Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by capn - roxass

A taste of Roxanna's everyday life.

Life. The heaven on Earth. The thing you cannot hold in your palm, yet you smile to wake in every day. A beautiful thing, although it is unseen.

"Hey, dumbass, stop staring out the window like a retard. We're almost there."

...Well... not when you're me.

I drowsily straightened up in the car seat, rubbing my eyes. Was my mother not aware that I was sleeping?

...Whatever. I was having the same dream again anyway.

I only stared blankly out the window, barely even noticing the 'NEW YORKER' sign on a building as we drove out of the Lincoln Tunnel.

Oh yeah... New York.

I groaned silently to myself, watching as tall buildings passed slowly. We were only on this stupid trip because my mom wanted to go. Dad was eager to please her, as usual. They got the presidential suite and everything - most likely bought with drug money - all for Mom.

I really hated leaving our town.

When we reached the hotel, we grabbed our bags and headed into the lobby - me holding most of the luggage, as usual. My dad got the keys to our room, and headed towards the elevator with Mom. I slowly staggered over, trying not to drop everything like last time.

"Roxanna, darling! Hurry, or you'll miss the elevator!" my mother sang sweetly, twirling her curly blonde hair.

Oh please, don't act like you actually like me, just 'cause we're in public.

I drew in a deep breath, and shuffled over faster... just to have the doors slide shut in my face.

...F**k. I am not repeating this process.

I found a luggage cart by the doors, tossed everything on there, and rode the elevator to the seventh floor.


"You lazy a*s imbecile!" my mother cursed at me in the room, her emerald eyes blazing.

"I'm lazy? You didn't even hold the door for me!"

She slapped me across the face. Hard.

"Don't talk back to me like that, you worthless brat!" she shouted back at me. I didn't respond. I only leaned to the side, against the wall, holding my burning cheek.

"What the hell are you two fighting about now?!" my dad hollered from across the room, sitting across from the T.V. My mom explained to him about my 'laziness' with the luggage cart. I rolled my eyes, already knowing what was coming next. "Your mother's right! Now get to bed! You better be a good child tomorrow, or we're taking both bedrooms for ourselves!"

My mom laughed hysterically as I trudged into the small bedroom.

"Guess she'll be sleeping in the bathtub, again!"

I flopped face first onto the bed, trying to cry the silent screams that would never be heard.

© 2010 capn - roxass

Author's Note

capn - roxass
EWWW this is really bad D: I suck at first chapters Dx It's really short and uneventful, but I needed to get some of her daily life in there, before the actual story begins :l My bad.

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I feel bad for her. :(

I can't wait for more! :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

...I would just have to copy the review below 'cuz i totally agree with it, I hate her mum! And Dad! gosh so unfair it makes me wanna shout...

Posted 11 Years Ago

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T^T I hate her mom. Hate her, hate her, HATE HER. SHES A B***H Like Rayne said, I wouldnt be able to live there either. And this is NOT BAD. It is GOOD. DONT TRY TO DENY IT EITHER. and yes! you NEED TO POST CHAPTER 2 RIGHT NOW.

Posted 11 Years Ago

NO! THIS IZ NOT BAD. YOU'RE JUST MODEST. lolz XD ...I hate that B***h already. The mother i mean. 0.o And I don't think I could ever live with her mom and dad... -.- And it's not boring or wutever the Hell u wanna call it. XD ...SO..Yeah...You need to post the next chapter...Liek..Now. XD And EEW? ...Interesting choice of words. lol

Posted 11 Years Ago

Jesus god, her mother's a total b***h. xDDD and yeah... that sucks since that';s her "daily life...: ahh damn too many typos this keyboard is sticking. ANYWAY. i love this chapter, xD, and can't wait for it to continue... AWESOMEAWESOMEAWASOME.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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capn - roxass
capn - roxass

Monteriggioni, Italy

Ayee. I'm Roxie. I'm Homestuck. You're Homestuck. We're all Homestuck. I like to sit on my a*s and play video games. Not much else really. I'm not active on here. I write if I'm in the mood .. more..

Prologue Prologue

A Chapter by capn - roxass

Chapter One Chapter One

A Chapter by capn - roxass

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