Artistic Eyes

Artistic Eyes

A Poem by victoria

in a different light.

Running 1000 years forward, then taking 100 steps back.
A constant mover and shaker
who still finds time to stop and smell the flowers,
pick them, arrange them, and give them to a lover.
Diving into life from the highest diving board,
swimming into the deepest feelings
and deeper still,
until all emotions come together as one chaotic form of completeness.
Jumping into the air and flying to the highest, greatest joy,
searching back roads for the purest of all evil,
then twisting both together into something beautifully wicked.
shouting out what others wont dare to whisper,
causing controversy just to open censored eyes.
leaving the image they never wanted to see burning in their minds forever
all because of a silly belief, that ignorance is far from bliss.
paint covered hands can move mountains,
and a creative mind can cause one hell of a hurricane.
oh, the unimaginable joys
of seeing through artistic eyes.

© 2010 victoria

Author's Note

rate and review????? free hugs whenever you want if you do :D (and ill kiss u on the cheek too, if u reallyy want xD)


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Love this. 'still finds time to stop and smell the flowers,
pick them, arrange them, and give them to a lover'
Great line ! The half-rhyme really worked here, you are talented!
I like your work!

PS. I'm adding you as a friend because you were a frequent, kind commenter on my last profile,

Posted 12 Years Ago

I really liked this poem. I agree with Theresa because it is true. Thanks for sharing. :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

I love the line: "and a creative mind can cause one hell of a hurricane." It is such a true statement. There is nothing as powerful as a creative mind and you display that perfectly within the lines. Awesome poem.

Posted 12 Years Ago

A very effective poem that made me reflect on my life. I loved the last two lines and "causing controversy just to open censored eyes" was amazing. Brilliant write, some nice imagery of the flowers and I can really relate to this person. Thanks for sharing it Victoria,

Posted 12 Years Ago

I actually enjoyed this read. thanks for sharing and keep writing

Posted 12 Years Ago

the person in this is an artist and through the artists eyes is a colorful world with a million posibilitys, but i must argue that ignorance is bliss, but once you see past the ignorance you cant go back, and the artist trys to make others see past this ignorance for what we know can help but some are to simple and dont want to have a problem, but before i say to much id just like to say i enjoyed this poem and enjoy how you can see with an artists eye, but do you see transparent

Posted 12 Years Ago

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This is definitely artistic picturing perfectly in my mind and i loved every line of this poem because each of these lines has different a view or scene. I beleive this is a perfect poem honostly and its beautifull wicked lol.100 and above.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Beautiful, beautiful poem Victoria, you chose great analogies to express the power of art and the willpower of an artistic mind unafraid of self expression. One piece of art can mean a different thing to thousands of people, it can heal, sooth, shock, awaken... I could never run out of words to describe the power of art in all it's forms and your poem here did a wonderful job.

P.s I love hugs and kisses! lol

Posted 12 Years Ago

Wow! What an awesome poem! I really loved all the vivid imagery in this, and thought that your descriptions perfectly captured all the different dimensions of beauty in this world. The only thing I found a little distracting was the fact that the lines were so long. Perhaps you could break them up into separate lines, or add in some punctuation or something? I'm not too sure, but yeah! Other than that, I loved this. The line "causing controversy just to open censored eyes" was amazing. :D Great work,

Posted 12 Years Ago

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A Poem by victoria

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