A Poem by victoria

sick and tired of this

want it to go back to how it used to be

dont want to hear your lies anymore

you complain, about it all

why do you have to announce it, when the slightest mishap happens in your life?

why do you make things up, to get the sympathy you long for?

you complain about it

but you bring it all upon yourself,


you contradict yourself

your the biggest hypocrite

ungrateful waste.

can you remember, the last time you asked about anyone, but yourself?

the last time you asked anyone else whats wrong, without bringing yourself up in the conversation?

what about me.......

youve never asked me if I was ok

i dont even think uve realized theres anything wrong

but i dont blame you, i dont want to be the type of person who puts all my problems out in public.

and i dont want you to know, unlike everyone else, i refuse to take sympathy

i just need a sense of normality,


not to be surrounded by everyone elses "problems"

thats just me, dying to survive

but it doesnt matter

because its time to talk about your life

your life, of course constantly tumbling too nothing

time to talk about you again.

© 2010 victoria

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Dear sweet soul, close your eyes and realize, YOU, are all that truly matters. WE only exist when YOU open your eyes and ALLOW us in. ;)

Physician heal thyself! ;)

Posted 11 Years Ago

I like the conversation in your words. Life can lead us into the wrong directions. We must fight to keep our sanity and direction. So many statements I liked in the poem. Many statements in the poem could be the title. A excellent poem.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on February 10, 2010
Last Updated on February 10, 2010
Tags: sick, and, tired, you, suck, dying, to, survive



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A Poem by victoria

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