “HEATHER! SOMEONE’S AT THE DOOR!” I yelled. Heather yelled back, while running down the stairs, “NO DIP, SHERLOCK!” I heard her open the door, but I ignored it and continued to eat my popcorn, and letting the blood rush to my head.

            I heard Heather talking to whoever was at the door for a while, but I just ignored it. I then heard Heather squeal, and out of the corner of my eyes, I saw her hug whoever it was. The people at the door came in, and walked right in front of the TV screen. “Hey, watch it!” I said, quickly realizing who it was. I got up as fast as I could, quickly feeling extremely light headed. I put my hand to my forehead, trying to recover from my stupid attempt to get up so quickly. Everything blacked out and I fainted.

Chapter 38:

            I woke up on the same couch, but instead of sitting, I was laying down. My vision was a bit blurry, but it recovered quickly. I looked around, recognizing familiar faces. “Daniel! Charlie! Carter! Henry!” I chanted, looking at all three of their faces. They looked a bit older, but still they looked kind of the same. I was never so happy to see them. I hugged each of them tightly. I then frowned, “Where’s Harry?” I was interrupted by the sound of a toilet flushing, and a familiar cheeky faced boy walking out of the bathroom. He quickly saw me and his face lit up. I got up and hugged him. “I missed you.” I whispered. He smiled, “I missed you too.” He whispered back. “What are you guys doing back?” Heather finally said. “We asked the management if we could take a break from everything. We’re real busy and there are fans everywhere. I guarantee you, if you look outside, there will be a few fans outside.” I got up and went to a window that showed our front yard. Yep, he was right. A couple of groups of girls were there, holding signs that said, “I love you!” “Marry me!” I smiled at them. “Dedicated fans.” I whispered.

            Later, I discovered that the boys would be staying with us for a few months. Luckily, we had lots of rooms for them in our house. Thankfully, Heather’s parents paid for most of the house. Heather made spaghetti for everyone. Charlie ate most of it. While we ate, we talked just like we had years ago. It was so fun. I felt Harry stealing glances from me, and I blushed. I suddenly got a call from Josh. “Hey babe.” I heard his voice say. “Hey Josh.” I replied, broadly. We talked for several minutes. The boys just stared at me while I talked to him. “Want to come to my house?” he asked casually. I sighed, “Josh, it’s late and Heather and I have guest over.” Josh then suddenly got angry. “Guest? Who?” “It’s Heather’s brother and his friends.” “Oh yeah, him.” He sighed. “Brooklyn, I don’t appreciate you having boys in your house. I’m coming over.” “Josh, it’s no big of a deal!” “I don’t care, I’m coming.” “Josh, no- don’t. We’re perfectly fine right now, it’s not like we’re going to do anything.” Josh groaned. He suddenly said several curse words. I felt bad for myself. What was I doing with a jerk like him? “Brooklyn, you know what? I don’t like them, and since you won’t get them out of your house; we’re done.” I opened my mouth, shocked. “Fine, Josh. That’s perfectly fine with me. I thought we needed some time apart.” Josh hesitated for a moment. “Brooklyn, wait-“I hung up on him, too upset to talk to him any longer. I felt a little freer than I had when I was dating him. I ran my fingers through my hair, ruining my part. The boys and Heather just stared at me. “What was that about?” I heard Heather say, her brilliant blue eyes, wide with shock. “It’s nothing, just a few complications.” I muttered back.

            After dinner, Heather pulled me to the side and said, “Brooklyn, what happened with you and Josh?” I shrugged. “He wasn’t comfortable with the boys staying, and I told him so what? So he dumped me.” I shrugged again. She bit her lip, feeling bad for me. After dinner, everyone talked for a while, and then we went to bed. I quickly took a shower and slipped on my night dress. Yes- I had a night dress. My family got it for me as a present, and frankly, I thought it was quiet cute. It was a short, lacey, and pink! It was a spaghetti strap dress too.

            I was lying in bed, watching TV until I heard a soft knock at my door. “Come in.” I said quietly. The door opened and I saw Harry. “Um, care to talk?” he said, innocently. He looked a bit older than when I saw him a year or 2 ago. I nodded, and he found a spot in bed, right next to me. He made himself comfortable before the silver tabby he once knew jumped on his lap, purring and rubbing against him. “Harry!?” He asked, excitedly. I nodded, smiling. “He’s gotten so big!” Harry petted the cat millions of times. “So what did you want to talk about?” I asked, getting kind of impatient. Harry nodded, “Right, well about dinner. How your…” he paused, “Boyfriend?” he quickly asked. I shrugged, “Ex-boyfriend.” He nodded, “Alright, how your ex-boyfriend called you. What was all that about?” He stared at me with his blue-green eyes; I once fell in love with. I shrugged again, “He was uncomfortable about you boys staying here, and I told him to get over it, and he dumped me.” Without time to react, Harry pulled me into a hug. He still smelt amazing, like he had years ago. I didn’t do anything; I just let him hug me.

            After a while, he pulled away. “I’m here for you if you need it.” I blinked at him. “Thanks, Harry.” He got up and said goodnight, leaving the room.

Chapter 39:

            The next day, Heather got the idea to go to the beach. We all packed our bags quickly and headed out. Once we got there, surprisingly, it was empty. We suddenly all broke into a run for the water. The boys began stripping out of their clothes and into their swimming trunks as they ran. Heather and I stopped running, and began to walk instead. We carried everyone’s bags and set them on a spot where they wouldn’t get wet. Heather and I took off our clothes, revealing the matching swim suits we had under them. She wore a black one, outlined with a neon blue color. I wore one alike, but it was outlined with a hot pink color.

We ran into the water, realizing it was cold. We ran back to the sand, screaming. “What’s wrong?” The boys called. “It’s cold!” I heard Heather’s accent yell. Charlie and Carter got out of the water, and walked up to us. Charlie picked up Heather bridal style and Carter picked me up and heaved me over his shoulder. I softly hit his back, “Carter! Put me down right now!” I squealed, still hitting him, yet laughing. Carter just laughed and threw me into the water. The water soaked my hair and I came up, breathing heavily. “Carter!” I screaming, going after him, my fists in the air. We suddenly had a splashing war- all seven of us. We played in the water, until the sky dimmed. We got out of the water, and wrapped ourselves with towels.

Before we knew it, Henry and Daniel had built a fire, and we sat around it, singing songs together, and huddled together. I was squished between Henry and Carter. Carter had his phone and he was texted someone. I peeked over and saw who it was:

From: Davidson

I want your seat. ):

I heard Carter laugh slightly, and I pretended as if I weren’t looking. I saw him type:

To: Davidson

Too bad, lad. I got here first. (: <3 Actually, I’ll pretend to use the restroom, and you can take my seat.

After that, Carter got up saying, “I’ve got to take a tinkle in the bushes, be back in a minute, lads.” Heather snorted and everyone laughed. Harry then got up and sat next to me, wrapping his towel around me. “Hello, love.” He mumbled. I turned to him, smiling. His voice had gotten deeper since I saw him a long time ago. “Let’s go for a walk!” Heather cheered.

            Everyone got up and began to walk in their own groups. Harry and I began to talk and walk together, walking away from the boys and Heather. “So how have you been?” I asked. “Great, how about you?” “Not the best, but good.” I smiled. Harry then turned to me. “Brooklyn, I’ve missed you so much.” He said before hugging me. I hugged him back, tightly. “I’ve missed you too, Harold.” The rest of the night went by great. Harry kept showing signs of affection but I couldn’t help but remember the night we split.

            After a course of weeks of hanging with the boys again, Harry and I grew close again. One night I was with Heather, huddled together on my bed, watching a movie, when she turned to me saying, “Brooklyn?” My attention turned to her and I looked at her. “How do you feel about him?” I raised an eyebrow, confused. “What do you mean Heater?” Heater was a nickname I had given her because once when I was texting her, I forgot the ‘h’ and she got mad, she called me Brook or Brooklyn, I didn’t really mind. “You know what I’m talking about. My brother- Harry. It’s like you’ve fallen for him all over again.” I shrugged. “We’re just really good friends.” I retorted, turning my attention back to the movie. Heather said, “Whatever, I can see it.” “Yeah, and you don’t have feelings for Charlie?” Heather’s eyes widened. “How do you know about him and me?” she whispered. “I have my ways, young padawon.” Heather rolled her eyes and nudged me softly. “So you guys are dating?” I cooed. Heather smiled slightly, looking away. “Yeah, but he doesn’t want to admit it to the public yet because there would be a lot of hate towards me. That’s why I’m worried about you and Harry. He has a lot of fans as well, and I’m afraid if someone lets it slip that you two are or will be dating, you will be hated by hundreds, possibly thousands.” I bit my lip for a moment, in thought. How could people hate someone they don’t even know? Hatred was a wicked thing that clouded minds.

Chapter 40:

            I thought Harry and my friendship was getting closer to a relationship, especially on the following Friday. He took me to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Fans were screaming outside the restaurant and out of the car. They’re crazy! Harry was wearing a nice red polo shirt, covered by a tuxedo top, and nice colorful skinny jeans for his bottoms. I was wearing a black and red dress that fit me perfectly. It went to my lower thighs and it was cut into a V shape at the neck. I then realized why Harry had picked out the dress. We entered the restaurant and found a table. I suddenly heard a squeal from somewhere in the room. A girl ran up to him, holding a pen and a napkin. “Can I please have your autograph?” she begged. Harry gave her a cheeky smile and scribbled his name on the napkin, followed by an x and a heart. He did that so the fans would go mad.

            I rolled my eyes at him and stared at him from my side of the table. I saw the fans from the window, shoot me hateful glares. I turn turned to Harry, scared, “Harry, I think your fans hate me.” I whispered. He frowned and looked back at them. “Then they’re not real fans. Real fans would accept any of my friends.” Friends. That’s what we were. Nothing more, nothing less. I slumped in my seat, in disappointment. “Yeah…” was all I could reply. We ate dinner together and had amazing conversations. I saw a fan taking a video of us. “Your fans sound obsessive.” I commented, glancing at the girl. Harry laughed and looked at the girl. He gave her a cheeky smile and waved. Her eyes widened and she looked away, blushing.

Harry then looked back at me, intensity in his eyes. He took a hold of my hand and rubbed the side of it with his thumbs. “Brooklyn, I have something to ask you.” I nodded slowly, wondering what it was. “Would you like to be my girlfriend?” he finally said, after what seemed like an eternity. I widened my eyes for a second, not expecting his question. I thought for a moment, before saying, “Harry, I don’t think I’m quite ready to take on the hate from the fans.” Harry nodded slowly. “That shouldn’t matter, though. Brooklyn, the management finally said we could date whoever we’d like. I’ve begged for days, for weeks!” he stopped for a second, staring me down. “I’ve always felt the same about you.” “Whoa, whoa, whoa” I interrupted him. “Then why did you stop talking to me?” “The management. They can be so cruel.” I looked at my hands for a second. “Brooklyn, how do you feel about me? Do you feel the same still? The way you felt when we were together before we left for the tour? If you feel the same, the fans shouldn’t matter, because we were in love before I left for the tour.” I looked back at him. I didn’t really know how to answer. I had found a boyfriend, but that didn’t end well. “Harold,” I began, taking a breath. I really did like him, but I was just afraid of the fans.

I took another breath and looked at him straight in the eyes, “You know I still feel the same about you, stupid. I’m just fearful of the fans.” He smiled, and repeated, “Then, would you like to be my girlfriend?” I smiled and took his hand again. “Of course.” We were left with wide smiles on our faces the rest of the night. Once we finished dinner, we left, holding hands. Several people took pictures of us and I checked my phone when Harry was driving me home.

From: Carpenter <3

Oh God, Brooklyn. Get back home. Now.

What happened to Heather?

To: Carpenter <3

Why? What happened?

I set my phone down, frantic for a reply. Harry laid his arm out, for me to hold his hand. I put my small hand in his massive ones and he entangled his fingers with mine. It felt so nice. I suddenly got a reply, and I yanked my hand out of his.

From: Carpenter <3

I’ll show you when you get home. Oh, and just a warning: Harry kisses on the first date. ;) Xx

I widened my eyes, curious about what he was talking about. We got home; Harry dropped me off, and drove away. He had to go to a solo interview then. A few fans stood on the road, looking at us, with cameras. They didn’t dare go on the yard. I walked inside and immediately, Carter grabbed me, throwing me over his shoulder. He then proceeded to run up stairs and into his room, then throwing me into the boys’ room. They had several beds in there. Carter had a laptop opened on Twitter. Picture’s of Harry and I holding hands were being posted and what I feared would happen- happened. I got so much hate. I read some of the tweets, “Who is that s**t with my man?” “Look at that skank with him, bet that b***h just wants the fame.” “Who duz this w***e think she iz? Steelin mai man? Hellz nah hoe.” “You can see up her dress!” “They’re going out; I heard them in the restaurant. She’s such a hoe.”

I suddenly began to bawl my eyes out. How could so many people hate me, without even knowing me? I then read a nice one. “You guys, quit overreacting. If Harry’s happy, then we all should be happy? Besides, why hate on someone you don’t know? Only real fans would love her and be happy for them. :P Good luck Brooklyn, whatever happens, I’ll be following you. <3 (:” I smiled slightly, thanking that there were actually nice people. Loads of people retweeted that nice girls tweet, and I felt a little better. Suddenly, on the trending list, I saw “#stophatingonBrooklyn” I smiled brighter, then saw another trending one, “#harrysminebitchbackoff” “This is ridiculous!” Carter then said. I began crying again as I read more hateful tweets.

Just then, we saw a new video on YouTube that was apparently giving news about celebrities. We watched one with Harry’s name on it. “It looks like famous singer from White Sanctuary; Harry Davidson has found a girlfriend. Stay tuned for more news about this wonder girl.” I frowned, listening closely to what this woman had to say. Then she began talking again, “Famous singer, Harry Davidson was found today with a teenage girl, looking around the age of sixteen or seventeen. But what were they doing?” the lady paused dramatically. “They were spotted walking out of a restaurant together, holding each other’s hand. Listen close; here we are live with Harry Davidson in an interview.”

I bit my lip, nervously, waiting to see what was asked. Most of the questions were normal questions interviewers asked celebrities, until the lady finally asked, “So Harry, earlier today you were spotted with this girl, coming out of a restaurant. Care to explain what happened? How your relationship is? Are you dating her?” Harry looked at the woman, and shifted in his position. “Oh, her name’s Brooklyn. We were just going out for dinner, and to have a laugh. She’s a really good, old friend of mine.” The lady nodded, and repeated, “Are you dating her?” Harry soft laughed, “No, we’re just friends. We get on so well, she’s one of my best friends.” “So Harry, have you heard of the hateful tweets people have been sending towards her?” Harry’s crinkled his eyebrows. “What did they say?” he asked, sounding worried. “Awful things. Let’s take a look some!” Just then, several hateful tweets popped up on the TV next to them. Harry read them, widening his eyes even more. “Wow, just wow. It’s a shame to see our fans be so rude.” Harry then turned to the camera. “I think real fans would accept Brooklyn and I, even if we were dating.”

The lady nodded slowly. “Well tell me about this young lady, Brooklyn? How old is she?” Harry bit his lip, “Brooklyn’s an amazing friend of mine. She’s always been there for me. We went out at one point, when the boys and I tried out for the competition that got us famous, we went out, but the management told us that we couldn’t date, but we’ve been good friends ever since then. She’s about seventeen years old. She just had a birthday.” “I hear you’re only here to visit her; true or false?” Harry shook his hair, “The boys and I came to visit our families and old friends. Brooklyn lives with my aunt and sister, and I just happened to get to see her and stay at the same place.” The lady let out an ohh in admiration. “Do you think Brooklyn and you will have a future relationship?” the lady urged. “I don’t know, we’ll see what happens.” The lady widened her eyes. “Alright, now we have a few questions from the fans.” Harry nodded, staring at the lady again. “Harry; I love you and I want to know why you went out today with Brooklyn? Xx Love, Teresa.” Harry shifted in his seat again, “Teresa, I went out with Brook today because we haven’t had a proper place to talk since we went out, which was about two years ago.” “Harry- Why do you like Brooklyn? She’s ugly. Lots of love, Brooke.” Harry cocked an eyebrow. “Brooklyn’s just a really good friend, we get on really well.” He paused, “That wasn’t very nice. I think she’s beautiful.”

My eyes brightened when I heard Harry say that. The hurtful comments continued and I read a few more hurtful tweets. I turned to Carter and whispered, “I can’t take it anymore.” I ran to my room, crying. I locked the door behind me and ignored the harsh knocks. I covered my ears, and curled up in bed, crying myself to sleep.

Chapter 41:

            When I woke up, my head was on someone’s lap. The TV was on, quietly, and I felt someone gently stroking my hair, and playing with it. I turned to see who it was, and saw a familiar cheeky-faced boy. “Harold.” I whispered, trying to get up. He pushed me back down, softly and shushed me. “What time is it?” I quietly asked. Without looking at me, Harry whispered, “3AM.” I widened my eyes. “Then why aren’t you asleep?” He shrugged and looked down at me. “I couldn’t have my princess crying in her room, alone, right?” I smiled slightly, tiredly looking up at him. “Your fans, they can be so mean.” I whispered. He nodded, biting his lip. “Did you see the interview?” I nodded slowly. “The entire thing?” I shook my head, “I stopped because I couldn’t take it anymore.” He pulled out his phone and showed the ending.

“I have something to say to the fans, if you don’t mind me doing so.” He said, politely. The interviewer nodded. “True fans would be happy for me and her. They wouldn’t hate on her so much, so please stop with the rude comments. Imagine, what if you and I were dating? Would you appreciate it if other fans were acting this way towards you? I hope not. I have a confession to make; Brooklyn and I are dating. But you all need to stop with the hate.” The interviewer widened her eyes, looking at her phone. “It looks like we have a lot of better tweets now. Let’s read a few;”

“Brooklyn, I admit; I was jealous that you got to spend time with Harry- all of the fans are, that’s why they hate on you. But I realized that you seem like a very nice person and I stopped my jealousy. Good luck with Harry, if or if not you’re dating him. ;) xx” “Brook, u seem lik a nice gurl, so I’ll give u a try.” The interviewer widened her eyes, exclaiming, “Wow, guess what’s trending now, Harry?” Harry looked over at her. “#Stopthehate” His cheeky smile returned to his face and the interviewer lady said, “Well that’s all we have time for! Everyone, give a big round of applause for Harry Davidson!” Harry stood up and gave a bow, and walked off stage.

            Harry put his phone away and I just stared at him, smiling. “Y-You told everyone… about us?” I choked out. His cheeky smile grew on his face and he nodded. “Why shouldn’t I? There’s no use hiding it.” I smiled, feeling all warm and bubbly inside. I quickly got up on my knees and hugged him. “Harry, you’re the best.” I heard him slightly laugh and say, “I know.”

Chapter 42:

            The next week, Harry and I were shopping at a store together. The fans had grown much nicer, and a lot had wanted to get pictures with me. Shamefully, I was either the same height or shorter than the fans. I looked pathetic. Harry had my hand entangled in his and we walked through the store together. A group of pretty, dark-haired teenage girls walked up to us, trying their best to hide their squeals of excitement. “Can we get a picture with you, Harry?” One girl said. “Do you want me to take it?” I asked, courteously. The girl quickly shook her head. “We want you in the picture!” I smiled in joy and hopped in with them, putting my arm around two of the girls. One of the girls held the camera for a second. I gave my best smile at the camera and was nearly blinded by the flash. The girl’s switched places and took another photo. “Thank you so much!” they all squealed. I smiled again and looked at them, “Not a problem! You all are so pretty.” I complimented, walking away with Harry.

            We were busy looking through a tight isle of clothes. It went over our heads and no one could really see us, unless they passed through the entrance and exit of the isle. Harry disappeared, and I frantically looked around for him. “Harry?” I whimpered. I quickly felt large hands wrap around my waist, and I felt a pair of soft lips against my neck. “Harry, not here.” I giggled. I turned around to see his cheeky smile. I then ran into an isle of clothes, trying my best to hide. I thought I lost him, until I felt a tap on my shoulder. As I turned around, he leaned forward and kissed me right on the lips; I wrapped my arms around him, and kissed him back. He disappeared again. “Harry?” I called again. Several minutes passed, I suddenly got scared. What if he got kidnapped? I suddenly felt massive hand slip its way over my face, blinding me. I heard a familiar voice say, “Guess who?” I turned around, smiling. But what I saw wasn’t what I expected.

            “Josh?” I managed to choke. “Hey hoe.” He retorted, smiling slyly. I crossed my arms. “Josh, go away. We’re not dating anymore.” “That’s where you’re wrong, dear. It’s not over until I say it’s over.” He grabbed my wrist, tightly. It suddenly began to hurt. “Josh, let go! I’m not going anywhere with you.” I hissed, through gritted teeth. He shook his head, laughing. “You don’t seem to understand.” He chuckled evilly. I glared at him, hatred burning in my eyes. I balled up my fist, ready to hit him if he tried anything. Josh then grabbed me by the waist. His grip hurt so badly. I then hit him on the cheek. Of course being a girl has its negatives, and Josh didn’t even budge. He angrily turned to me, anger flashing in his eyes. I suddenly felt extremely afraid. He took my wrist again and yanked me. I screamed for a split second, before I felt his hand slap me across the face. I covered my cheek, it was still stinging. Anger built up inside of me and I hit him again, this time in his lower region. After recovering, he balled up his fists and hit me against my cheekbone. I gritted my teeth in pain. How could he hit a girl in the face? Why was he acting this way? I felt my eyes water, and I bent down, holding a hand on my cheek. His grip squeezed tighter and yanked me up. “Harry where are you?” I whimpered to myself. Josh leaned down, “What was that, dear?” I turned to him angrily. “HARRY!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. Josh laughed and said, “Idiot, he probably won’t come for you.” He began to softly laugh and look down on me, making me feel like an idiot.

            Suddenly I heard footsteps near and I looked up to see who I’ve been waiting for. “Whoa man, what’s going on here?” I heard his accent-filled voice say. Josh angrily turned to him. “None of your business, go away.” Josh then turned back to me, as if he were going to hit me again. Harry then caught Josh’s fist as he was moving it forward. “Didn’t your parents teach you not to hit a lady?” Harry said. I stared up at him, my eyes still watering. Josh angrily glared at Harry, narrowing his eyes into slits. I could tell Harry was angry, but he was good at hiding it. Josh pushed Harry away from him, fixing his shirt. “Fine, I hope you have fun with this s**t.” Josh strutted away and Harry finally turned to me.

            He stuck out his hand, and helped me up. He pulled me into his chest for a hug. “Harry,” was all I could manage to whisper. My wrist was red and I kept holding onto Harry for several minutes. We just stood there, and he stroked my head, comfortingly, for those minutes. “Please don’t leave me again.” I begged, shutting eyes, trying to hide my tears. Josh was such a scary person. Harry hugged me tighter, his face pressed on the top of my head. “Always, I promise.” He whispered into my ear. He then led me to the car, trying to cover my face from the cameras.

            We finally made it to the car, and sat there in silence for a few minutes. I stared at my fingers, not knowing what to say. He finally spoke, “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have left you.” I turned to look at him, but before I could say anything I heard him let out a gasp. He saw the cut on my face. “You’re bleeding.” He commented. I shrugged. I felt his large hands grab my head and pull me to his face. He tenderly kissed the cut, for a few seconds before pulling away. I winced as I felt it sting. The car ride back home felt awkward. We were both silent, but my hand found its place in his warm, big hands.

            Once we pulled in the driveway, I walked inside quickly. I ran upstairs and into my room. I shut the door and sat on my bed. I ran my fingers through my hair and breathed for a second, before opening my laptop. On the homepage, I read the latest articles. “Trouble in the store? Famous singer, Harry Davidson, with his seventeen-year old girlfriend, Brooklyn Davis was spotted today shopping together. Their hands were linked and their faces were flawless when they entered the store. Click here for more details about this story.” I clicked the link and waited for the page to load. “Singer from White Sanctuary, Harry Davidson, and his girlfriend, Brooklyn Davis were out today, shopping together. They took a few pictures with a couple of fans and continued their shopping. Later, they were caught playing in an isle of clothes together. They were running around, and hiding from each other. By-standers say them playing around, and from time-to-time kissing each other. Awww, they are such a cute couple. But wait! Harry disappears and another strange man comes in his place. Brooklyn looked surprised to see this man and he tried to get her to follow him, but she refused. The man then proceeds to yank her, but young Brooklyn decided to fight back. What happens next? Violence erupts.” I stopped reading, and realized my hands were beginning to shake. The thought about Josh still scared me. I then continued to read. “Did anyone get hurt? The strange man earned a hit in the face, and one in the balls. Ouch. Go Brooklyn. But unfortunately, Brooklyn got smacked and punched in the face before her prince charming finally found her. Before getting hit again, Harry grabbed the strange mans fist. They talked for a minute before the man stormed off. The couple hugged for a few minutes and left the store. Reporters got a picture of Brooklyn’s wound on her face as they were leaving. Strange encounter for the lovely couple today.”

            I shut my laptop, putting a hand on my face, running my hand through my hair again. I don’t know why I was so afraid of Josh. It was like he was a nightmare that had come to life, I guess. I got under the covers in my bed and hugged the blanket close to my chest, staring at the blank TV. I remained like that for about an hour before I heard a knock at the door. I didn’t bother looking at it, or telling whoever it was to come in- they came in anyways. “You alright?” I heard a familiar accent say. I saw Charlie’s blonde hair poke in the room. I shrugged, still looking at the TV. He came up to me and sat himself beside me on my bed. “Do you want to talk about it?” he finally said, making himself comfortable. I shrugged again. I didn’t really know what to say. After about a minute, Charlie said, “Come on, Brooklyn. You’ve got to tell me sometime.” I turned to look at him, feeling my eyes begin to water again, “Josh,” was all I said. Charlie slowly nodded, looking down. He wrapped his arms around me, bringing me into a hug. “About what happened today?” I nodded, still hugging him. “I’m so afraid of him.” I whispered, shutting my eyes. “I’m scared that one day, if I’m out, alone, in public, he’ll just take me. Then who knows what he’ll do to me next? I don’t get why he is so angry.” I went on. Charlie just listened, and broke away from the hug. “Brooklyn, you know the boys and I are here for you. We’ll always protect you, especially is he gets near you.” I paused, taking my hand. “Now, dinner is ready, so come on downstairs and eat.” I nodded, giving up and followed him downstairs.

            After dinner, everyone went outside except Harry and I. Harry picked me up and set me down on the kitchen counter. I swung my legs like a kid and looked at the floor, mesmerized by the pattern of the tiles. Harry grabbed a paper towel and wet one end of it. He then walked in front of me, and held my face with one hand, gently. He dabbed my cut on my cheek so softly. I winced in pain every time, clenching my teeth. I suddenly stopped and got a band-aid. I stared at him, raising an eyebrow and smiling. “I’m not going to walk around with a band-aid on my face.” I laughed. He raised his eyebrows and said, “Yes you are. I’m going to make you.” I smiled and let him place the band-aid on my cheek. It felt tight on my face. I held his hand on my cheek for a minute, staring at my lips. “What?” I giggled, hoping there wasn’t anything on my lip, or if they were dry. He then mumbled with his deep voice, “I really want to kiss you right now.” I smiled, looking away because I was blushing. I got closer to his face, staring straight into his beautiful blue-green eyes, and our lips centimeters away from each other. He leaned closer, wanting to kiss me. I slowly backed away, and teased, “You’ve got to catch me first, lover boy.” With that, I got up and ran away from him. I heard his footsteps right behind me and he yelled, “Fine, but if I catch you, you owe me ten of them!” I smiled and ran off, trying to get out of his sight so I could find a hiding spot. I finally got out of his sight, and my breathing was heavy, as I was out of breath. I quickly hid in a closet, softly shutting the door. I heard his footsteps run by several times. I then heard them run upstairs. I opened the door a crack and peeked out. It was clear. I smiled and I walked out, and walked in front of the couch.

            I felt big hands grab me by my waist and dragged me down on the couch. I landed smack into Harry’s lap, and I heard him groan in pain. I widened my eyes, shocked. “I’m so sorry!” I quickly apologized, holding a hand to my mouth. After a few seconds, he turned to me and whispered, “I won, now where were we?” I smiled as he leaned forward and kissed me several times.  We sat there, kissing, until Heather walked in on us. “Gross you two go get a room,” she snorted and walked back outside, the sound of her heels clicking when they hit the ground, sounding every time she took a step. She shut the screen door and Harry and I busted out, laughing. “We probably should get a room.” He joked. I rolled my eyes and squealed as he picked me up. He carried me up stairs and I wrapped my arms around his neck, afraid that he would drop me. He carried me into my room and set me down on the bed. “I’ve got to take a shower.” I announced, glancing at him. He nodded and began to look through my pajama drawer. He found a short night gown and smirked at me. I laughed, shaking my head. “No!” I squealed at him. He frowned playfully and put it back, looking for something else.

            After several unsuccessful attempts to find something for me to wear, his eyes lit up and he stood up straight, saying, “I’ve got an idea!” He picked me up and carried me to his car. I laughed and asked, “Where are you taking me?” He smirked and didn’t respond. We pulled into a parkway at a store and he told me to wait here, while he got out of the car. I saw him run into the store and I couldn’t help but feel warm inside and giggle quietly. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and I pulled it out.

From: Prince Henry

Where did you guys go? Xx

I smiled, wondering if I should tell him the truth.

To:  Prince Henry

Harry went to the store to get something. I don’t know what, though...

From: Prince Henry

Oh, good luck with that lad. Don’t get too frisky now.

I raised an eyebrow. What did he mean by that?

To: Prince Henry


From: Prince Henry

Nothing. By the way, Harry doesn’t act his usual perverted self around you, because he doesn’t want to creep you out. None of the boys act that way around you.

I didn’t respond, because Harry came back with a bag in his hands. He leaned over and pecked my cheek. “What did you get?” I giggled. He pulled out two, one-piece pajamas, the same color- pink. I laughed so hard, until my sides hurt. When I finally did manage to stop laughing, I turned to him. “What in the world made you pick that color?” I snorted. He smiled and shrugged. “I thought we could wear this on the same days.” He drove us home and we ran into my room. He closed the door behind him, and began to take off his shirt. “Whoa, what are you doing?” I stopped him. “Getting dressed, what does it look like I’m doing?” I laughed, “Hah- not in my room, mister.” He gave me the puppy dog face and I rolled my eyes. “Fine. You change in here; I’ve got to take a shower anyways.” He followed me into the bathroom. “Can I join you?” he begged, getting on his knees. I rolled my eyes again, and pushed him out. I gave him a quick peck on the lips before shutting the door. “Maybe next time.” I teased, giving him a wink. In your dreams. I thought to myself, smiling. I locked the door and began to undress.

After my shower, I got into the one-piece pajama. It surprisingly felt really soft and I looked in the mirror. I look ridiculous, but whatever make’s Harry happy is fine with me. I unlocked the bathroom door and went to my room. I found Harry; sound asleep in my bed, already wearing his one-piece pajama. I snorted, trying to suppress my laughter. I snuck up right beside him and landed a kiss right on his lips. His eyes flashed open and he quickly got up, banging his forehead on mine. I laughed, holding my forehead as he apologized. I got under the covers with him and we watched TV until we both grew tired. He got up out of bed and kissed my hand, “I’d better go to my bed, or else the boys will think something is up.” He said goodnight and left, closing the door behind him. I lay in bed, awake for a few moments thinking of how much of a wonderful boyfriend he was, before falling asleep.

Chapter 43:

            The next day, we were all eating breakfast and I got a call from my parents. I picked up, hearing my mother’s voice cheerfully say, “Brooklyn, dear! We haven’t seen you and Heather in forever, come visit us today!” Before I had time to respond, she cut me off, “Be here for dinner. We love you, missy! Oh and dress up nicely, we have other people coming over.” I heard a click and I knew she had hung up. I slumped in my seat. I turned to Heather and said, “Well I guess we have to go to my family’s house.” Heather looked at me oddly, “What’s wrong?” “Nothing’s wrong, they just want us over for dinner tonight. I then heard the boys chant, “Can we come?” I smiled, “Of course, but I don’t think my parents would appreciate it. But they won’t know until we get there. We have to dress up, because apparently other people are coming.

            Heather and I spent the entire day getting ready, since it only took thirty minutes to get to my parent’s house. Heather picked out a cute white Ditsy Geo Dress she got for me a while back from Forever 21 for me. While, I picked out a cute floral dress with a belt for her. She curled my hair and I straightened her long perfect blonde hair. Once we finally finished after hours, we finally came out of the bathroom.

            “BOYS GET IN THE CAR!” Heather yelled but immediately stopped when she saw them already waiting in the living room. They had on mice tuxedo’s with ties and they just looked perfect. They looked like angels sent from above. Heather went down the stairs first, and I followed, holding onto the railing. Harry stared at me in admiration. I suddenly got self-conscious. Was my dress too short? Did I walk weird? I finally reached him and he whispered, “You look amazing.” I smiled and looked down, blushing. “You look quiet dashing yourself.” I replied, shyly. He took my hand and we all walked to the car. A few flashes went off, as fans with cameras saw us. “Where are you going?” One of them screamed, trying to spark a conversation. Carter turned to her and yelled, “A party!” The girls went berserk.

            The car ride was pretty fun. Carter and Henry sat in the front, while Heather, Daniel, and Charlie sat in the middle seats, and Harry and I sat in the back seats together. He had his hand on my knee almost the entire time, and I was cuddled with him, giggling at each other. When we finally pulled into the driveway of the house I used to live in, we jumped out. A few cars were already here. We all walked up to the small porch and rang the doorbell. Heather pushed me to the front and I saw my older sister open the door. She still lived here?

            “Summer!” I squealed, attacking her with a hug. She wore gray skinny jeans and a big loose shirt. She obviously didn’t dress up. “Brooklyn.” She replied back, not sounding so happy to see me. We all walked into the house, and I realized it looked the same, but much neater. I spotted my mom who was already talking to a few strange women. She then saw me and yelled, “Brooklyn Marie,” welcoming me with a hug. I hugged her back tightly. “Mom! How are you and dad and Summer?” I said back. We talked for a minute before she turned to the boys. She leaned towards my ear and whispered, “What are they doing here?” Yep, she remembered them. I smiled, “They’re visiting Heather and I, and taking a break from work.” I whispered back. My mom slowly nodded, walking away. I said hi to my father before walking to my old room with Heather. My father moved his office in there. I sighed and thought, “Of course he did.” We walked back to the living room to see the boys talking to the people there. Harry was talking to my father, who was shorter than Harry was.

            I walked away and began to talk to one of the lady’s there. Most of them were sort of stuck up and snotty, until I saw one who was an old friend of mine, who was my mom’s best friend. I ran up to her, squealing. “Eliza!” We chatted for a while before Harry came behind me, holding me by my waist. “Harry, not here.” I whispered, swiping his hands away. He gave the lady a cheeky smile and shook hands with her. “Who is this boy?” she oo’ed. I smiled, “This is Harry Davidson.” “You mean that famous boy in that boy band?” she choked. I nodded, grinning. “Pleasure to meet you, kid.” She said again. I laughed at her and Eliza got a sneaky look on her face.

            Eliza was about in her mid fifties, but she acted like a teenage girl. “Did Brooklyn tell her about the time where she had this dream about kissing you, about a few years ago?” I widened my eyes at her. I shook my head, motioning her to stop. She ignored me and kept pressing on. Harry just laughed, holding his sides and listening. “Or did she even tell you the time her sister hung her by her underpants on a playground?” I felt my ears getting hot red and I turned away, clearly embarrassed. She kept going, telling embarrassing stories about me. “Oh, did dear Brooklyn tell you about her fantasy with her celebrity crushes? They were quiet dirty.” I widened my eyes even more and I pushed Harry away from her, saying “That’s enough, Eliza. I have to use the rest room.”

            I heard her loud laughter erupt through the room as I pushed Harry into a closet with me. I turned on a dim light in it, looking at him. Our stomachs were touching, but our face was a few inches away from each other. I heard him laugh softly. I slapped his shoulder, “Don’t laugh, she was trying to embarrass me!” I whispered. He couldn’t stop laughing, but then he suddenly did, staring into my eyes. “What?” I asked, “Are my lips chapped?” I asked, trying to find my chap-stick. He stopped me, pushing me onto the wall. Our noses touched and I heard him breathing. “It turns me on when you’re mad.” He whispered. I twitched my eyebrows, trying to suppress my laughter. “Shut up, you idiot. I am not hot or anything like that when I’m angry. When I’m angry or embarrassed, I do not feel well. Those stories were embarrassing. Oh God, I hope you don’t think I’m a re”- he interrupted me by leaning in quickly and kissing me on the lips. We broke away only for a second and I whispered, “Nice way to tell me to shut up,” before he kissed me again. I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my fingers through his curly hair.

            I suddenly heard the door swing open. Carter was at the closet, staring at us, his eyes wide. He shrugged and closed the door, saying, “I’ll let you two carry on.” I widened my eyes and pushed Harry away. “We weren’t doing anything!” I said, as he shut the door. I opened the door and walked out, straightening my dress. Harry fixed his top and his hair and gave me a cheeky grin. “Wasn’t bad for a closet.” He mumbled. The rest of the night went well, except Harry kept grabbing me by my waist. My parent’s still didn’t like him. I don’t know why.

            We were all at the dinner table and Harry sat right beside me. I felt his foot rub up against my leg. So he wanted to play footsie at the dinner table? Challenge accepted. We did that for a few minutes before my mom looked under the table. “Brooklyn, what are you doing?” I widened my eyes, “I was just feeling the carpet.” I lied, stupidly. Harry snorted, trying to hide his laughter. Harry then grabbed my hand, and we held hands until dinner ended. After dinner, my mother grabbed me, taking me to my dad’s office. “What is going on between you and that boy, Harry?” she asked, cautiously. “Nothing mom, we’re just really good friends.” “Friends, more like boyfriend and girlfriend.” She taunted. I rolled my eyes. “Stay away from that boy.” She warned. I suddenly grew angry with her. “Mother, even if we were dating, why wouldn’t you be happy for us? Isn’t my happiness important for you?” My mom looked away thoughtfully. She suddenly turned back. “Brooklyn, I see evil in that boy. He just wants to get in your pants.” I glared at her. “Mom, Harry does NOT want to get in my pants. You even had to agree with him being sweet a few years ago.” My mom rolled her eyes and walked off.

            However, after the guests left, the boys, Heather, my family, and I were just left, cleaning. My mother and father had pulled Harry and me together in a room. My parent’s sat down, staring at Harry. Harry stared at them back; his charm was on all night, so my parents would like him. Harry then spoke. “Mister and Misses Davis, I want to first tell you that I love your daughter, and that we are currently dating.” My mother’s eyes widened and she mouthed, “I knew it!” Harry put his arm around me, pulling me close to him. I just stared at me feet as my father spoke. “Harry, if what you say is true, I’m sorry but I have to tell you”- my mother quickly interrupted him. “You two can’t date!” I head shot up. “What do you mean, mom?” I whined. She glared at me, “I mean that you can’t date this pervert!” she hissed. I felt Harry’s hand slip into mind, and I squeezed it harshly. “You can’t tell me what to do; I don’t live under your roof anymore.” My mother grew angry. Harry then shushed me and slowly nodded. “I understand, but may I ask you why you think I am a pervert?” My parent’s hesitated for an answer. My mom’s head drooped low and my father shrugged. “Mom and dad; why can’t you be happy that I’m dating him? Harry means the world to me, and if you can’t accept that, you’re just going to have to live with it. He makes me happy, and he always has. I don’t get why you think he’s a pervert, he’s much better than my last boyfriend, Josh, who you actually liked.” Harry turned to me, giving me a cheeky grin. I nudged my head into him and saw my parents were astonished. “Brooklyn, for the last time, you can’t date him, that’s final.” “But mom”- “No, I don’t want to hear it.” I got up, still holding Harry’s hand. “Fine, we’re leaving.” I dragged Harry out of the door and called for the boys and Heather. We piled in the car and drove back home.

            Once we did get home, I ran to my bedroom in anger. How could my parents be so rude? I heard a knock at my door and I yelled, “Go away.” I heard the door open anyways. I groaned and turned, “I said go away.” Harry closed the door behind him and playfully teased, “Oh shut up, it’s only me.” He curled up with me in bed, and kitten Harry jumped up in our laps.

“Are you going to listen to them?” Harry finally said. I turned to look at him, after petting kitten Harry. “Of course not.” Silence rippled through the room for a few more minutes, until he finally said, “Did you mean those things you said?” I turned to look at him, surprised. Why wouldn’t I mean it? “Of course I meant it all, stupid. I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t.” He smiled and held my hand. He leaned down and kissed the top of it and placed it on his chest, over his heart, so I could feel it beating. “This will always be yours, no matter what happens.” I smiled and felt myself blushing. I leaned forward and kissed his cheek. He was such a sweetheart. That night, we fell asleep together, watching TV, and kitten Harry in our laps.

Chapter 44:

            About a month had passed by and Heather fell sick with something. She refused to go to the hospital. I thought it was just a virus or a quick cold that will pass over, but I tended to her whenever she needed it, all of the boys did as well. Weeks had passed and she looked more and more miserable, yet she rarely complained. Finally, one day, I got her to go to the hospital.

            The boys drove us there and I took her to the front desk. We waited for a few hours. When we finally got to go in, the doctors said I couldn’t go in because I wasn’t a family member, Harry went in instead.

            After what seemed like forever, the doctor came out and called the boys and me in. The hospital smelled quiet odd, yet it smelt clean. We sat in the room and the doctor stared at the papers. Heather sat on the examining bench, while Harry sat in one of the seats, his hands covering his face. The doctor turned to us, his expression was extremely serious. I stared at his crystal blue eyes behind his glasses. “Well it seems like your friend has developed some sort of sickness. I’ve never seen anything like it. We’re going to keep her here for further examining and reducing the contamination, so you all won’t get it.” I stared at him. “So you don’t know what she has?” I asked, confused. Isn’t that part of your job, to know what she has? The doctor shrugged, “That’s why we’re moving her for further examining. Heather, is that okay if you stay here for a while?” Heather nodded, slowly. The doctor put a hand on Harry’s shoulder. “Son, is that alright with you, since she’s your sister?” Harry nodded his hands still on his face.

            Heather was in the hospital for a few weeks. I noticed she looked more and more miserable. I stayed with her for most of the time and found myself growing more tired from not eating as much as I usually did.

            I thought she was getting better until the day the boys had to go for an interview, and an album signing. I sat in a chair by Heather’s bed, holding her hand. She felt so cold and I couldn’t help but pity her. She was fast asleep like a little baby and I just sat there, stroking her hand. My hair was a mess; I haven’t left the hospital in about a week. Heather on the other hand, she looked miserable, but her face was still flawless, and when she was awake, she would always be happy and have a smile on her face.

            I got up slowly, trying to get a quick snack since my stomach was killing me. I ran down to the cafeteria and asked for a snack. The ladies who worked in the cafeteria were super nice and I always had good conversations with them. “Dear, you need to go home and clean yourself up. Heather will be fine for an hour, while you’re gone.” I shook my head, “I can’t leave her here.” I laughed lightly. The ladies just nodded slowly, handing me a small sandwich. “Well good luck with that, darling.” I heard them say. As I was walking out of the cafeteria I heard one of them say, “Poor soul, stays with Heather all day. Pity Heather only has little time left.” I widened my eyes in fear. My heart raced faster and I broke into a run back to Heather’s room.

            When I got in, I saw Heather, awake, watching TV. I heaved a sigh and sat back down in my chair. Heather turned to me, “Where did you go?” I heard her hoarse accent say. “I went to get a snack, sorry.” Heather just let out a slight giggled and continued to watch TV. I realized that she was watching the boys’ interview. “So Harry, I hear your sister is in the hospital, anything to say about that?” Harry shifted in his position, uncomfortably. “She’s getting better, thankfully. I don’t know what I’d do without her.” Heather smiled and changed the channel.

            I stayed with her for about an hour before the doctor told me to wait outside, because he had to do a few tests. I sat in the chair, thinking to myself for hours. Finally, the doctor came out; no smile was on his face. He looked scared or sad. “Brooklyn, I have bad news.” My heart raced faster and I suddenly felt like I didn’t want to hear it. “Heather has gotten worse, and I’m afraid that there’s nothing we are able to do.” I shook my head, feeling my eyes watering. The doctor brought me into a hug. “I’m so sorry.” I heard him whisper. I suddenly felt the tears streaming down my face. I then ran into the room, setting myself beside Heather, holding her hand tightly. Heather just looked at me. Before I could speak, she nodded and smiled, “I know.” I rested my head on the end of her bed, still crying. I talked to Heather, still crying for about thirty minutes, before she told me, “Brooklyn, I have a favor.” I looked at her, curiosity running through my eyes. “What is it? I’ll do anything.” Heather smiled and told me to get sheets of paper and a pen. I did so and asked her what she wanted me to write. “For my dear brother, Harold…” she stared and I scribbled it down.

            We did that until the sky grew dark. When she finally finished talking, she turned to me. “Brooklyn, I feel so cold.” She whispered. My heart felt as if it were torn into little pieces. I couldn’t bear seeing her like this anymore. I laid myself beside her in her bed, trying to warm her. “Heather, don’t go.” I whispered. She turned and looked at me. “Brooklyn, you have to promise me one thing.” I stared at her back, “No matter what happens, don’t give up on Harry. Don’t you dare break up or anything like that. I want you two to get married and have little Harry-Brooklyn children, and name one of them after me, I don’t care if it’s a boy.” She joked. I smiled, trying to not laugh. My heart ached and I didn’t want her to go. She dropped the smile and kept staring at me. “Brooklyn Marie Davis, Harry cares about you a lot. I’m not even kidding. He’s never felt the way he does about you, towards anyone else, and Brooklyn”- she paused and coughed. “You’re my best friend- actually, more like my sister. A sister I never had. I thank for you coming into my life and I want you to know that I love you.” She leaned forward and kissed my forehead, softly. It wasn’t freaky or anything like that, it was one of those angelic, friendly kisses your friends give you on your cheek or something like that. I smiled and hugged her. That night, we fell asleep, our hands linked.

            The next morning, I awoke, my hand still linked with hers. I smiled and shook her softly. “Good morning, Heather.” I mused, happily. She didn’t budge. I widened my eyes in fear and shook her harder. “Heather! Get up!” I said, louder, beginning to panic. The doctor suddenly came in with a few nurses. One of the nurses pushed me out, and I began screaming, trying to run back to her. “HEATHER!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. The nurse sat me down on a chair and told me to wait here.

            I waited for hours, my heart feeling wickedly bruised. The doctor finally came out, his face was grave. “Brooklyn, I’m so sorry.” That was all he whispered. My mouth hung open, and I covered it with my hand. I then ran downstairs and began to walk home. I walked for hours, and when I finally did get home, no one was there. I ran straight to my room and tore things on my dressers down on the ground. I was angry at the doctors for not reviving her. I was angry at God for taking her away. I was angry at myself for not taking her to the doctor before it got bad. I lay in bed, crying for hours.

            I heard the door, downstairs, open and close. I didn’t bother saying anything. I just cried in bed. I shoved my hand in my pocket, feeling a few crumbled pieces of paper. I pulled it out to read the messages Heather instructed me to read to the boys. I had a duty I had to fulfill. I opened the door, and walked downstairs. I knew I looked horrible, but I didn’t care. I saw the boys sitting in the living room, talking. They all turned to me, concerned. “Brooklyn, what’s wrong?” they asked. I sat myself down on a chair and unfolded the papers carefully, taking a deep breath, and I began to read:

My dear brother, Harold,

You’ve been the best big brother anyone could ever ask for. You’re such a charmer and I’m glad you were put into my life. We’ve had our ups and downs through our lifetime, but that happens for siblings. Right? I know you’re going to miss me when I’m gone, but always remember that I’m there in your heart. Never give up on your career. I’m so proud of you and the boys for doing what you do and making it this far. Also, don’t you dare let go of Brooklyn. I know she means a lot to you, and it would be a big shame to see you two split. I could never ask for a better brother than you have been, even when we argued. Through all that we’ve been through, I know I’m going to miss you a lot. But don’t worry, I’ll see you soon. Take care of Brooklyn and the boys for me. I love you to heaven and back…

               I read for a little bit longer, and once I finished, I looked up at Harry, my eyes clouded with tears. Harry was in tears as well. I tried to ignore each and every one of their reactions as I read, but I couldn’t help but feel like hugging them. Charlie’s paper came up, and I had remembered they had shared a love for each other.


My dearest lover, that sounds corny, I know. Even I laughed when I told Brooklyn to write that part. Where do I begin? The day I first met you, I remember perfectly. Harry had brought you and the boy’s home, telling me that he was forming a band. I couldn’t help but laugh at the idea, but I thought you were pretty cute in the beginning. I grew fond of you and years passed, and I found myself falling for you. You are a genuine sweetheart, and it pains me to think that we have little time together. By the time you’re reading this, I’ll probably be gone. Don’t you dare feel bad, because you had to go to a signing, it’s part of your career. Do not give up on your career; you and the boys have gone so far. I beg of you not to forget me, yet I promise I will watch over you. When you’re feeling mad or sad, just remember I’ll be with you. You’ve given me so much these past few months and I’ll miss you a lot. I want you to go on, happily, in your life…

               I read a few more paragraphs, and stopped at the closing. My voice was cracking and shaking. I saw all five of the boys, head in their hands, trying to hide their tears and emotions. Harry got up and went to his room. Carter then got up, mouthing, “I’ll try to help him.” I nodded slowly, feeling my tears drip down my face. She had gone so fast. My best friend was gone, and I couldn’t do anything about it.

Chapter 45:

            The next month, everyone was silent. We had a funeral for her, and her and my family had come. Somehow, every time I tried to be happier, I would fall back to being sad. My family was concerned that I was depressed. I didn’t even know if I was. I lay in my room, on my bed, all day. I couldn’t even go into her old room, or even look at the things we shared memories on. I just wasn’t ready to believe in the fact that she was gone. I kept wishing and hoping she would walk in the door, screaming that she was fine and better. Yet, it never happened.

            I think Harry and Charlie were greatly affected by this tragedy. They would remain in their rooms as well. They would rarely come out, and when they did, they’d look miserable. One day, their manager came to our house. He was a slightly chunky man with a slight beard and dark brown-gray hair. “Where are the boys?” he demanded. I pointed upstairs, and said nothing. He just briskly nodded and went up there, bringing them all down. “Boys, we need to talk.” The boys didn’t say anything; they just stared at him, looking like innocent puppies. “You guys need to get over this death and continue with your careers. She’s dead, it’s been a month. I think that you need to get over it and get a move on with your jobs.” I glared at the man. How could he say that about Heather? Did he ever suffer from a death of a loved one? Did he show no pity for them? How could he be so conceited with his job, to not even think about his clients feelings?

            The boys began to grow angry with their manager. “How could you say that?” I heard Henry choke out. “Heather was like our sister, could you not see that?” Daniel asked, after him. Their manager just stared at them. “Your fans are depending on you.” Carter then said, “Couldn’t we just record sometimes, here in this town, and not go on tours around the world?” he pulled the manager closer and said softly. “I don’t think we can leave Brooklyn here, alone.” I heard him say.

            The manager put his hand to his face. “We just can’t do that. Think of your fans.” I then heard a weak voice. It was Charlie. “The fans? Heather was one of them. Seriously man, how could you be so rude to come in here and to get over her? She impacted our lives in ways we probably couldn’t express in words. We all loved her. I loved her…” he broke off, looking away. The manager just nodded, “I see. Very well, you guys can just record your next album here. Recording for your album starts in 3 months. Be prepared, boys.” With that, the man left.

            The next week, the boys and I took therapy to try to get over Heather’s death. Not in a bad way or anything, we all would miss her, but we couldn’t spend the rest of our lives depressed and sad. The therapist was really nice and understanding about our situations and she was a very pretty lady. She was tall, slender, and professional looking. Her name was Andrea. She always bore bright red lipstick and wore pencil skirts, and a blouse. She was astonishingly pretty, and her hair was always up in an up-do. The boys and I went to see her once every week for a month. Once the time came where we fully recovered from our depression, we still kept in touch with Andrea. She grew to be a good friend of mine.

Chapter 46:

            It’s been a while since therapy ended, and the boys and I were in a much better mood now. Every night, we would all chill out in front of the TV, or be outside, talking to each other and having a laugh. There would always be a piece of me that felt missing, but I knew she was watching over me.

            One day, I was at school, sitting in class, listening to my boring teacher ramble on and on about

            One night, we were all outside, cooking things on the grill and talking. School was already coming to an end. We only had a month left. Harry and I were still dating, yet we had small arguments from time to time. Henry and Daniel were playing around on the grill, cooking dinner for us. “You guys, we need more hamburgers!” Henry yelled, laughing. Harry got up and threw me on his shoulder. “Away we go, my noble steed, to the store we go!” I giggled; slightly getting the wind huffed out of me every time he took a step. He carried me to the car and started it, driving to the store.

            Once we got there, there were already fans there. A few snapped a picture of us, holding hands. I felt sort of uncomfortable since I had my hair in a messy bun. We got inside the store and got what we were looking for and ran back to the car.

            We sat in the car for a moment. He didn’t bother starting the car; he just sat there, staring ahead at the car in front of us. I turned to him, concerned about what he was thinking. “Harry, what’s wrong?” I asked. He didn’t say anything, and he kept staring. I began to grow afraid. Was he having second thoughts about me? Was he hiding something from me? He suddenly spoke. “Brooklyn, do you want kids?” I stared at him, my eyes growing wide. I shook my head. “Harry, what are you talking about? We’re not even married, and we’re only eighteen.” He suddenly turned to me, his blue-green eyes looking serious. He wasn’t joking. “You didn’t answer me. Do you want kids?” My eyes widened even more, and I felt as if they would fall right out of their sockets. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. “No. Not yet at least.” Harry turned away. I had hurt his feelings. I took hold of his hand and he slid it away. “Harry, I just don’t think it’s that time for us. Maybe when I get out of school or in a couple of years we’ll be ready for that. I’m just not ready to take on that kind of responsibility.” I didn’t understand why Harry was hurt so badly.

            Somehow we managed to get into an argument about that subject. We were insulting each other and yelling at each other, until I stormed out of the car and walked away from him. I heard him let out a frustrated sigh before I slammed the door closed. I crossed my arms and walked the way towards the house. I didn’t want to be stuck in the car with him. I walked for about an hour, before a strange car pulled up beside me. I was so close to my house.

            “Do you need a ride?” I heard a familiar voice say. I leaned down and looked in the car. “No thanks, I’m fine. Thank you.” I began walking again, but the driver drove the car the same speed as I sped walked. “I insist driving you home, come on.” I eyed the strange driver. “I’m fine.” Just then, the driver parked his car and got out. I walked faster, hoping he wouldn’t follow me. I suddenly felt a sharp force on my head and I blacked out.

Chapter 47:

            When I awoke, I felt a blindfold wrapped around my head, blinding me from seeing. I heard someone’s breathing close by and I felt so scared. The breathing sounded like it echoed. I must be in a small room. Suddenly, the blindfold was ripped off my face. For a second, I was blinded by the lighting. I felt goosebumps rise on my skin and I suddenly grew afraid. Was I kidnapped? Who kidnapped me?

            “Hello, Brooklyn.” I heard a deep voice rumble. I recognized that voice. His blurry silhouette suddenly began to clear. My vision was recovering, and I wished it wasn’t who I thought it was. I suddenly saw his face. “Remember me?” “Of course I do, Josh.” I spat. He glared at me, yet still smiled. “Let me go, idiot. Why did you kidnap me? I’ll call the police on you.” Josh made an innocent and pulled something out of a pocket. “You’re going to need a phone to do that.” He taunted, holding my phone in his hands. I lunged at him, but the handcuffs fastened my arms close to the pole. “Josh, let me go.” I hissed. “Oh, poor Brooklyn. Why would I do that? That ruins the fun out of everything.” He teased. I glared at him, pure hatred burned in my eyes. “What do you want from me?” I asked, beginning to become afraid. He smiled slyly and put a finger in his mouth. He made a popping noise and finished it with saying, “the cherry.” I tried lunging for him again. I leaned for head forward, trying to hit his head with mine. I missed by a few inches, and he just smiled. I realized my feet weren’t attached to anything and I kicked him straight in the balls. He let out a sickening scream and bent over, covering them. After recovering, he glared at me and straightened up. He lifted his hand, and I flinched, knowing what he was going to do. My cheek stung for about an hour. Yes, he did hit me.

            I was stuck in that bathroom for days, screaming and yelling for someone, but no one came. Where was Harry? Where was the police? I couldn’t help but think to myself. One day, Josh came in, angry. “Where is your prince charming now?” he spat. I glared at him and said, “He’ll come, I promise. And when he does, I’ll make sure he kicks your sorry a*s back down to hell.” Josh stuck out his bottom lip. “Please, I’m so scared.” He said sarcastically.

            Another day passed, and I was miserable. I heard a knock on Josh’s door. I lifted my head, hope glittering in my eyes. Josh ran to me, whispering. “If you say anything, I swear I will kill you.” I nodded. He was definitely a nightmare that managed to become real.

            I heard the door open and I heard voices. “Excuse me sir, I believe we’ve had some reports about a kidnapped woman. We have a warrant to check your house.” I heard Josh hesitate. “Go ahead.” He finally said. I suddenly screamed as loud as I could. I didn’t know what else to do. I heard footsteps before the door swung open. I began crying, grateful they had finally found me. I hugged the police officer as she took me off of the handcuffs. I suddenly sat a familiar face behind the police officer.

            “Harry.” I breathed, running to him, and attacking him with a hug. He looked so happy to see him, and I was never so happy to see him. He picked me up and swung me around, still hugging me. “I’m so sorry for arguing with you. I shouldn’t have let you go.” He whispered into my ear. I shut my eyes tighter, forcing more tears to slide down my cheeks. “I shouldn’t have left that night. Harry, I was so scared.” He hugged me tighter.

            He drove me home and spent the entire day with me. We watched movies together and he didn’t leave my side once.

Chapter 48:

            I was spending more time with Harry and the boys and we rarely had arguments now. One day I was sitting in school, talking to my friends, while the teacher was busy lecturing and teaching. “So how’s lover boy, Harry? You’re so lucky that you’re dating a celebrity.” Bailey said. Rachel turned to her, “Jay is fine, thank you very much.” Bailey shot her a playful look. I smiled at my two friends. “He’s fine, but I feel like he’s been hiding something lately. I don’t know why.” I mumbled, inspecting my nails. Bailey frowned, “Maybe he’s cheating on you?” she suggested. I slapped my hand on my lap and Rachel smacked the desk. “Bailey, you don’t say that to someone. You’ve got to stay positive.” I nodded, slowly, thinking about bad thoughts of what Harry could be doing that could be a secret.

            The bell suddenly rang and we grabbed all of our books and headed for our lockers. Suddenly, Bailey and Rachel stopped in their tracks, gasping. I stared at them, “What’s wrong?” People in the hallway were crowded around my locker. I made my way towards it. I suddenly saw what they were staring at. Someone had decorated my locker with flowers and little note cards giving me compliments. I opened my locker, feeling awkward about the large amount the attention being radiated towards me. When I opened my locker, a little envelope fell out. I bent down and picked it up. As I opened it, I felt Bailey and Rachel press up against my sides, trying to read. “Read it out loud, Brook!” I heard someone from the crowd yell. I smiled at them and did so;

Brooklyn, oh my dear Brooklyn…

I began laughing and someone shushed me from my laughter.

I just wanted to take a second of your life to tell you that you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. See you when you get home. Xx I have a surprise waiting. ;)

-Boo bear.

            I began laughing again and I heard ooh’s erupting from the crowd. I was suddenly welcomed by loads of comments. “What does he mean by surprise?” “Oh, Brooklyn’s going to get it on when she gets home!” “You’re so lucky!” “Tell him I love him!”

            Once I got home, I was attacked by hugs by the boys. “Where’s Harry?” I asked, curiously. The boys got a cheeky grin on their faces and they all mumbled things. “What?” I laughed. The suddenly covered my eyes and picked me up. “What are you guys doing?” I giggled, trying to get out of their grip. They ignored me and held tightly. I felt them sit me down. We were in a car. I knew because I heard it starting and moving. After about thirty minutes, I was guided out of the car and walked for a few seconds before they stopped. The hands flew off of my face and I noticed the sky was dark. Candles were set up on this old playground. I quickly recognized where we were at. The place Harry took me the time he first asked me out. I looked around, realizing the boys disappeared. When I turned around, I saw Harry giving me one of his charming, cheeky smiles.

            “Recognize this place?” he asked, still smiling. I nodded, feeling him grab my hand. We raced to the playground and began to play on it, just as we did a few years back.

            After about an hour, Harry lead me to the bridge where we slow danced to pretend music. I then heard soft music, play from the car in the grass. The boys gave us thumbs up and I laughed, turning to Harry. He was still smiling and he took me by my waist. Instead of putting both of his hands on my waist, he held one of my hands about a foot apart from us, and rested one on my waist. I put one of my hands on his shoulder, and let the other one stay in his other hand. We began swaying to the music and I realized it was the cover of Where Is My Mind by Sunday Girl. Harry favored this song for slow dancing.

            Before I realized it, we had been slow dancing for the entire song. When it finally ended, he broke away, giving me a bow. I bowed back, but still held his hand in mine. Harry was such a sweetheart.

Chapter 49:

            I told my friend all about what happened. It was the last week of school and I was sitting at lunch, telling my friend stories about Harry. They were all fans of his band, and enjoyed every story I told them. I suddenly heard my friends gasp, and stare at something behind me. I stared at them, confused. “What is it? Is there a teacher behind me?” I suddenly heard the entire lunch room get quiet. I suspected something was up, and I slowly turned around. There, I saw my prince charming, holding a rose in his hands, and giving me that cheeky grin I always fell for. I jumped onto him, giving him a hug, and saying, “Harry! What are you doing here?” We broke away from our hug and he said, “I wanted to eat lunch with you!” I then saw the boys run in, yelling. “They wanted to come too.” I heard him sigh. The boys were so loud, and my friends made room for them at the table. I felt the entire lunch room’s attention on us, it felt awkward. That day went by really well, and I got lots of compliments from others about Harry and the boys.

            To celebrate the last day of school, the boys took me to the beach. We spent an entire day running around, and playing. Henry, Daniel, and Carter had brought along their girlfriends, Shelby, Rebecca, and Hannah. They were all beautiful girls and they had become my friends that night. Charlie had brought one of his friends, who was a guy, Taylor. Harry kept throwing me into the water, and we all had a water fight.

            Later that night, my head was in Harry’s lap and he was playing with my hair, just as he usually did. We were listening to Charlie play on his guitar and we were all talking. I looked up at Harry’s gorgeous face and admired it from my spot on his lap. He suddenly looked down at me, giving me a seductive look. I blushed, looking away. “You know I couldn’t ask for a better girlfriend.” He whispered. I smiled and looked back at him. I lifted my arms and pulled his head down, towards mine and kissed him. We kissed for about a minute before we heard the others make kissy noises.

Chapter 50:

            I didn’t go to prom on the last week of school. Instead, I spend a whole day with my boys. They had planned a special prom for me. Harry even bought me a beautiful red dress. I got my hair done and makeup done by professionals. Harry and the boys had decorated the entire house and they even invited a few fans to join the prom. They were so sweet. Music was blasted through the house, and loads of people were there. It was kind of like a house party.

A slow song came on and I saw Harry make his way towards me. I smiled at him, trying to stop myself from blushing. He stuck out his hand and half-yelled, “May I have this dance?” I took his huge hand and put my arm on his shoulder, just as I did the night we slow danced at the neighborhood playground. We began to sway along with the music and we began talking.

The thing with Harry is that we could be in a romantic moment, and he would suddenly snap to having a playful conversation, teasing each other. We giggled and laughed, and I noticed some of the fans shooting me dirty looks. Harry danced with other fans just to make them feel good about themselves, but I didn’t mind. I danced with the boys, just as friends though. They were hilarious. The night ended up being perfect. Except after everyone left, the boys and I had to clean.

Trash was everywhere and we had to take down all the decoration. I was picking off streamers off of the wall, until I tried to get one, too high above my head. I felt something being put over my eyes. I realized it was a colorful streamer, and I squealed and turned around. I ripped the streamer off of my face and I saw Carter. Carter then yelled loudly, and picked me up and threw me on the couch. We began to wrestle, even though it wasn’t fair- I had a dress on. I screamed and put a hand to his face. “Hold up, bro! Let me get properly dressed!” I yelled. He rolled his eyes impatiently as I ran into my room and changed quickly.

I got into some gym shorts and a loose T-shirt and ran back downstairs. Carter was sitting on the couch, distracted by talking to the boys. I sneaked up behind him, and then let out a scream, jumping on top of him. He yelled, surprised and tried to get me off of him.  I managed to pin him down to the floor and he commented, “Not bad for a lady.”

With that, he yelled and I felt someone pull me off of them. I whipped around, to be face-to-face with Charlie. His blue eyes were bright with excitement. I screamed and tackled him to the floor. I heard Henry and Daniel yell, “THREESOME!” before joining the fight. We all were wrestling on the ground and I found myself having each of my limbs, pinned to the ground by the boys. I heard a high-pitched girl scream and saw Harry running out of the kitchen. “There was a spider!” I heard him say innocently. He blinked in confusion. I leaned my head up to look at him. The boys were distracted, so I began to wiggle out of their grip. They held me tight and I gave up. I then heard Harry yell again, charging forward. He pushed the boys down and picked me up. I began laughing at the boys as he carried me upstairs and into my room. He locked the door behind me and set me on my bed. “You know what kind of things happen after prom?” he muttered, seductively. I cocked my head, “Nope, we clean, right?” Harry just laughed at me. I heard the boys laughing at the other side of the door. I threw a stuffed animal at the door and yelled.

The next day, I was asked to have an interview about the boys with this nice lady. I kindly agreed and went to a strange building. Once I got inside, the lady squealed and ran to me, hugging me. She took me to a nice, neat white room upstairs. Once there, she seated me on an uncomfortable seat and got a few cameramen out.

“Hello, today we’re here with Brooklyn Davis- the girlfriend of famous singer, Harry Davidson. So Brooklyn, tell me, what is it like to be dating Harry?” I smiled politely at the lady, then at the camera. “Harry is a gentleman, he definitely knows how to treat woman, and everything that’s happened between us has made us a better couple.” The lady let out an over-dramatic awww. I was asked several more questions before leaving. Once I got home, Harry was waiting for me on the couch to watch movies with me.

Harry and my relationship grew stronger and stronger, each day. My life was so much better, even though I still missed Heather in my life. Harry and I would sometimes be together in the kitchen, cooking together. Somehow he would find excuses just to kiss me every few minutes. I loved it.

            One day in the summer time, Harry and I were lying in the grass by the playground where it all started. Our hands were entangled in each other’s and we were watching the stars. We were giggling and having a blast until I thought about something. It grew silent as we stared and I whispered, “Harry?” He mumbled, acknowledging that he was listening. “Do you think Heather’s happy in heaven?” I asked. I heard Harry hesitate. “Of course she is. What makes you bring her up?” I shrugged. We laid there for the rest of the night, talking. This was my life with Harold Davidson. Yes, I admit that I was in love with him. But dear reader, this story isn’t completely over yet…


            It’s been a few years since that night we were stargazing. Harry and I were older and we had a kid of our own. Her name was Heather Davidson and she was beautiful. She had light brown hair that was straight just like Heather’s. Yes, Harry and I did end up getting married, even though we were at such a young age. My life was perfect and all I could ask for. Before I knew it, Heather had grown into a teen and looked more and more like Heather than she looked like me. She had her own boyfriend who was quiet the charmer and Harry and I still had a strong marriage. I couldn’t ask for a better life with the man of my dreams and our beautiful child. Kitten Harry had died from an old age, but we got a new one, named Dusty. The band ended up separating, years prior to Harry and me getting married. Daniel became a rapper, who made lots of money. Henry became a fireman in the town. Charlie played the guitar for lots of famous people. And finally, Carter became a comedian. Harry became a lawyer and I was a teacher at the town’s high school. Yet, we all still stayed in contact.

            One day I found myself chaperoning Heather’s date with her boyfriend, at the park where Harry and I first started dating. Harry was away on a meeting at his work. I played on my phone in boredom. I looked up to see Heather’s boyfriend pushing her on the swings. I stared in admiration. I remembered how Harry did that when we were younger. Just then, the couple noticed I was staring and walked over to me. I looked up at them and blinked in confusion. “Mom, Can Justin and I go walk through the bridge.” I smiled at them and nodded, “Of course, honey. You two go have fun.” I watched them walk on the bridge, and I saw Justin stop her. They then began to slow dance on the bridge, which made it very similar to the day he first asked me out.

            “Does that look familiar?” I heard a deep voice say from behind me. I turned around, bewildered. I then saw his face. “Harry.” I purred, filled with happiness. I got up and hugged him. I felt his large arms embrace me and let go. “Can I have this dance?” he said. I giggled and corrected, “I don’t know, can you?” He rolled his eyes and heaved a sigh. “May I have this dance?” I took his hands and soon we began to sway. It brought me back to the night where he had a prom for me, the night he asked me out, and regrettably, the night Josh slow danced with me at that party.

            My life with Harry went on well. Heather had children when she grew up to be the appropriate age. Harry and I grew old together. He still had his sweet, adorable curls, even when he was old. Yet, through all these years of our marriage, he was still a charmer and sweetheart. And that, my dear friend, was the story Harry and I shared.

The End

© 2012 Leslie

Author's Note

I know there's a lot of grammatical errors... My brain has it's own way of thinking. <3

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That was funnier then that bible thing you guys talk about! *spoiler alert* jesus dies!

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:D Hai. My name is Leslie and um yeah I'm a girl. :D I like long walks to the refrigerator and I'm currently in a relationship with sleep. xxx :) more..