It's been a long time since the wreck at sea....

It's been a long time since the wreck at sea....

A Poem by Darkblushedink

A dialogue written in form of a poem between a priest and a girl!


“Dear my girl,

Don’t wait for thee,

It’s been a long time since the wreck at sea,

Try to forget,

His songs, his voice, his smile, his hands,

Try to forget,

His eyes, his teeth, his hair,

It’s a huge loss,

I will cost your life

If you wait day and night,

For his long lost sight,

He is now part of the earth,

One day your beloved and you,

Will reunite,

Ah young love, I know thee sorrow,

But don’t wait for a soul,

Which is now amongst the phantoms,

He layst amongst the dead seamen,

He’ll not come to dinner tomorrow,

Why weep near rusted ports,

They won’t behold his sight no more,

In this way you loose your life,

And no joy can come of thee…”


“Oh great priest,

Such great and wise,

I stand weeping on these wet grounds,

So the angel of death may whisk me away,

To where there is a tomorrow,

And death doesn’t find a day,

I stand here to die,

So that my soul detached from my pure body,

Will glide to paradise,

There under a willow tree,

I’ll find my beloved waiting for me,

Life is but death,

When my love can find no beholder,

I’ll find my darling up in heaven,

That’s where I intend to go,

That’s where all our eternal kisses,

Will beautify my face,

Why wait for when the angel decides to come and rip my soul out,

I choose now over later,

For waiting for my beloved is mere pain,

Oh so dear priest,

Leave me be,

And let me drain my energy in the thought of my beloved,

And let then my soul become eternal

and meet my darling in paradise,

I can wait no longer,

For him and I to reunite,

Dear priest,

I’ll not wait for thee

It has been a long time since the wreck at sea!”


© 2013 Darkblushedink

Author's Note

I hope you understand what the girl says in the end!

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well i see her wanting to commit suicide and join him...that she may walk out into the ocean and drown herself so she can be with her love...

very sad love poem...almost a romeo and juliet feel to it.

really nice imagery. ninth line did you mean "it will cost your life"?

solid write.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

HAHA yes that is what it should have been! LOL AND THNX SOOOO MUCH! I appreciate that you take so mu.. read more

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Added on June 21, 2013
Last Updated on June 21, 2013
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